Nogard and Draco

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Reavers


Strength: Standard

Agility: Weak

Mind: Standard

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


Khazan, Science Sector, 4:28 am...~Vladimir Dacoole was a mad scientist. Everybody knew it except him. It wasn't that he didn't know he was mad. He just didn't know he was a scientist. He worked in his sleep and hid all of the evidence before he woke up so that he would never find out about it. Gideon didn't know why Vladimir wouldn't want himself to know he was a scientist, and neither did anybody else. It just didn't seem tactful to tell him a secret he was keeping from himself however. ~Gideon watched as the sleeping figure of Vladimir Dacoole assembled the robot. Currently he was soldering on the left arm without a mask. Gideon checked his watch. Half past four in the morning. He was getting too old for this kind of stuff. He was nearly forty-five, and most of his old comrades in the Reavers had already retired. Gideon didn't know why he bothered to stay on if all he was going to do was commission a robot from a sleeping guy.~Vladimir fooled with some wires in the robot's head. He screwed the top of the skull back on, and stood back and looked at Gideon. That is to say, he turned his face in Gideon's direction. Gideon cautiously approached the reposed automaton. Its eyes were closed, and it had an almost peaceful smile on its face. "It has everything we asked for?"~Vladimir nodded and handed him a slip of paper. On it was written, "Activation word is Arise. All is as you requested. Leave money on desk." Gideon looked up, and Vladimir was already back in bed.~Gideon hefted the sleeping robot out of the van, and carried its limp form in his arms towards the bombed out building. Underneath the ruins was a secret Reaver stronghold, where vigilantes could take a break in their nightly excursions and have a bit of coffee and catch up with fellow banes of evil. It was also the home of the chief Reaver scientist, Dr. Gilt, who was the reason Gideon was holding what looked like a teenage boy in his arms in the middle of the night in the ruins of a bombed out building. "Intruder, speak password or be incinerated" said a metallic voice from behind. It was always from behind. "The owl has no mercy for thieving vermin," said Gideon in a weary voice. He had said it so many times he thought that he might be saying it in his sleep. Like crazy Vlad. Gideon shivered as he walked into the hole that had opened out of the ground.~There were a couple of Reaver veterans lounging around the strong-house. There was Thomas Bishop, smoking a cigarette. And in the corner was Mr. Hero. There was also a man with a wide brimmed hat and green robes that he didn't recognized. Gideon walked into Dr. Gilt's dimly lit lab holding the sleeping android.~Dr. Gilt, unlike Vladimir Dacoole, was not really a mad scientist. He was completely sane, if a bit eccentric. He liked to make people think that he was mad. He always lit his lab with black lights and wore a carefully tattered lab coat at all times. "Ah, Gideon, I see you have my delivery. Set it down on the table, yes." "Gideon placed the robot gently on the table. "So," he said, massaging his shoulders, "are you outsourcing your own job? I thought you were supposed to be our scientist." Dr. Gilt looked up and game Gideon a well-practiced Twitchy Stare. "Yes, I am. But I have heard great things about Mr. Dacoole's work. Did you know that he is a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler. I suppose madness must run in his family. Besides, I have had very specific orders from the higher-ups that they must have an automaton of Vlad's. I don't know why." Gideon wasn't surprised. Who knows why the mysterious higher-ups do anything? "Anyway," continued Gilt, "what say you we wake this fellow up?"

"Alright," said Gideon, and then in what was meant to be a commanding voice he commanded, "Arise!" The robots eyes flicked open. The eyes swiveled in their sockets looking for input. They found the eyes of Dr. Gilt. Gideon could see Gilt shiver, and he could see why. No robot should look so much like a human. It got off of the table, and staggered a bit, pressing its hand to the wall for support. ~"I..." it said in a very human sounding voice. "I am Nogard." Gideon approached slowly, with his hands in front of him. Who knew what kind of fiendish weaponry Vladimir had equipped him with? "That's your name? My name is Gideon." he said in the slow voice usually reserved for foreigners and idiots. "Nice to meet you." Gideon offered his hand. Nogard took it slowly. Gideon was expecting a bone-crunching grip, but instead was met with a firm handshake. The skin felt warm.~"OK, Nogard," said Dr. Gilt, in the same idiot-voice. "Would you please lie down on the table again? I would like to run some tests. Nothing that will hurt!" he finished in a hurry when the robot backed away. Could this robot feel pain? "Just some readings to tell us what you're capable of." Nogard suddenly smirked, a sharp contrast to its previous child-like personality. It looked over its shoulder, towards the garage. "You want to know what I can do? Not a whole lot. It aint me that's going to be doing the doing." The robot snapped its fingers...


     Beast Master: Ultimate

  • Armor Piercing
  • Multi-Attacks


...and the garage door exploded. Gideon let adrenaline take over as he had done so many times before. He couldn't see what had destroyed the wall, but there was flying rubble and shrapnel everywhere. First priority: Protect the Civilian. Gideon tackled Dr. Gilt and brought up his personal force field. He sensed shards of glass bouncing off, and the occasional chuck of wall. And then nothing. Gideon sighed with relief, and distended his force field. Then something very big, and very hard hit him, several times. He was hurled bodily against the far wall. If it weren't for the fact that he had taken the precaution of still leaving his force field active, he'd be dead. He levered a chunk of roof offf of his leg and saw what hit him. It was a big, white, robot dragon. It seemed to fill the entire room. And it also seemed to be... happy. ~Gideon used to own a puppy, when he was a kid. It would always be extremely happy when he came home from school. It would jump up and down, and run around his legs, and sit up on its hind legs and wag its tail. Incredulously, that is what the dragon was doing. The android, Nogard, was scratching it behind where the ears would be, and it was wagging its tail. The dragon gave a playful bellow. "Gideon", said Dr. Gilt from behind a particularly large piece of rubble, "are you all right?" "Yes, I'm fine," said Gideon who was still mesmorized by the scene in front of him. A boy and his dog. A robot and its cyber-dragon. Dr. Gilt crawled over to where Gideon was standing. "That thing," he said in a low conspiriatorial voice, "is another of Dacoole's creations. I could never get it to activate until now." "So these two were made for eachother?" "Yes. Quite literally I'm afraid. If we don't get that thing deactivated, it will completely destroy my lab." Nogard's voice came from the other side of the room. "Don't worry, old man. We won't take up anymore of your time. And don't you even think about doing ANYTHING, to Draco. Now we're going out." Gideon stood up. "Out? Out where?" Nogard shrugged as he climbed on the dragon's back. "Just out."


Dragon Pike

     Thrusting Attack: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Armor Piercing


Nogard had never felt so alive. Then again, he had only been alive for a few minutes. But something in his CPU told him that this is what he wanted to do. Running around the city with Draco. He patted the cyber-dragon's side. It roared with pleasure. Nogard closed his eys and let Draco roam the city freely. His scanners had revealed that Draco's wings had been in stasis for to long to be used right away. Repairs could take days. "What has that stupid old guy done to you boy?" ~As Draco rounded a corner, Nogard heard a huge crash from the North North East. Triangulating... three hundred yards. Something inside him told him to check it out. Another something told him that if he did, that he would never have a moment of freedom ever again. The two sides argued in his mind for a year (or two seconds in real time) until the first voice ended the argument wiht "It's what dad wanted." "Draco, go down this street!"~Nogard and Draco stumbled onto a scene of pure carnage. There were wounded people everywhere, and what used to be a bus. There was also a fifteen-foot tall green robot standing there with a smoking cannon on its arm. This was wrong, robots aren't supposed to kill people. But what could he do? Well, he knew what Draco could do, but Nogard didn't have a weapon. As if it was reading his thoughts, Draco brought its tail around to Nogard, and a long silver pike extended from it. Nogard took it reverentially. This was right. By this time, the green robot had noticed them. It eyed them wearily, or would be if it had eyes. "Um..." began Nogard, "you're under arrest?" The green robot brought its cannon to bear and fired. Draco leaped nimbly out of the way and charged the robot before it, or Nogard, could react. Nogard was thrown from Draco's back as the two immense robots clashed. The pike was sent flying from his hands as he hit the pavement hard. His system suffered no damage, and he got up almost immedfiately. Just as he did, the pike, which was lying ten feet away, flew threw the air and landed in his hands. "Cool." He looked up and gasped. The green robot had pinned Draco to a building and was holding its cannon to Draco's head. Without thinking, Nogard hurled the hurled the pike at the robot. The pike hit the robot in the shoulder, and the arm with the cannon fell away with a crash. The pike was lodged in the building that Draco was just pinned to, but dislodged itself and returned to Nogard's hands again. "Really cool."



     Blending: Superior


Nogard cheered as Draco smashed the robots head to bits. This is definately what he wanted to do with his life. Suddenly he heard sirens. The police here sucked, thought Nogard as he vaulted onto Draco's back. His processor worked furiously. From what he could tell from his data banks, the police here were not exactly the trusting type. They would probably drag him and Draco off to some lab or another. Or they may take them back to the old guy. Nogard decided that he couldn't allow that. He wanted to help people, but he couldn't ley them see that he was helping them. But how. Once again, Draco seemed to read his mind. There was a shimmering of the air, and just like that, he couldn't see Draco. There was only a slight blurring where he knew he was. Nogard looked at his arm. It was gone too! "Good boy. Come on. Let's find someplace to live." And then a boy and his dragon ran off into the night.


Dragon Wings

     Flight: Superior

  • Weakness: Limited Uses - Multi-Use
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Great Sewer


..."And that should do it!" Nogard stepped back to admire his work. Now that he looked at it, he realized it wasn't that impressive. Or even remotely good looking. Draco stretched his new wings experimentally. They were stained with oil, but nothing that wouldn't wash off. Pieces of scrap iron and steel had been welded on in a few spots, and they rattled ominously. Nogard patted Draco on the side reassuringly. " I know it isn't exactly a garage quality job, but it was the best I could do. Count yourself lucky that we found enough money to buy some decent tools on that last guy." Draco snorted. "Don't give me that look. He got what was coming to him. Now what say you we go for a test flight?"~The worst part of Draco and Nogard's new home was the stench. That was where they were lucky, because neither of them had senses of smell, so all in all, the "Lair" as Nogard called it, was a decent place to live. It was an abandoned and sealed off subway station that was right next to the sewer. Hence the smell. It was completely isolated, because nobody in there right mind would be wading through waist-deep sewage to get there. The irony was not lost and Nogard, as he and Draco waded through waist-deep sewage to leave. Draco moaned and try to stretch his wings. "Draco, stop it. It's to cramped in here to even think about flying."~Finally, they made it to the surface. Draco, with Nogard on his back, had climed to the top of an almost empty parking structure to serve as a launch site. Draco held on tightly. Truth-be-told he wasn't as confident in his repair work as he put on. "Ready boy. One, two, thrEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Nogard opened his eyes. They were high above the rooftops of sleeping Khazan. "We did it Draco!" shouted Nogard, "We can fly!" Draco bellowed amiably. They soared above Khazan for a few hours, occasionaly landing. "Alright Draco, its getting late. This will be our last flight, alright?" Draco grunted and got up to a full run and leaped off the side of the bulding, flapping his great wings majestically against the full moon. And then they fell.~"What happened? Everything was working perfectly." Nogard and Draco had crash landed in an alley. Nogard had a few cuts on the arm, but what was really hurt was his pride. He ran his hand over Draco's wing. It was twisted in some areas, but straightening out. "I guess the metal I used couldn't handle the strain for that long." Draco gave a whimper. "I guess we'll have to be more conservative about flying from now on. Let's get back to the lair."