Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Citiesville, United States


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 40

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Blocked


Alex Welker was the most miserable kid alive.

He is 15 years old. Four of those years were spent having to tolerate his father abusing him, physically and mentally. He hit him, yelled at him, and touched his intimate parts.

His mother died of a drug overdose.

The only girlfriend he ever had drove him away simply because having intimate physical contact with her made him uncomfortable.

He expressed his misery in the only way he knew how, by becoming a goth. He thought that, in this day and age, he would fit in with the crowd. But the others, "normal" kids at school teased him and laughed at him, calling him "fag" and "Marilyn Manson wannabe".

Alex's aunt, Harriet Voight, was a respected archeologist.

One day, Alex found out that his aunt had discovered a valuable jewel in one of her digs, the Gem of Lilitu. It belonged to an ancient civilization long gone, the Tomoltects, that often dabbled in black magic and alchemy. Harriet was keeping it in her house until next week, when the Gem would be added to the Citisville Museum of History in a big ceremony.

"This is my chance", Alex though. If he could steal the gem, he would pay to have all his troubles go away. Maybe buy a house far way from there. Maybe buy drugs to ease his pain.

He arrived to his aunt's house on the pretext of a suprise family visit. Harriet, who was much more caring and compassionate that her brother (Alex's father), eagerly let him in.

After hours of sweet talking and Alex pretending to be interested in his aunt's life, Alex made his way to Harriet's study, while Harriet was busy preparing hot cocoa in her kitchen.

Alex opened a suitcase, and there was the Gem. It sat there, glowing, enticing, tempting.

Then, something completely unexpected happened: the Gem started talking to Alex.


Alex jumped out in fear. Was it the lack of sleep? Was it the fear of getting caught?

"Did...did you just talk?" said Alex, confused.

"I SAID BOW BEFORE ME!". The Gem spoke in a deep, booming, imposing voice.

Not knowing what else to do, Alex did what he was told and bowed before the gem.

Unfortunately, at that moment, Alex started hearing footsteps. His aunt was going up the stairs to ask Alex wether he wanted biscuits with his hot cococa.

"Oh my God, what am I gonna do? What I'm gonna do? Think, Alex, think!" said Alex nervously.

The Gem spoke again.


"What?" said Alex


Without thinking, Alex grabbed the Gem, put it in his mouth and swallowed it.


As the Gem made the way to his stomach, Alex felt an intense pain in all of his body. His muscles tensed, he started sweating all over, and his whole body felt like it was on fire.


Alex's eyes started to glow. His whole body was shaking.


Panicking, Alex rushed out of the stairs, out of the house, and into the streets of Citiesville.

He looked at his body. His clothes started to morph, turnining from his regular black trenchocoat, black shirt and black jeans into a green and black spandex suit.

The weird feelings in his body were gone. However, he noticed something else. His hands were glowing with shimmering green energy.

Alex shook his right hand in an attempt to make it go away. Instead, a stream of green energy bursted from his hand, cutting a huge hole in one of the buildings next to him.

Alex shook his left hand. Another steam of energy, this one red, bursted from his hand, melting a nearby lamppost.

Alex's expression of fear turned into a wicked, sinister smile. He put both his hands in front of him, and beams of yellow energy bursted from them, decimating the street sign in front of him.

This was the ooprtunity he had been waiting his whole life. His opportunity to make them pay. To make them all pay. He had the power. He could do anything he wanted now. He could make society pay.

The Gem was right all along. He was a victim no more.

Harriet catched up to her nephew.

"Alex, what is going on? What happened? What did you do with the Gem of Lilitu? And why are you wearing that ridiculous costume?"

Harriet's nephew turned around to face his aunt. His voice was no longer soft and gentle. Now, he spoke with the same deep, imposing voice that the Gem used.

"Alex Welker is no more. I am Darkstar."

He fired a beam of green energy at her aunt, vaporizing her and turning her into a smoldering skeleton.


Darkstar's personality is a mix of Alex's own enegative tendencies combined with the Gem's own corrupting influence.

Due to his miserable lot in life, he was always sad, moody and depressed. He listened to my Chemical Romance, cut his body several times, and had next to no friends.

When he becomes Darkstar, he is consumed by a thirst for revenge. He believes that his power makes him a god. He wants to lash out to the world, destroy the society that abused him.

The Gem of Lilitu is an eldritch artifact that preys on the meek and the week-willed, accentuating their negative qualities and replacing any morals they may have with the lust for destruction and chaos of the dark god Lilitu.


The Flames of Lilitu

     Fire: standard (rank 1)


As Darkstar entered Citiesville High, he made his way to his usual classroom.

"Look guys, Emo Alex is back!" said one of the students

"What happened to you? Were you too busy sucking cock while listening to your Evanescence CDs to bother going to school?" said another student.

"What's with the costume? Did you finally turn from an emo fag to just plain fag?" said another student.

"He looks even more like a loser than usual!" said another student.

All of the students started laughing at Darkstar.

Suddenly, fire started emanating from Darkstar's hands

"Holy shit!" said one of the students.

Darkstar immediately pointed his right hand at him and a streak of fire shout out, burning him alive.

Darkstar pointed his left hand at another student, and he too was engulfed with fire.

As Darkstar laughed maniaclly, more and more flames began shooting out of his hands, until the entire classroom was covered in fire, and all of the students were burning to death.


Green Beams

     Eldritch Energy: standard (rank 1)


The first thing Andrew Welker found when he came home from a drunken bender was his son, Alex, standing in the hallways with an eerily calm look.

"What the hell is so fucking funny? And why are you dressed like that? At least with your stupid black clothes, you kinda looked manly. Now, you look even more like a fag! are you on your way to a drag show or something?"

His son just stood there, silent.

"You won't talk, huh? I'll wipe that fucking smile off yer face, you fucking fairy!"

Before Andrew could do anything, his son's hand begam to emit a green glow. Andrew stood back in fear.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"

Streams of green energy burst from his son's hands, and Alex was comptely vaporized, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes.


Red Beams

     Radiation: standard (rank 1)


Kimberly Romano was walking home after the rave when she spotted her old boyfriend, Alex Walker walking right towards her.

"Ah-Alex? Is that you?" said Kimberly

"My name is Darkstar."

"Why are you dressed like that? And what happened to your voice?" asked Kimberly, growing nervous by the minute.

"I'll make you pay for what you did to me, maggot."

"Ok, you are seriously freaking me out, so you better leave or else I'm calling Rob so he can kick your ass." said Kimberly

It was at that time that Kimberly noticed that Alex's hands were radiating with red energy.

"What the fuck?" said Kimberly

Beams of red energy bursted from Alex's hand, cutting a huge hole in Kimberly's chest.

As Kimberly laid in a pool of blood, Darkstar smiled a smile that would make a piranha shiver.



     Electricity: standard (rank 1)


Eventually, the police caught up to Darkstar.

"Put your hands behind your head and come with us quietly!" said one of the police officers.

"I'll use my hands, alright." was Darkstar's reply.

Darkstar aimed his right hand at the police officer, and a bolt of electricity shot from his hand. Soon enough, the police officer was electrocuted to death.

"This Bravo 14 requesting backup at-"

Before the other police officer could finish his sentence, another bolt of electricity shot from Darkstar's hand, also electrocuting the police officer.

As more and more lightning shot from Darkstar's hand, the rest of the police officers decided that the situation was out of their hands and decided to run away while they still could.


All The Powers Combined

     Eldritch Energy: standard (rank 1)


Darkstar was busy destroying building with his powers, when two bright-colored figures appeared next to him.

He recognized them immediately: they were the Crimson Spider and her sidekick, Lightning. The self-appointed defenders of Citiesville.

"Your rampage of destruction stops now, Darkstar! We are sending to jail where you belong!" said the Crimson Spider

"Should we really be doing this? I mean, this guy isn't like the robbers and hoodlums we use to face. This guy actually has superpowers." said Lightning in a nervous tone.

"Well, it's our job to protect the city from any threat, be it human or metahuman." said the Crimson Spider

"I'm afraid your little sidekick is right. You two pose no threat to me. Prepare for your deaths!" said Darkstar as green energy burst out of his hands.

Reacting quickly, the Crimson Spider jumped out of the way of the beam.

Another beam, this one of red energy, burst from Darkstar's hands, this time aimed at Lightning. Acting as fast as her name would imply, she too jumped out of the way.

"So, your name is 'Lightning'?" said Darkstar

"Uh, yes." said Lightning

"Well, Lightning, here's some lightning!" said Darkstar, and sure enough, a bolt of electricity shot from Darkstar's hands.

The Crimson Spider pushed her sidekick out of the way.

"I have something for you too, Spider." said Darkstar, and a sphere of green energy shot from Darkstar's hands.

Once again, the Crimson Spider jumped out of the way.

Frustated, Darkstar shot two fire balls in rapid-fire sucession, and the superheroines dodged them, too.

"ENOUGH! Stop jumping around like rabbits and fight!" said Darkstar

Darkstar shot a streak of fire from his hands, and they too dodged that.

"It's of no use. I can't get close enough to use my melee weapons." said the Crimson Spider

"I guess it's up to me, then." said Lightning

Lightning pulled out her boomerang and hit Darkstar square in the head with it, knocking him down.

"See? If you take way all of his 'hand powers', this guy isn't so tough." said the Crimson Spider

Police officers walked up to Darkstar's unconcious body and cuffed him.

"Thank you for your help, girls. We've been trying to get this guy for days." said the Chief of Police

"You're welcome. You know you can always count on us for stuff like this." said the Crimson Spider

Suffice to say, this was not one of Darkstar's proudest days.


Energy Spheres

     Eldritch Energy: standard (rank 1)


As Darkstar stood in front of a building, he remebered the episodes of "Dragon Ball Z" he watched when he was five, and got an idea.

He aimed his right hand at a building, and a big sphere of green energy shot from his hand, demolishing the to part of the building.

He turned around, lifted his left hand, and another sphere of energy shot from his hands, demolishing another building.

Darkstar contemplated his work with satisfaction.


Fire Balls

     Fire: standard (rank 1)


After that, Darkstar remembered what happened at his school, and got another idea.

He aimed his right hand at a coffee shop, and a ball of fire shot out from his hand, destroying most of the shop.

He turned around, aimed his left hand at a newsstand, and another fire ball shot from his hand, decimating the newsstand.

Darkstar once again smiled in a sinister way.