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Played By: Chakos

Grendel by Chakos

TEAM: Freelance Villain

SECTOR: Science

KIT CLASS: Olympian

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 3
Silky - Win 0-0
Deadman: Shadow of Flesh - Win 0-0
Writer's Block - Win 0-0
Tamara Ellis - Loss 0-0
Titus - Win 0-0
Lorus N'kark - Win 0-0
Mary Alice ("Malice") - Win 0-0
Heimdall - Loss 0-0
Thor: Silent Thunder - Loss 0-0
Anthony B - Win 13-10
Anarky - Win 19-7

"It is a lonely existence, for a planet. It spirals through the Void that was once Space, alone. Once, it orbited a sun; it was warm and happy, as far as planets go, but there are no suns left. They have all been extinguished. The Void needs no light. It careens through the Nothing, still propelled by the shockwaves produced when its own sun was destroyed. Blodeuwedd would have sighed, if there was anyone left who would listen. A shimmering field of energy surrounds Blodeuwedd, both its blessing and its curse. It is the ultimate technological achievement of existence. It hums and vibrates as the Void pushes in upon it, eager to complete its existence by destroying the last bastion of Something in what was once the Omniverse. It has become the planet's last sun, the light it creates trapping the planet forever in the moment just before twilight ends and true darkness comes. Move through the crackling energy veil, and you will find the planet proper is not proper at all. Unnatural, black forests cover the whole of the sphere, gene-gineered to exist without sunlight. Bark covers everything, scaly, thick, and hard. The plants are becoming not much different than the rocks they feed upon, except for one difference. They hunt. Creepers and thorns lash out at anything that moves, seeking sustenance. Trees attack each other, vying for space and minerals. The fauna of the forest is not much different from the flora. They live a hard existence, and it is a short one. Digusting and disturbing, they too have been gene-gineered to exist beyond the bonds of Time. They are killing machines, abominations of claws and fangs, created only to be born and survive long enough to mate. The forest is lethal to everything, including itself, but it is smart enough to not dare to encroach upon the cities. The cities rise from the jungle floor, immense and imposing. There are no more houses, no more roads, and no more people. The only thing which inhabits these cities are machines. Some of marble size and others who's dimensions are measured in miles, thrum softly in the forever twilight. Some are geometric shapes which are disturbing to the eye, impossible proportions with angles and vectors which don't add up. Others are tesseracts, their interior area far greater than that of their exterior. Each is different. Some machines are as cold as the Void itself, frost encasing them for all time, while others are slimy and rubbery to the touch; vaguely organic. But the machines are not lonely, for they have each other. Silver cabling connects them all, unites them in purpose. Cities which once housed millions have become huge masses of spiraling, interconnecting metal, like great silvery brains. Repair bots crawl along the wires, spider-like, seeking error and finding none. Perpetually "on-call," they swarm about the machines like ants. Waiting. And then, there are the Grendels. The great aliens. They move through the forests and cities at will, unaffected by them, killing everything which falls into the category: 'it moved and it wasn't a Grendel.' " - Superstes Extremus


Personality: "The Maiden turned and saw them loping towards her, tall and terrible and murderous in their crimson armor. Their ropy saliva swung back and forth as they ran down the hall towards her at impossible speeds, fangs clacking and claws clicking on the warm metal floor. She was not afraid. She looked into their minds and found nothing but death. Murderous, horrible thoughts ran throughout their being. No reason, no emotion, no morals. They existed to kill everything but each other. Her mind moved through their bodies. Impossibly, they were filled with nothing but muscles, sinew, bone and vessels; no organs. All their tissue was strong, fast, and untiring. These were demons crafted of mortal flesh. And they were bent on killing her, for no other reason than that she was not them. In all of time, that was the oldest and purest reason to fight. She opened her mind to them, and let it shine upon them, let them bask in the vitality and wildness of what had existed during the Elder Times, before even the First Age. They stopped at her feet and milled about, like a pack of dogs. They had seen a kindred, and yet so much greater, spirit. She was the same as them, wild, free, and feral. " -Superstes Extremus, pt. II




Supreme Superhuman strength.
Can bench press a skyscraper.


Ultimate Godlike grace.
Effortless, perfect movement and timing.


Ultimate Godlike endurance.
Shrugs off damage which would destroy cities.


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

Natural Weaponry

  • Power: Natural Weaponry
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
"He plunged ahead, and the larger Grendel threw aside the half-eaten arm and surged forward to meet him, so much quicker than the other Grendels that it was a blur in Jiratlan's vision; he consciously speeded up his thoughts and reactions to compensate. The alien and the demon circled around each other, moving inhumanly fast, fists hammering, claws cutting and tearing, the different colored scraps of their bodies littering the earth. Jiratlan felt fast and strong and powerful, and not even the slightest trace of pain or fatigue bothered him, but he knew this was an illusion. He was draining his own power at a dangerous rate, loosening the energy Matrix that was him; memories stored for eons were cannibalized to first boost and then simply maintain his fighting state. If he didn't win soon, he'd burn himself out and save the alien the job of killing him and The Morrigan the job of dispersing him. Jiratlan concentrated, and sent all the power he had left coursing through his right Claw. The alien sensed something was wrong and jumped back. Jiratlan grinned coldly and punched, slamming into the beast's gut. The searing Claw punched a hole right through the alien's stomach and out its back. The alien didn't even flinch, but Jiratlan did dart forward to seize his advantage. Jiratlan crouched, ducking under the reaching claws, and searched the hole in the alien. The creature jerked spasmaticly as he forced his hand in deep, searching for a vital organ. He was hurting it now, he could tell. And then the sides of the hole slammed together to grip his wrist firmly, holding it in place. Jiratlan looked up into the Grendel's grinning jaws and crimson eyes. He knew, coldly and calmly and very businesslike, that he had made a mistake. The alien gripped Jiratlan's head firmly with both long-fingered hands and tore it from his shoulders." - Ter Ruinosus, pt. IV

Crimson Armor and Crimson Mind

"It towered over him, flexing its clawed hands, huge in its spiked crimson armor. Ropy saliva ran from its grinning jaws and smoked where it struck the wooden floor. It occurred to Jiratlan that a human would probably be paralyzed with fear; there were some advantages to being a demon. He heaved one of Chakos' daggers, which he had inadvertently stolen, at the beast's midsection, but the alien was no longer there. It had moved even faster than him and dodged to one side. Jiratlan recalled his days as a Shock Trooper during the war on Heaven, and, for the first time in millennia, smiled. He knew from this day forth, there would be no more sniveling worms who broke their promises. He felt an almost human thrill at the thought of a real challenge at last. Jiratlan stepped forward, his claws a whistling black blur on the air, and the alien couldn't move fast enough to evade him this time. Instead, the monster blocked the claws with an upraised forearm. Any other weapon would have shattered upon impact with the blood-red armor, but Jiratlan's claws had been made to mow through such impenetrable defenses. Its armor cracked, but the Grendel did not falter, nor so much as miss a beat. In an instant, it was going for Jiratlan's throat. Jiratlan dropped from his feet and attempted to spring back, but his attacker was at least twice as agile and fast as he. It was upon him in an eye blink, clawing at his armored hide. Small gouges and scratches began to appear in Jiratlan's skin for the first time in eons. In a feat of desperation, Jiratlan flipped himself over the beasts back, and began pummeling it from behind. The crimson armor cracked and splintered beneath the assault. The beast felt none of it. It whirled and clasped Jiratlan in a bear hug, squeezing for all it was worth. The alien beast was not only faster, but stronger as well. So when in doubt, cheat. The demon concentrated for a moment, and a hundred thousand needles burst from his skin, ready to impale his attacker. They grated against the monster's armor, but they lacked the Disintegrative properties of his claws, and could not even hope to pierce it. They did however, help throw off the iron tight grasp. As Jiratlan slid out of the hold to the floor, he felt the needles shatter as the best squeezed again. They spilled to the floor, making the sound of raindrops lightly striking a pond." - Ter Ruinosus, pt. III