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Sentinel Core
Played By: Gigs

Sentinel Core by Gigs

TEAM: Solo Hero

SECTOR: Lowtown

KIT CLASS: Cyberware

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 4
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 4
Parallax Wave - Win 0-0
George the Handyman - Win 0-0
Hitokiri Shinigami - Loss 0-0
Nobody's Fault - Win 0-0
OmegaDark - Win 0-0
Death-In-A-Box - Win 0-0
StumpBot - Loss 0-0
Sophia DiMedicci - Loss 0-0
Devyn Soyokaze - Loss 0-0

"When freedom is denied, life itself is denied" these words drive the Bot known as Sentinel Core. A leader, a warrior, a scientist, but above all, a protector and preserver of life, he didn't always realize what his true purpose was. In his early days, he was known simply as Sentinel and was just another cargo carrier, but then the War peaked and he was refitted into an evacuation unit. It was then that he found his calling, the sense of satisfaction as he carried others to safety from the war-torn areas to the shelters... putting others before himself...it was the most fulfilling feeling of euphoria he had ever felt. It was on one of his evacuation runs that Sentinel would encounter Mega, someone who would quickly grow to be his closest and most trusted companion. While checking out a bombarded area for survivors, Sentinel came across Mega, cornered and outnumbered by a group of Cons. Quickly lending his hand into the fray, Sentinel and Mega were able to drive the Cons off. Since then, the two have formed a bond forged through placing their lives in the other's hands in battle after battle. Then came the betrayal, Mega approached Sentinel and asked him to join in on a secret run to infiltrate Con headquarters and retrieve information on something known as Union. Readily agreeing, the duo set out along with a few other Bots to the Con base. They bypassed Con security and eventually reached the inner sanctum where a device dubbed the Union Reactor was located. When Sentinel went in to collect the information... he knew. Through his interface with the reactor, he knew. He knew what Union was, and what it meant. That was when he blacked out. When he awoke, he found electro-bonds holding him immobilized and several of the other Bots who came along on the mission lying deactivated on the ground, Cons and the remaining Bots standing over their inoperative shells with blasters smoking. And then, he saw Mega. Sitting atop a throne with a smug grin, as the Con commander Leader lay melting and smoking by his feet. The next few events would be remembered as a blur for Sentinel, the static from the electro-bonds had corrupted that part of his memory. But he remembered Mega declaring, no... GLOATING that he would initiate Union and bring the Bots and Cons together with he as emperor. He remembered pleading with Mega to stop, pleading that Union never be unleashed. The last thing he remembered though, were the words. The others had already left by this point and a timer had been set on the Union Reactor. Then came the words. Mega's words. "Till all are one Sentinel, till all are one". The rest came clearly, Sentinel had broken out of his bonds and struck at Mega, knocking his 'friend' against the Union Reactor and causing a massive up-surge of energy, imploding the reactor. The last thing Sentinel's databanks showed from that life was Mega leveling an arm at him and a bright red flash before shutting down. Then, there came the rebirth. Sentinel is Sentinel no more, but now Sentinel Core. Prompted by the emergence of the new Con leader, OmegaDark, amnesty was given to the Con known as Skyshroud in exchange for a way to combat this threat. The solution was to create a counterpart to OmegaDark, and thus, Sentinel had been totally rebuilt and is now set to carry out the duties he had performed so many years ago. So rev up and... TRANSFORM!




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Weak BELOW normal human agility.
Slow and uncoordinated.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Standard Normal human mental resources.


The Bots and Cons are machines, yes. However, they are also living and sentient, deserving of all the rights to carbon based life forms just as carbon based life deserve the rights enjoyed by mechanical life. Organic and inorganic, two sides of the same coin.

Plasma Cannon

  • Power: Electricity
  • Level:Supreme
  • Double Damage Causes Double the damage to Inventor class characters.
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
Sentinel Core's gun, it can be brought to the fore in both his robot and vehicle forms. It can pulverize a solid steel block tens of feet thick over several miles away and has gone through many a Con over the years. But like his other abilities, Sentinel Core has learned to use his weapon with innovation when required, from ricocheting blasts to ionizing liquids, he has applied it in ways that best fit the situation in addition to simply blasting away at those who threaten the lives of others. In APC mode, the plasma cannon is mounted on the top of the roof and can be fired from there. The plasma energy released from the cannon also has the added effect of shorting out technology, causing massive energy spikes and overloading them completely.


Communicate with Cybernetics

The main reason why Mega approached Sentinel to join in the secret strike that led to the betrayal, when Sentinel was refitted into an evacuation vehicle, he was also installed with a 'Catalyst Chip'. It allowed him to gain excess to areas sealed off due to attacks as well as interface with systems in general. This ability to interface with technology made him crucial to bypassing security on the Union Reactor run. It was also this ability that revealed to him the horror that is Union and allowed him to escape by actually interfacing with his bonds. Since being reactivated, Sentinel Core has learned the technology for the chip has been long lost and that he is one of the few, if not only, to still enjoy its benefits. Core now uses this ability to protect those around him by retrieving information on the surrounding areas and controlling the flow of technology to better lead others to safety. He also uses it to improve his efficiency in battle and has been known to interface with his own gun so as to regulate its energy output for maximum potency.

Resistance: Cyberware

Sentinel Core's ability to interface with technology also gives him the ability to shut them down. He has used this gift to end much bloodletting before they can begin by shutting down entire armies. In fact, it was this gift that made him even more vital to the mission for the Union Reactor. Not only did it allow him to shut down security, but enemy Cons as well, making it possible for the team to avoid hostile confrontation while in the facility.


With a thought, Sentinel Core is able to transform from his robot form to his armored personnel carrier mode by shifting his body in a complex set of movements. This has several applications, including the ability to hide his plasma cannon within his body till it is needed. The ability to transform is one inherently designed into all Bots and Cons and was developed in the early stages of the War in order to give each individual an edge in performing their functions. (http://members.fortunecity.com/gigadork/trnsfrm1.wav)

APC Mode

  • Power: Vehicle
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Cyberware
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
Since reborned, Core has been refitted once again from an evacuation vehicle to an armored personnel carrier (APC). While his robot form is huge, standing almost 40 feet tall, his APC mode is even larger, capable of carrying scores of Bot refugees or battalions of equally large warriors. Core can shift from one form to the other in mere moments and though he is more of a warrior rather than a medic nowadays, his alternate form still offers many benefits. For one, while there is not much difference to the amount of personal protection offered in this form than what his hard metallic frame already offers in his robot shape, his APC mode is surprisingly fast, capable of reaching near sonic speeds. He has used this in conjunction with his hard exterior to run over and shatter Cons and their barricades alike. With the new energy efficient components installed within him since his deactivation and subsequent reactivation, Core now enjoys a near limitless travel range in this form as well.

Sharpshooting Sensors

  • Power: Marksman
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Cyberware
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
Core is a sharpshooter; he can nail a cyber-fly from over a hundred astro-paces. He's equipped with sensors that allow him to target those around him with pinpoint accuracy, no small feat when you stand as tall as a building. His optics can let him see and target from miles away, if only because his height gives him a pretty good viewpoint. Bottom line, you need to be a good shot when you've been on the front lines for as long as he has, and there would be plenty of Cons who can attest to Core's marks-botship... were they still functional.

Guardian Core

  • Power: Vehicle
  • Level:Supreme
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
The final measure against Union, should Sentinel Core fall before he is able to prevent that catastrophe; drastic action would need to be taken. A new Bot, one who is specifically designed with the ability to destroy the Union Reactor and subsequently, end the life of every Bot and Con in existence, would have to assume the helm left by Sentinel. To that end, Sentinel has been charged with overseeing the construction of this Bot due to his personal experience with Union, the Bot to be known as Planet Core. In the midst of completion however, Sentinel was called away to deal with a new group of Cons known as the Defcons. Partnered with the female Nightshade, they tracked the Defcons to an evacuated oilrig in the desert. There, Sentinel was duly betrayed by Nightshade who revealed herself to be the leader of the Defcons, with that said, she merged with the other five Defcons to form the gestalt known as the Obliterator. With the Obliterator's massive capabilities, Sentinel was soon shattered and left for dead. His body was too far gone by the time he was retrieved, the wounds were fatal, and so he lay unmoving... no more. Or so it was thought, without Sentinel's in depth knowledge of Union, Planet Core would never be complete. Sentinel HAD to be saved, but the problem lay in preserving Sentinel's essence while his body was repaired. A desperate body transplant procedure took place, wherein Sentinel's mind was transferred to the still unfinished Planet Core's cranial unit. When it was time at last for Sentinel to return to his own body, a link seemed to have been established between Sentinel and Planet, allowing Sentinel to guide the new Bot. This paved the way for a new convention which immediately began to make haste... In the return meeting between Sentinel and the Defcons, Planet had already been completed and was able to lend a hand in the battle. With his help, they were able to easily defeat the Defcons. When Nightshade finally gave the order to form the Obliterator, the giant was in for a shock when Sentinel and Planet combined to become Guardian Core. With his two component forms so intimately linked, Guardian Core was not only greater than the sum of his parts, but was able to react faster and more deliberately than the other gestalt, as if he were one being to begin with. The Obliterator was utterly trashed in that encounter, its five Defcon "sections" destroyed and the severely damaged Nightshade forced to return to Con Headquarters in defeat. Planet is able to take the form of an ancient hovering Bot vehicle, granting him mobility almost equal to Sentinel's own alternate form. Planet is also able to use a variation of Sentinel's Plasma Energy attack, and seems to share more than a few other passing similarities with Sentinel in terms of abilities, possessing even Sentinel's affinity with technology and machinery, despite not actually having those properties built in. (www.angelfire.com/goth/group/TFTM.mid)

HeadMaster and ShootMaster

His near-death at the hands of the Obliterator was very real, if it wasn't for the fact that Planet's body was used as a back-up to hold his essence, Sentinel would surely not have survived. So to safeguard himself from this happening again in future, Sentinel downloaded part of himself into his body and Plasma Cannon, allowing him to share his processes between his head, body and weapon. This meant that he can still continue to function even if he suffered major structural damage to his body or even the lost of his head. With processing space freed up within him, new technology was installed to fully optimize Sentinel's efficiency. As a result, his speed and reflexes have been significantly increased, he is able to move faster, react more quickly and even shoot more bursts in a given amount of time. The process was so successful, it was ported over to Planet and even carried over to when they form Guardian together.