Using the form given below, you can easily submit a character to the Mortuary. Simply type in the details and hit the Submit the Character button. Be sure to read the Guidelines before you submit the character, though.
However, note that your character will not appear in the Mortuary immediately; the Character Mortuary is hand-moderated, which means the maintainer has to manually place the characters onto the web pages. For this reason, it may take several days for the character to appear.

with the relevant data.


Write up a good description of your character's cause of death; we want more than just "Cause of death: orcs".

First of all, the Character Mortuary isn't a place where just any dead character can be stashed away. What we're after are characters who died in a way that is somehow memorable, remarkable, notable, or even just plain stupid.

Also think about what you're going to write up. We want to know not just how your character died ("Head squeezed by the hands of a Horror who wanted to extract the brain juice.") but also the circumstances surrounding the death. How did your character end up in the situation that killed him or her? Why did he or she go there in the first place? Including any last words can also be a nice touch.

All that doesn't mean you have to write a five-page essay, but a little bit of background goes a long way to making the character interesting to other people visiting the Mortuary.

By the way, the Character Mortuary is for player characters only — it isn't intended for NPCs (or gamemaster characters, storyteller characters, or however else you want to call them).

Similarly, it's limited to characters from roleplaying games. Although computer adventure ("RPG") games, MUDs/MUSHes, and so on can also have characters, this isn't the place to give them a final resting place.

Characters who are deemed not to conform to the, for want of a better word, standards laid out above won't make it into the Mortuary. The decision whether or not to actually place a character into the Mortuary rests entirely with the maintainers, and is based mainly on how interesting they find the circumstances surrounding the character's death. In general, if it's just a plain old death ("Bombardment by Magic Missiles") your character won't have much of a chance of getting in.

With all that behind us, on to the...

Entry Form


That's the character's name, mind.


Use this field for the character's class, archetype, discipline, or whatever the game system used to describe the character type.

Game system

Simply the game in which the character was played.

Player's name

The name of the real-world person (AKA "player") who played this character.


Whether the character was male or female.


The race of the character, for example human, elf, gnome, clone, vampire, droid, etc.

Date of birth

When the character was born and died, using the game world's calendar, and not the real-world date on which the character was created and/or killed.

Date of death
Place of death

Where in the game world the character died. Try to be specific if you can.

Cause of death

The big one: how did the character meet his or her end? Remember we want to know some background to the event as well, so please read the guidelines before filling this out.


Last words for, or possibly by, the deceased.