Doc Austin

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


Seems like he was always endin up knee deep in bodies. That's the way he said he thought of it, anyway. He'd been around awhile, or so he recollected. Sometimes, he told me, he didn't see much more 'n th life at hand. He'd never been much for walking away from fate. Every time he wandered the line from salvation to death. Always started out on the right side of it, a doctor, or a scientist, sometimes even a priest (though even he hadn't bought that one, not even while he was living it). And then somethin pulled him away. Death, war. He was born on the line, the last of his kind, so near to either side that he sometimes - times of shinin perfection - became both. A guardian, ya might call him, or a defender I guess these days. See there was a time when giants walked the earth. They was legends, greater 'n life. Then I guess somethin happened, and they was just less an less until one day there weren't no more. Well Doc A there, he was the last one, the last Archetype. Not much standing next to th rest of em, but he was what they needed at the end. Us, I guess I mean. We want the soldiers, but truth is we need th healers. Well, we got Doc Austin.

He's been a lot of folks. Times and places ya wouldn't even know he was one a th Archetypes. Don't even remember it himself, sometimes. But down here at th nexus he's in one a his original forms, or some such thing, so he recollects damn near every life he's ever wasted (as he puts it). Seems inclined towards fate, guess that's what got his attention bout that other guy. Th one ain't got a name, says he can break fate. Well, I guess that's some sort of interesting ta Doc A. Tells me sometimes he wonders if it's just fate keeping him alive for no good end, or if he's really got some kinda handle on his life. Tell ya, don't offer that fella a drink.


     Avatar: Standard


He's the last one. Ya can feel it, strange enough. I gotta wonder if he's got that air just because he's this nexus original form or if he's just always like that. He's got somethin... I dunno. Like the eyes they just sort of look at ya, not into ya exactly, and not through ya. Like he's lookin at th brain, I guess. Somethin tragic about him ya just can't figure straight. I guess that's just how ya get to lookin when ya lived more 'n your fair share a lives, an alla em end up with bodies on th floor.



     Tactician: Superior


Well, funny thing about Doc A. Things work out real well for him. It's like he's just a step ahead, don't even know. Dunno if he even knows he's doin it. Folks ask him how he knows ta go right when they're all goin left. He says, every damn time, "Just lucky, I guess." Damn lucky, I say. Sometimes I get an inkling maybe it's some sorta natural wit. Whatever it is, you can be sure th more complicated it gets, the better Doc'll come outta it all.



     Detective: Superior


Yeah. Sometimes ya gotta wonder. Like maybe it's fate after all. Maybe that's all there is to ol' Doc. Seems like he's got a knack for what folks call "the right place at the right time." Like a guy just happens to have a glass jaw and get pissed at Doc. Now Doc A's not a tough guy, but damned if he ain't lucked out more 'n any mortal has a right. 'Course he ain't a mortal, so I guess he's got a right.



     Weapons Creation: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Target Seeker
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Probably the most f- Pardon, the durndest thing 'bout Doc A 's how he's always got the right tool for the job. An not like a 3/16ths wrench, like planetary invasion. Hell if I can figure it. It ain't like he pulls em outta nowhere. Naw, what it is, whatever he's got on him always seems to be just what he needed. Like ya get a flat tire and a legion of werewolves attack ya. Well ol' Doc has a full-sized spare in the back and some sorta experimental silver bullet minigun he was cartin somewhere. Or maybe one a them giant robots is runnin around and you lost your house keys. Doc'll wander by with an EMP disintegrator or some crazy sh- 'Scuse me, "stuff." And then he'll find yer keys in the bushes. All I know is 's a good idea ta see what Doc's haulin around 'fore you decide you wanna hit the town with the guy.



     Regeneration: Supreme


Some folks say Doc tangled with an archangel and walked away. People ask him, he just gives em this funny little smile, says something about do they think that kinda thing is likely. Right, like Doc ain't livin in Khazan. He tangled with somethin though. Oh sure, he ain't dyin any day soon, but used ta take a lot more to put ol' Doc down. Guy's still a hard-case, I guess that's part a bein 'n Archetype. Sometimes I gotta wonder why Doc hangs around with me. Asked him about it and got that damn funny smile. told me, "You just remind me of myself, a little, I guess."


Ain't Of a Mind To Be Quitin'

     Regeneration: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Bar Fight


Well, Doc's what you call a man with some serious willpower. When he's got his mind set to something, no earthly force could move it. See it's not like some other cases a pure cussedness, or some kinda focus a will. Doc A's just got a mind that can't be burnt out so long as he keeps his cool. Some folks tried, but it ain't like the usual situation up there. It just don't quit, and springs right back. Now you corner him at th saloon, maybe a different story. Doc's usually got somethin else in mind round there.