Shaggy-Man with Saplings

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Reavers


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


I have been with him the longest. The Bearded Man first chose me to be his servant when the Romans were making their first shy forrays out of the city of the Seven Hills. Julius Caesar was nothing more than a grasping and small man. It would yet be many years until he came to prominence. I was a small child when the Bearded One first came to me in the wilds of Atlantis in the year that the beloved Continent sank beneath the waves of Oceanus. He came to me and told me who and what he was. I was a child and could not fully grasp all that he told me. However, as the world was dying around me I saw no harm in accompanying him. He took me in and has spent the intervening millenia training me in the Lore of the Bearded Man. His will is the motivating factor of my life. Thousands of years ago he told me that his time in this world was short and that I would still replace him. This was his purpose in choosing a protege. I have since learned that the Bearded Man sees time differently than the rest of the world. He has recently (by your reckoning) told me that the time is now approaching in which I will take up the mantle of the Bearded Man with Trees. I am not sure I am ready. This is why I have been sent here. The Bearded One want to be sure that I am ready to take up the universal concerns of the beards and trees. I don't know if I'm ready. I may never know. My time is quickly approaching and I welcome the test. I want to know if the millenia I have spent in training have been in vain. I do not think so, but there is only one way to know for sure. My masters other servants were sent here and have already departed. I can only hope that my master will be pleased with the effort I put forth. I will give my very life to honor him. This is for the Bearded Man with Trees. He cometh and that right soon.

I have been with the Bearded Man since I was a child. My loyalty to him is not an abstract thing or a thing of religious fervor. I see him more as my father than as the fabled Bearded Man with Trees. I have gained confidence over the many years that I have served with him. My responsibilities have become great in his service and while I am not known in legend as he is, there are many who know me by his name. I eagerly carry out his will and carry forth the word of the Bearded One. I serve him as any good son would serve his beloved father. I have no greater joy than to serve him with my life. Do not mistake this for religious devotion, it is loyalty of a much more material kind. I will do all I can to serve the One who has made me the man I am today.

Arcane Lore

     Arcane Lore: Standard


I have spent millenia learning the Lore of the Bearded Man with Trees. There are no servants that know this lore more than myself. Even the Bearded Man himself knows only a little more than I do myself. There are very few secrets left for me to learn. I will soon know all there is to know, but those secrets will be the greatest secrets ever revealed. When I learn them it will become my responsibility to guard them. Then I will be the Bearded Man with Trees.



     Damage Shield: Supreme

  • Area Affect


It has taken me thousands of years to master the ever-growing beard at my chin. I have become more adept than I would have thought possible. The Bearded Man has spent years at a time sitting with me to teach me the true power of the beard. My own shag is missing the true lethal power that his possesses, but there are very few limitations to my own beard's devastating power. None but the most hearty can survive contact with the shag and fewer still have felt its wrath and walked away. The power it possesses is the merest fragment of the secrets I will learn, but it is most impressive. No longer do I need to fear the frozen parts of the world. My beard has become a thing of lethal beauty that cannot become brittle or fragile by so simple a thing as cold.


Thoughts of the Saplings

     Mind Blast: Supreme

  • Auto-Hit Attack


No longer do I need the Ring of the Forests. I can now project the thoughts of the saplings without any aid whatsoever. These thoughts are extraordinarily foreign to all but the Bearded Clan and will demolish the mind of anyone outside the circle. Most of these people end up adopting the personality of a tree and think that they are a young sapling growing in a peaceful forest. The thoughts of the saplings will do serious damage to anyone against whom I bring this power to bear. I do not do so capriciously. I would rather not. We of the Bearded Clan are a peaceful people, but we will do what must be done to bring peace to the facial hair and the trees. Now I simply project the power and all who endanger the saplings will learn the folly of their actions.


Immunity: Pheremones

     Immunity: Standard


Like all members of the Bearded Clan I have taken no wife. I have devoted my life to the trees and the facial hair. I am so far removed from the wiles of feminine seduction that I no longer have to think about how much I am not supposed to want one of them. I draw satisfaction from my work. Only the rare priest or the Bearded Clan can understand exactly what I mean by that. Do not read too much into this. I am simply devoted not weird. I have given my life to the trees and nothing can draw me away from that purpose.



     Energy Sheath: Ultimate


I have been given a great responsibility by the Bearded One. I have been given the task of protecting and raising the youngest of the trees. The saplings have been placed in my charge and I take this responsibility most seriously. The Bearded Man has taught me how to bring to bear the most dramatic power which lies within the youngest of the trees. I am willing to lay down my life to care for my charges and in return the saplings are willing to protect me with the power I have shown them. They are most aggressive and brutal protectors. They do not allow anyone to approach me without my consent. They offer near perfect protection and eliminate my enemies without guilt. The trees know no guilt. They know no remorse. The know only power.


To know the Saplings

     Communicate with Plants: Standard


I have learned, at great cost to myself, to speak with the saplings in their own language. It is exotic and beautiful. There is no direct comparison between what is said in their language and any words in our own. They tend to communicate in images that the plant, pardon the pun, directly in the mind of the person to whom they are communicating. They are beautiful beings and even the youngest are ancient in a way no person ever can be. The greatest sound I have ever known was that of a tree laughing. Pray to God you never hear one scream.


Shaggy Resolve

     Force of Will: Superior


I finally understand the resolve of the trees. I can focus all of my resolve into focusing the thoughts of the saplings with remarkable clarity and force. My resolve in placing those thoughts in my opponent's mind has become all that much more powerful using the experience I have learned here. I am finally beginning to understand the power of the Bearded One. I am beginning to feel as though I may in fact be worthy of the faith he has shown in me. My powers increase every day and now I feel as though I am surpassed only by the Bearded One himself.