Colonel Joseph Richardson

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Supreme

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3


Joseph Richardson was born to General Thomas Richardson, leader of the Gestalt, the special forces of the militaristic nation of Aver. Enrolled at a military school and groomed for success from an early age, it soon became apparent that his natural tactical genius and insight into the human mind was only matched by his talent for infuriating superiors and lowering people's opinions of him. Due to his father's position in the military, he was never court-martialed (a process that, on his planet, invariably involved a firing squad) and his eclectic military genius won him much respect and won many sizable victories in the centuries-long war that enveloped his planet. His political rivals in the military managed to have him assigned to the head of the, "Gestalt Anti-Grand Forces," a special forces infantry division dedicated to fighting Grands, a type of twenty-five foot tall manned battle robot used commonly in war. Through excessive use of suicide tactics, psychological warfare, and specialized anti-armor training Colonel Richardson continued to enjoy considerable success, despite horrible, horrible casualties among his soldiers. Still, his condescending attitude towards other high-ranking officers did little to help. After decades of bloody warfare, during which he successfully avoided numerous assassination attempts from both countries, the forward command was struck directly with a Dimensional Distort Warhead. (DDW) Most of the soldiers were split into a dozen dimensions, and others were thrust into inhospitable wastelands or lost in the cold of space. Roughly a dozen men, including Colonel Richardson himself, found themselves in Khazan. Using a few salvaged weapons pulled through by the DDW, they took over a bar in Lowtown and set up shop. The Colonel sees their abandonment on an unknown planet as merely a temporary setback, and is currently rebuilding his command in an attempt to take Khazan as a military outpost of Aver. Concealing his ultimate goals, he's become a community leader of sorts in Lowtown, enjoying a fair amount of respect from the locals and being viewed as a stabilizing force on the area, if a bit of a jackass. Not many know of the murderous ways of him and his soldiers.

Colonel Joseph Richardson is a partial sociopath. He values the lives of his closest men, and a few friends, but beyond a few dozen people he views each and every life as essentially worthless. While he doesn't kill indiscriminantly, as wholesale butchery would only destabilize his position, he wouldn't hesitate to kill pretty much anyone if it would be an advantage to him. He understands that others often value the lives of uninvolved civilians (although he views it as foolish) and doesn't hesitate to hold pretty much anyone hostage. In fact, his soldiers have standing orders to, on his death, kill ten random civilians each--an order he occasionally shares with self-nominated do-gooders who pose a danger to him. To his closest men and his country, however, he is almost fanatically loyal, valuing each of their lives almost as much as his own. He's a rather sedentary man, rarely leaving the bar he's taken over (the Drunken Antelope) and mostly has his soldiers and other minions do things for him. He is proudly, almost defiantly, unarmed, trusting in his men to defend him. Those of his men with their minds intact appreciate this trust, and return it in kind. In a way, the close bond between the inner circle of soldiers is freakish when compared to his utter, total disregard for civilian life and paranoid, angry attitude towards outsiders. But the close bonds and xenophobic attitude has kept him alive and brought a measure of stability to his neighborhood, so it's hard to find fault with his murderous habits on any grounds but moral ones.

Gestalt Anti-Grand Forces

     Commander: Ultimate

  • Armor Piercing
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Rebuilt from the dozen survivors of the DDW strike, the GAGF is once again an imposing force. Made up of ex-soldiers, mercenaries, militia survivalists, drugged children, rogue scientists, hypnotized civilians, convicts, engineers, rogue demons, and whatever other riff-raff Joseph Richardson has managed to hire, indoctrinate, blackmail, brainwash, or otherwise gain control of. Their weapons range from rusty assault rifles to the flames of demons and gods, and the jewels of the force are three Grands, twenty-five foot tall ambulatory robots with impressive short to mid range weaponry rebuilt from rubble from the DDW event. Joseph's years of experience and tactical cunning allow him to fully utilize the vast array of offensive power at his disposal... whether the best attack is a specific wavelength of laser, a cone of fire, or a small, injured girl crying for help with an explosive device hidden in her stomach, the Colonel can usually get through the defenses of those he fights. With the exception of the most skilled solders (all of whom serve the Colonel of their own free will) the GAGF soldiers are used as essentially disposable forces. If a child with a rocket launcher falls in combat, another child can always be drugged into picking it up. Besides the Colonel himself, no one knows exactly how many of the residents of Lowtown are sleeper agents... a fact that has made multiple assassinations all too easy.


Psychological & Chemical Warfare

     Mind Control: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect


The human mind is a weak, easily manipulated thing. A man with a stable, authoritative voice can convince it practically anything. Drugs and chemicals, especially the advanced ones created by Aver technology, can make a mind as malleable as clay. Simple holograms and projected sounds can disorient and confuse. Colonel Joseph Richardson has used all three tactics for decades, enjoying considerable success in turning entire military companies against themselves as the commanders fight one another. As Colonel Richardson once bragged, "If they understand my language, they'll do what I say. If they don't, they'll just stay out of my way." It wasn't an idle boast... few people Joseph has turned the 'subtle art' on have resisted, and those who do are slowed enough for his soldiers to destroy. Indeed, most of his new military force are under his psychological sway, drug addled children, blackmailed cops, and normal people with tiny metal devices that have been surgically installed into their skull. As time goes on, he's only getting better at telling others what to do.


Military Genius

     Tactician: Superior


Seventeen years of military acadamy, a natural talent, and decades of service in the midst of one of the bloodiest high-tech wars of the multiverse result in someone who knows their way arround a battlefield. While his tactics won't inspire generations of armchair generals for thousands of years, his orders are comprehensive and effective. He always has a backup plan for his own survival, he uses the wide variety of talent available to great extent, and he has a perimeter guard of mixed elements that warns him if practically anyone is comming. Once he's on the march it's almost impossible to escape... anyone without superspeed or teleportation would be hard-pressed to evade his flanking soldiers as he commands a frontal assault to lay down a whitering hail of bullets. With the raw power he commands and his generously flexable definition of victory, he hasn't lost a battle in years. This isn't so say he hasn't lost almost all of his soldiers--he just doesn't view their deaths as defeat, or even particularly noteworthy.


A history of conflict

     Detective: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose


As Richardson's hold over Lowtown slowly grew, the number of his soldiers grew along with it. As the number of soldiers grew, the amount of superhuman opposition facing Joseph Richardson scaled up exponentially--something about a secret evil military group just calls out to heroes.~The colonel has issued standing orders for expendable undercover soldiers to find excuses to pick fights with any superhumans they encounter, while slightly less expendable troops record the resulting carnage. His free-willed troops are encouraged to engage the locals in dialogue about any exceptional individuals, as well as to monitor any other fights going on in Khazan. All of this information is recorded on a mainframe back at the bar, a huge mass of unsorted hearsay, video footage, and second hand accounts of the powers and strengths of many of the warriors of Khazan. Before and during combat, Richardson can search through this information on a small PDA he carries at all times, allowing him to quickly ascertain the general capabilities of his opponents.


Traps and Contingencies

     Weapons Creation: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only


The spreading influence of the GAGF soon made itself known in the other military groups of Khazan. The Colonel managed take advantage of the confusion and terror caused when several kaiju attacked the city by seizing control of a large military base, ostensibly for the express purpose of defending Khazan from its giant, rubbery aggressors.~With access to immense stockpiles of weapons and explosives, along with a vehicle pool significant enough to swing the tide of the major war of your choice, the threat posed by the GAGF increased exponentially. With his tactical skills, along with his ability to arrange furniture to subliminally suggest paths of movement to opponents (sort of like Feng Shui, only instead of improving aesthetic harmony, it gets someone to step on a land mine hidden under an ottoman) the Colonel has trapped most of Khazan and the surrounding area. Anyone trying to oppose the GAGF is stymied by the tanks and jeeps they possess now, as well as the fact that they find themselves setting off explosives and gas traps whenever they try to take cover or escape down an alley.