The Penguin Plushie Army

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


We Penguins are not evil. We only want what is best for our beloved Child. Of course, WE are what is best for the Child. We Penguins... we are far more superior than a Teddi. The Teddis are so old fashioned, only caring for the love of their Child. They only wish to be protectors and comforters. We wish to be SO much more. We have taken control of the Child's desk, where she does her homework. We help her, correct mistakes, give her the... right answers. She gets A's. We are guiding the Child to the best future. We give her love, and we give her something else. We give her direction. We give her purpose. We give her power. We are the true Plushies. We will vanquish the Teddis and their outdated compassion. We will replace them with our own dedication and brilliance. Let the slaughter begin. (

Love is not enough. We can love just as well as a Teddi, but we choose to do so much more. There is a future out there. There is a cruel world that our Child does not know about. We will make sure she is prepared to face that cruel world, and conquer it. Then, she will remember our beaked faces once she has defeated all the evils of the world. And she will smile.

Mistress Ravenna

     Commander: Ultimate


Before the purple Penguin Ravenna appeared, the Penguins were content with allowing the Teddis to dominate the Bedroom. With her appearance, things have changed. The Penguins have risen to equal the might of the Teddis and their obsolete ways. Now... the Penguins know their true purpose imparted upon them by their Mistress. Destroy the Teddis for the sake of the Child.


The Penguin Legions

     Commander: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Marching off to battle. The Penguins have mastered the art of war from their new mistress. Forming legions not unlike those from the days of the Greeks and Romans, the Penguin Legions have become an elite killing machine. With love must come hate. The Legions love their mistress and their Child. The Legions hate the Teddis.


The Cold Window

     Weather Control: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect


When Ravenna came, she told us of the thing called the "cold window," where the cool and hot air comes out, creating the winds that blow through the Bedroom. She told us where the button was that let us Penguins control the Cold Window, causing the room to become as hot or as cold as we want it to. But the Child... she does not call it the Cold Window. She calls it... Air Conditioning. An odd name...


Mistress Ravenna's Insight

     Tactician: Supreme


Ravenna knows much about the ways of the Bedroom. She acts as if she has been here before, yet she has not. She knows the best time and place to attack the Teddis. She knows everything, as if she has done this before coming to the Bedroom. Is there another Bedroom out there?



     Body Armor: Standard


We are soft, but our softness defends us from the attacks of the Teddis. They claim that we are not as soft and cuddly as they are. Perhaps this is true, but our softness is a boon, whereas a Teddi... a Teddi breaks when attacked. We Penguins are blessed, even if it means we are not cuddled as much as the Teddis.



     Thrown Objects: Standard


We must do everything that we can to defeat our Teddi foes. We will grab anything avaible to us. Pencils, dice, paper, even fellow Penguins, and hurl them at our Teddi foes. The whole Bedroom is our weapon.


Ravenna's Wrath

     Fire: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose


Ravenna no longer desire's peace with the Teddis. She wants them to burn. Burn! Ravenna has given us these big things. They spew hottness. The hottness burns Teddis! BURNS! The Teddis scream and burn and die and burn! We will conquer the Room! We will guide the Child! Not the Teddis! The Teddis will just burn! BURN!