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Link Dump 2013-10-11

Macaroni and Cheese… it’s everywhere you want to be.

How about Mac and Cheese Pancakes?

Or perhaps Deep Fried Mac and Cheese hamburger buns?


Insane Tourists Defying U.S. Government Shutdown.  Hilarious!


Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough.  Cure may be as simple as taking a pill.


Researchers say Sprite may be the best hangover cure.  I can imagine the forthcoming Sprite commercials already.


How Aliens, Predator and Prometheus will share a universe.  Dark Horse is rebooting it all into a single continuity.


Cool toys: Hasbro releases images of their new action figure line-up.  Star Wars, Spider Man and Captain America, oh my!


Meet the woman who lives with 50 domesticated skunks.  Smell the love.


ColecoVision Kickstarter goes live.  Project will resurrect one of the top consoles of the 80′s and its lost catalog of titles.


Enhanced Final Fantasy 6 coming to Android, iOS.  Continuing the trend of  re-releasing old games to mobile devices.


A new reality Celebrity Gymnastics show in the works.  Take celebrities, teach them gymnastics, watch them compete and humiliate each other.  Win!


Link Dump 2013-10-10

Dungeon Defenders 2 on the way.  If you enjoyed the original then look forward to more and better of it. The developer almost went with a different approach but scrapped it.

Also in Tower Defense type game news, Dungeon Keeper is getting a reboot.


Lord of the Rings plus 150,000 Lego bricks = awesome.


Russian Government to produce their own patriotic video games and ban other developers games.   I’m sure that’s going to work out well, yep…


…Or Not.  I mean, look: Grand Theft Auto V has just broken Six Guinness World Records.  What are we talking about here – a Video Game that is just vaulting over the revenue possible in not only games but other entertainment mediums as well.  Films like Avatar and The Avengers do not post figures like GTA V.  And the Grand Theft Auto franchise is one that the powers that be have been wanting to ban since day 1.


Angry Birds: The Movie.  You saw that coming right?


Researchers post new study on Quantum Black Holes – suggest they are bridges to another universe.


Inside the twisted world of Competitive Pokemon.

Related: The Worst Pokemon Of All Time.


Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have been hangin’ in New York and posting cool pics.

Here they are chillin’ with Lenard Nimoy

OK, Stop me if you've heard this. Spock, Gandalf and Professor Xavier walk into a bar...

OK, Stop me if you’ve heard this. Spock, Gandalf and Professor Xavier walk into a bar…


Link Dump 2013-10-09

Firefighters rescue mans penis from a toaster.  If I made a list of everything I might stick my junk into, “toaster” would not be on that list.


An exclusive Star Wars action figure for the New York Comic-Con: Pimp2-D2.  Yes, real.

Related: The Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Star Wars Action Figure.


Disney creating Theme Park rides of Marvel Characters.  Behold: the Iron Man Experience at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Related: Disney Imagineering Group and Marvel Comics Group partnering on comics – based on Disney franchises and theme park attractions.


Fan created follow-up of the now defunct MMO City of Heroes funded by Kickstarter.  Pretty cool – the fan created City Of Titans project has $320,000 so far.


Review of the new Radeon HD 7990 Graphics Card.  If graphics-intensive PC gaming is your bag, this may be in your future.


Archie Comics meets zombies and necromancy.  If you thought you’d seen it all with either Archie comics or the Zombie genre, well, you haven’t.


Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja will be working together again.  It has been fifteen years since the duo hooked up to blaze a trail of destruction and blood vengeance.


Medieval Armor goes high fashion.  Wow.  That’s my kind of style.


The Pacific Rim gag reel has just come out.  Lolz.


Link Dump 2013-10-08

George Lucas is calling new Star Wars director JJ Abrams constantly to give out ideas.  The man who gave us Jar-Jar Binks and the Yub-Yub song is not done with us yet.


Ron Burgundy: The Anchorman pitching cars for Dodge.  Will Ferrell’s character doing his thing to bring you that new car smell.


Sexiest Woman Alive 2013: Scarlett Johansson.  She has won it twice.


James McAvoy on the new X-Men film Days of Future Past. This film is possibly the second biggest production for Fox, behind Avatar.


Warner Brothers CEO demands Wonder Woman on TV or the big screen.  That works for me.


Quentin Tarantino posts his top 10 films of 2013Gravity makes the list…


… And speaking of GravityHere is all the ways Hollywood tried to ruin the film.


The Original Endings to Disney Fairy Tales.  People in the old days really went in for a darker worldview.


The Borderlands 2 Loot Competition.  Shoot bad guys.  Win fabulous prizes!


Coffee House Prank: Terrifying Telekinetic Girl goes ape shit.  So there you are, innocently getting your morning cup and then things get freaky…


Control cockroaches remotely with a mobile app.  Can remote control cockroach racing be far behind?  You can even re-use your old Hot Wheels track.


How I left my corporate job to work for myself“.  It probably goes without saying that in an unpredictable world it’s a good idea to have a backup plan.

Link Dump 2013-10-06

If you have ever wondered why we eat popcorn at the movies, here’s some learning for you.


The founder of Twitter reveals the secret formula for getting rich online.  Damn it, it’s so crazy it just might work!


George Clooney says he did not know that his Bat Suit had been given nipples. He’s fortunate the Bat Suit’s nipples weren’t pierced.


Terrifying swarms of giant freaking hornets kill dozens in China.  Oh, hell no.

Fortunately thanks to modern technology, in the event of death one need not give up on Love.  A new dating website is out which caters strictly to ghosts looking for a hook-up.  And hey, having “killed by Giant Freaking Hornets” might be interesting on your profile.


The Hobbit Trilogy has already cost twice as much to make as The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.  If you are a Tolkien fan these are golden days indeed.


IGN has posted their picks for the best gaming laptops on the market right now


… But if you are like me and completely enchanted with small tablet devices for casual gaming right now, then you are probably very excited about the soon to be released Plants Vs. Zombies 2.


Software giant Adobe has been hacked and three million user accounts have been compromised.


Guillermo del Toro does this years Simpsons opening couch gag for Halloween.  And it is awesome, check it out.


Amazing Disney Princess Tattoos.  I’ve been holding out for something awesome to put on my bod… hum…




Amazon has plans to sell its own video streaming box.

Link Dump 2013-10-04

GRAVITY opening at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Looks like a great movie to go see this weekend.


Fox will pick up THE SIMPSONS for a 26th Season.  The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted show in television history.  Ever.  Don’t have a cow, man.


Massive duck-billed dinosaur fossil unearthed by oil crews.  Canadian dinosaurs, eh.  Soon we will be able to trace back the genes which gave us the band Rush.


The voice of Apple’s SIRI revealed.  Meet the woman behind the voice of the AI that’s managing your calendar, calling your Mom and telling you the weather report.


Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition available Nov. 15th.


A strange yet compelling homage to KABOOM Cereal.  I lol’d.

Link Dump 2013-10-03

Stephen Hawking’s Party For Time Travelers – On June 28, 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travellers from the future…. But didn’t advertise it until after the party was already over.

Dinosaur Romance Novels.  No, seriously, Dinosaur Romance Novels.

Sonic The Hedgehog will be in Smash Bros.  Sonic will be a playable character in the new 3DS and Wii U Smash Bros.  The awesomeness… it is overwhelming.  I actually downloaded the Kindle Fire HD port of the Original Sega Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog game yesterday.  Game still rocks after all these years.  The Kindle version is a true port – not a crappy emulator run version.

The most absurd Batman merchandise ever.  Yeah, it may well be.

Fourth Narnia Movie Announced.  Are we sure we needed a Fourth Narnia movie?  I feel they need to take a page from the Fast and Furious franchise and turn it into a Heist film.

Robert Downey Jr. owns a 6-foot tall remote control flying Iron Man.  Because awesome.  While there is only one 6-foot flying remote control Iron Man in the world, unfortunately, you can still get one of these Flying Radio Controlled Witches on Broomsticks.  Just in time for Halloween.  Or your next Quidditch match.

Tom Clancy R.I.P.  The man may be dead, but the stories will always be with us.

A 3-Dimensional Monopoly Set that cost $500 dollars.  That is some very fine board-game swag right there.  You know, the board game Monopoly has been around for a really long time and is still going strong.  The venerable board game was even used during WWII to aid in Allied prison escape attempts.

Tattoos of a Fan-Boy.  Couple of those are pretty amazing.

What’s Happening Now In HDTV Technology – OLED and 4K

… or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Just Buy Another Plasma.

In the beginning there was the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Television.  CRT was the technology of television sets from the 1930′s into the 2000′s.

I had purchased a Sony CRT Television in 2001.  That television had a 40 inch screen (small by current flat-panel standards) and yet weighed an unbelievable 325 pounds.  Now, besides being heavy as a lead anchor what I did not know at the time of purchase was that the CRT was about to be replaced as a television technology.  Buying into obsolete technology is something to be avoided.

In the early early 2000′s the Plasma and the LCD televisions became ascendant and would replace the CRT.  These two new television technologies allowed bigger, lighter screens.  However, early adopters of these new displays, while avoiding the trap of the obsolete CRT, still got bit by the next technology revolution – High Definition.  Early LCD and Plasma screens were often Enhanced Definition (480p) and so the advance to 720p – 1080p images found in High Definition (Blu-Ray) were lost to them.  So, early adopters in this case also bought into obsolete technology.

Now, the competing High Definition displays on the market, Plasma and LCD, have been duking it out for the last several years.  Both have their pros and cons.  In general, Plasma seems to be favored by videophiles due to the inky blacks which increase image quality and the excellent presentation of action and motion scenes.  But Plasma has disadvantages too – one being that it makes a poor display for brightly lit rooms where LCD is superior.  Besides the advent of 3-D technology in these displays (which may or not be of value to you depending on your preference for it) there was not a looming danger of buying into obsolete technology.  But that is now changing.

Enter the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display and the 4K (also known as Ultra HDTV) display.  These are both coming onto the market now

The OLED display is said to have a display that surpasses either Plasma or LCD in its luminous, beautiful quality.  It is reported to be the best picture seen on a television.  Ever.  Period.

There are a couple of OLED models on the market at the moment: the Samsung 55-inch KN55S9C OLED ($9,000 dollars) and the LG 55-inch 55EA9800 OLED ($10,000 dollars).  If you treasure the quality of your television, there is a lot to be excited about here – and this is the future.  However, just looking at the opening price of these displays there is a very high premium to be paid to have one right now.  Further, they come no bigger than 55-inches.  One could easily have a much larger display for a lot less cash if one goes Plasma or LCD at this time.  Those prices will come down, but how much and when is anyone’s guess.  OLED displays are reportedly very difficult to manufacture and that could leave prices high for years to come.  One other odd thing about the OLED is that they are curved screen displays which limits off-axis viewing – and if that puts you off, there is no flat-panel OLED alternative for you yet.  Here is a Face-Off review on the two OLED models.

The other display technology coming into widespread play is the 4K TV (also known as Ultra HDTV or UHDTV).  UHDTV has four times the pixels (resolution) of high definition television.  Manufacturers began releasing 4K displays a few months back with the opening models priced around $7,000 dollars.  Those prices are dropping already and will certainly drop off much faster than OLED technology.  Here’s one going for under $3,000 dollars.  Is 4K something you care about?  At this point the correct stance might be to take a wait and see attitude and this article lays down all the reasons why you should be both  cautious and skeptical about early adopting.  Read that and decide for yourself.

While OLED is a completely new display technology unto itself, 4K is simply more pixels and a higher resolution.  That is, in the future there may well be 4K OLED displays (and probably will).

There is yet another curve-ball coming down the pike and that is HDMI 2.0.  One may wish to ensure any television purchased has an upgrade path to HDMI 2.0 if that is a concern – which it may not be.  Very likely any TV purchased right now is locked into the HDMI 1.4 standard.

Of course, with the rate technology is changing it is difficult to “future-proof” any TV purchase.  Given the price of these new displays, though, and the perils of early adoption a fine plasma such as the 65-inch Panasonic TC-P65VT60 at a fraction of the price is still looking like a good bet.

Link Dump 2013-10-02

Newly discovered cave system in China – so huge it has its own weather system.  Some really amazing photos of this natural wonder.

Toy Masters: the men behind the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  You probably knew that the line of Master of the Universe action figures were very successful  toys.  What you may not have known, however, was there was a dramatic battle of wits and personalities between the toy designers who made them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a Zombie film and also… A return run as Conan the Barbarian.

Microsoft tries again with the development of the Surface 2 tablet.  I’m starting to wonder about Microsoft, considering that the Surface 1 was a total flop along with their MP3 player and their smart phone.  Why, if it wasn’t for the great success of the Windows Vista operating system… oh wait.  Related: Bill Gates says that CTRL+ALT+DELETE was a mistake.  Hmmm, you don’t say.

Valve enters the arena dominated by console games with the Steam OS, the Steam Gaming Machines and the Steam Gamepad Controller.  I like Steam on my PC, should be interesting.

How FAST AND FURIOUS became Hollywood’s most fascinating franchise.   It is pretty amazing that a franchise can really catch fire and surpassed all expectations with the fifth film.

Premium Geek Stuff: the re-release of the original Dungeons & Dragons boxed RPG.  So much awesome.

Finally – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Barbie Doll.

Link Dump 2013-10-01

Deadly lake turns animals into statues.  It’s kind of like Medusa… as a lake!

Fifteen Underrated Movies Worth Watching.  I have not seen a single one of these, but most of them sound pretty interesting.  Guess I’ll have to give some a look.

Blizzard to close the Diablo III Auction House.  I have played Diablo III and used the Auction House.  That being the case, I see this as a great move.  I actually intended to dedicate a stand-alone post about it but the one I linked sums it up nicely.  What they do not say, however, and what I believe is that Blizzard absolutely had to close it down to set-up a successful expansion to the game.

The team behind Iron Man 3 talk about the film, including Tony Stark’s character and why you will never see the classic “Demon In A Bottle” story line from the comics.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves talk about Bill & Ted 3.  Party On Dudes!

Half of all existing jobs could be done by computer within 20 years.  According to an Oxford study.  I do not think they are far off the mark either.  I can only hope that future looks more like the computer-run idyllic life of leisure presented in WALL-E and not like SOYLENT GREEN.

Legendary yet short lived TV series FIREFLY to get a comic book continuing the story.  The story continues after the events seen in the film SERENITY.

Link Dump 2013-09-21

Scientists invent incredible self-healing polymer.  It will be appearing soon on a Terminator robot near you.

New ABC show unites the female survivors of Horror films.  Starring Jamie Lee Curtis (whose character survived the slasher in the HALLOWEEN horror franchise).  Not a bad premise for a horror drama, IMO.  Kind of sounds like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Charlies Angels type thing.

In 1961 US nearly nuked itself due to an error.  Really, it’s probably a wonder that society today does not resemble the subterranean dwelling future presented in Beneath The Planet of the Apes.

Homeless and Unemployed surviving on Bitcoins.  Technology changes everything – even the age old question “Brother, can you spare a dime?”

Grand Theft Auto 5 sales top $1 billion.  In just three days.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD gets the MST3K treatment.  Just in time for Halloween, the riffing of the George Romero zombie classic can be seen as a live event at your local movie theater.

Link Dump 2013-09-20

The Map of Historical Bigfoot Sightings. 3,313 Bigfoot sightings over 92 years.  It appears from the map that Bigfoot does not hang out in Nevada.  Either that or what happens in Vegas truly does stay in Vegas.

Warhammer Online will shut down this December.  Kind of a bummer but the Warhammer MMO leaves us with its dignity intact – Chaos Pandas were never introduced.

Absolutely fabulous castles and mansions that are fabulously haunted. Really, it’s probably just the lingering smell of old people that gives folks the jitters.

Over 200,000 people apply to colonize mars.  Sounds fun on paper but I’ll continue my work colonizing the jacuzzi with a pina colada for now.

Seen in front of a Veterinary Office. Because if you won’t talk to your cat about catnip who will?

Government agencies want a backdoor into the linux OS.  If Linus Torvalds is admitting they are asking him to build a backdoor into Linux, you can pretty much assume it’s already in Windows.

Joss Whedon adds his touch to Thor 2

This report that Joss Whedon has provided rewrites for a few scenes in THOR: THE DARK WORLD has appeared on a number of sites.

I think this is interesting because it shows the care in which the Marvel Universe brand is being crafted for film and that Joss Whedon is seen as the maestro of said brand.  Given the success of THE AVENGERS it is hard to argue that it should be otherwise.  The trust that has been placed in Whedon’s film adaptation of the Marvel Comics characters seems quite well placed to me.

With the somewhat controversial announcement that Ben Affleck will be the new Batman, it will be intriguing to see how D.C. Comics manages its competing brand of comic book characters going forward.


World of Warcraft subscribers numbers in free fall

World of Warcraft has reportedly shed another 1.3 Million subscribers in the last three months.

While there is some theorizing going on about why this may be, as a current World of Warcraft player myself I can tell you exactly why:  “Daily Quests”.  The latest expansion went too far in forcing the players to do these “Daily Quests” every day to advance.  The animosity many players I know feel towards this new model is very deep.  It’s no wonder they are losing subscribers hand over fist – they took an entertaining game and made it a daily chore to do.  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

If I wasn’t involved in a guild with people I like to hang out with, I would have hit the eject button myself a few months back.