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Played By: grad

Incognito by grad

TEAM: Freelance Villain


KIT CLASS: Inventor

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 1
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 4
Soloeil - Win 8-7
Sleepwalk - Loss 6-9
The Fiend Doctor - Loss 6-7
Solaris - Win 8-4
Omen - Win 9-7
Sidewinder - Win 8-6
Punishment - Win 10-5
Farlong - Win 8-6
Armageddon Arms Dealer - Win 7-6
The War Storm - Win 11-8
Lincoln Matthews - Loss 8-11
Wicked Riser - Loss 5-8

"I would've won..." a soft voice spoke.

"The planets, the stars, the heavens, the universe... it could all have been mine; all the powers that once existed, is existing, and will exist, far greater than any universal god could ever possess, at the palm of my hands... but no, I was defeated."

"'Why?' still that question remains inside of me, and will probably remain inside of me until forever."

"How long has it been already?" the being asked himself the question that after all those times, he had never gained answer about. He had lost nearly everything, and even the power that was left inside of him remained not even a fraction of what once had existed. He gazed into the emptiness of the place and a subtle memory returned in his head.


[Trillions of universal years ago (each universal year is from the beginning of a universe until it dies.)]


"Incognito!" called out a strong voice that seemed to echo through the whole room. The room itself was huge and a vast amount of power surrounded it. It was the greatest meeting of powers that that universe had ever had. Everyone was there; rows and rows of gods that had powers incomparable to the gods that is known today; each of them possessed powers that could create universes in a single blink, and then end them in another. They were seated in what seemed to be an endless row and formed a circle around the whole room. At the north lay the god that spoke those previous words. He was the head of the council and at each of his sides were six of the remaining members of the council heads.

At the middle of the room was a being tied with chains on his hands, feet, and neck. Those chains were no ordinary chains. They were forged by the council heads themselves through their own power and cost the lives of 13 of the head's original members. The rest was even lucky enough to have survived the creation of such chains. Those chains were made specifically for the man that they were tied to, and only for the man that they were tied to.

"Incognito!" repeated the god. There was great anger on his voice with no sign of mercy. "You shall now be sent to your prison where you will stay for the rest of eternity. There you shall remain forever where your powers would be stripped from you slowly as time would pass by."

Silence. There was silence that covered the room. Not a single god spoke. It was then interrupted by what seemed to be a chuckle from the chained god.

"Fools!" he cried out. "You think you could keep me lock in an infinite abyss forever?" there was great mockery in his voice that caused the god in front to throw in disgust. "You'll see! I'll escape! And when that time comes, I would finish what I have started!" He burst out of laughter and for the last time in what would hopefully be a long time, fear crept into the hearts of the gods that were in that room.

"You are the fool, Incognito!" cried the council head.

A flash of light appeared followed by darkness that covered the floor of the middle of the room where the criminal laid. Then, slowly, the man sank down into the darkness, slowly disappearing, but his laughter remaining. His laughter stayed until his head finally sank and what was left was an echo of the fear that even the gods received. The floor was then sealed by the combined powers of those gods and forever, the only being that gave them fear, was sealed... or so they thought.


[At the eternal abyss (Present Time)]


The man floated into emptiness. His hands, feet and neck were tied into a chain that was connected to a magical square that surrounded him. Everything was magical, he thought. He stared at the emptiness. Now, he had lost most of his powers and only the tiniest bit remained. There was a bit of amusement that shifted inside of him as he once again thought of his chains and how originally, the reason that his powers had been taken this slow paced was that not even the sacrifices of 13 of the most powerful gods were enough to fully decapitate him.

But it was then pulled back into dismay. Now, time had caught up with him. The chains now managed to take nearly all of his powers. He had lost all. His eyes continued to stare at the emptiness. Now that he thought of it, it seemed monotonous with how long he had stayed there and would eventually stay. His plans for revenge were now loosing hope and what was growing was a release of how he would wish this all would just end.

"I wonder when forever would end..."

Suddenly, he saw a spark. It was small, a very small spark, yet it existed. Never had he seen such spark in his entire stay that it dazzled him with great joy. Only from "outside" could something like that happen!

"Finally!" he cried out, although it was only him that could hear.

It was an opening, a single opening. It was only the size smaller than an atom, yet it was enough. Using the rest of what powers that remained inside of him, he opened it. He stopped the closing of the portal and squeezed his way through it. Then, it let loose and he was free!


Personality: The scientist of the laboratory scrambled as their equipment had exploded. It was a dimensional portal, and with the funding of the Khazan government, they were able to make it into reality. No later was it destroyed the moment it was opened. But it did proved that it worked for something came out from it... unfortunately.

It stood at the middle of the shattered equipment. Its form slowly gained view as the smoke from the explosion cleared. It was in a form of a man. There was silence among every scientist that was there. Then, what silence it was, was broken.

A burst of laughter came out from the man in amusement. It ranged and echoed thought the whole laboratory. The scientists that were there could only look in surprise.

"Excuse me..." one scientist interrupted the man with a shaky voice and with fear that enveloped him.

Deep dark eyes turned to look at the brave fellow. His stare seemed to pierce through what soul this man possessed. Then, the rest of his body followed and walked towards the man.

"Uhm... sir..." the fellow destested still with great fear. But there was nothing else that he can do for what they have unleashed was far greater than anyone had ever expected.

There was a loud boom followed by the bursting open of the laboratory door. Came out was the man that they called Incognito. Behind him where day bodies of the persons that had so foolishly managed to free him from his eternal cell.

Startled, the alarm was pushed for what they had feared had come to reality.

Something unfortunate did happen, though, when Incognito escaped leaving his chains behind and opening the sealed room, his powers were further reduced. Now, he was rendered no greater than a mere immortal. But still, those guys that freed him were not even able to give him a scratch. So from there on, he decided that he would once again regain his powers and destroy all that oppose him. With the bit of power that had remained in him, he would get back what he has lost for a long... long time.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Standard Normal human agility.


Weak BELOW normal human endurance.
Goes down easy and stays there.


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

Physical Assimilation

Incognito walked out from the shattered laboratory. The alarms had been switched, and from there he could hear footsteps of the incoming army that would soon try to stop him... try, they could only do.

He stopped on his footsteps as a group, about 10 men, stood in front of him. Armed and ready, they raised their weapons to aim at him. They were guns of sorts and their formation was completely in tactical form. The captain spoke in a voice steady as a tree.

"Freeze intruder! If you value your life, stop now and come with us freely!"

Incognito did not answer nor did he move. He just stood there and stared at the opposition. There was silence in the room as the guards waited for Incognito to do something and hoped deep in their hearts that he would give up.

The captain gave the a sign to the man at his side and the man moved forward, slowly together with two other companions towards Incognito. Slowly they walked and a bit shaky for fear had already caught their hearts. Incognito just stood there in silence and waited for them. Then, in breaking the silence, he burst out of laughter. A loud laughter that once again echoed through the corridors of this high-tech laboratory.

Surprise and fear wasn't always a good combination. It was because of this that the man triggered his gun and fired at the laughing person. There was a boom and then silence. Incognito looked at the wound at his right shoulder but did not flinch. He smiled to the man then said...

"Bring it on."

There was another fire, then another, then another. But no matter how hard they tried, the man did not die. He just remained standing there, absorbing the kinetic attacks of the bullets and feeding them to his body to make him stronger.


[Linked with Kinetic Absorption]

The soldiers fired and fired. As as what it would seem, the more they injured the man, the faster he regenerated. His wounds quickly healed back and the bullets were gone. Even those that hit his head was healed immediately. They continued until they finally ran out of bullets. Still, Incognito did not flinch and by this time, his body seemed unharmed and all had been back.

A huge man named Trunk came from the back. He was huge, far bigger than Incognito was. From the looks, he looked like a pro-wrestler. His arms were huge as tree trunks and his body broad as one. His muscled were also hard as rock and he carried a huge sword.

After the seize-fire, he pushed the failed men aside and ran towards the intruder. With a single diagonal swing, he slammed his sword down. It slashed through from Incognito's left arm down and stopped at the middle of his stomach. There was no blood, only giggles from the man.

Incognito raised his right hand and fired a blast of energy towards his opponent. Trunk was pushed back and hit the men that were behind him. The sword was also thrown and not a second later did the damage disappear.

Far from what they know, their attacks had fueled Incognito's natural regeneration ability making him stronger the more they strike.

"Fools..." he finally commented.

Power Assimilation

"Here!" cried out a man from behind.

"Now, you'll pay for what you did intruder!" called out the captain. From behind him came out more men now with weird looking guns. Energy beams, they were called. Made specifically to concentrate energy and fire it towards an enemy directly destroying him/her/it.

A smile came out from Incgonito.

The men with the energy beams made took a strategic position and readied their weapons.

"Now, die!"

First was a single fire, followed by another, then another, then another, then all of them fired. Their energy beams hit the man but as it seemed, the regeneration in his body was at ultimate already making their attacks futile. All that he did was laugh, laugh, and laugh. His laughter's echo shrieked everyone with fear.

"Fools!" he shouted.

Damnation of the Fallen God

  • Power: Eldrich Blast
  • Level:Superior
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
[Linked with Energy Absorption]

Stronger and stronger he grew while the fools of men fed his body with more energy. Not sooner did his powers enhanced to the top most level.

"Fools!" he once again cried out. These humans were indeed fools for they do not know what they are doing. They fired and fired. The walls, the floor, the ceiling at his sides started to waken and get destroyed being hit by the powerful energy beams. But Incognito seemed unharmed by their futile attempts. The men stopped as their most powerful weapons were useless by the being's power. They were rendered shaken and afraid now.

"Heh, that's all you've got?" asked the man as the soldiers were silent in fear. "Well, I guess it's my turn now..."

He raised his right hand up and smiled.

"Now, you die!"

A huge release of energy destroyed the whole laboratory. Not one was left except for the being they called Incognito. The man walked towards the horizon into Khazan city. There, more powers would lie and he would absorb them all...

He would grow stronger and he would once again attain back his godly powers, even stronger. He would once again rule over everything and finish what he had started trillions of universal years ago.

Sight of God

It was then that I once again opened my eyes. No, these eyes were different from those that I previously used. These were the eyes of a God.

The carnage to Khazan grew ever so bloodied for every opponent that stood on his way. Not one of those that had tried was able to stop him. Yet, he still craved for more. There was that force inside him that pushed him to linger on. He hadn't had enough. What was taken from him was still far from what he got. It was then that it opened up.

Like the sky, from a storm, opening for a new day, or the earth, cracking for flames to burst out, it opened. And so, he began to see again. There was a loud roar that exhaled through his mouth. A smiled appeared on his face as he turned to his back and saw the shaking soldier that was just about to stab him.

He didn't let out a single word, only a smile, followed by a huge explosion and a body being obliterated into oblivion.

Mental Protection

"He's coming sir." cried out the soldier who was just on the radio.

"Well then, let us start." the captain turned to face the telepath that they had just hired to stop the man. "Can you do it now?"

The telepath nodded and fixed himself to concentrate on the approaching enemy. Everybody else turned to him as if he was their last hope.

"Stop." he called out to him with his mind.

No response.

"Stop it!" he made his voice louder.

Still no response.

"Why are you doing this?" the telepath grew more persistent.


"Stop!" He concentrated even further with his mind just to call him, but he didn't seem to answer.

Not a single word back.

"Why?" He asked in full power.

"To gain back what was once mine..." Incognito finally spoke, and ended the chat.

The telepath opened his eyes in cold sweat, panting and tired. Not a single word came out form his mouth when he saw the total carnage that formed the room. Everybody was dead, slaughtered, and there in front of him, Incognito stood.

The last that was heard from the room was a loud blast and a god walking unharmed out from it.