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Played By: Chakos

UNIT by Chakos

TEAM: Solo Hero

SECTOR: Lowtown

KIT CLASS: Arcane Lore

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Brutal - 2 fatalaties!

HexxJo's Cool Character Award!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 3
Holly Mist - Win 0-0
Sir Acron - Win 0-0
The Terracotta Titan - Win 0-0
Turkeyzilla - Win 0-0
Johnny Durant - Win 0-0
Controlled - Win 0-0
Failure - Loss 0-0
Dragonstar - Win 0-0
Gabriel Daemonchild - Win 0-0
Xerathis: Halo for Hire - Loss 0-0
Viscount Von Vammeich - Loss 0-0

"An A.R.M.U.R. unit, lying on the ground within a normally nondescript, now ruined, square in an old part of Khazan...It is no more special than all the other ruined machinery around it; not to KOMBG, its manufacturer, or to The Shallow Guild of Bleak Sunrise, its executioner. You see, it has just been assaulted by Skual, a Brother of the Shallow Guild. What exactly it was attacked with, no one will ever really know, for Skual acted in desperation, but what it will become stuck with and what it will in turn become is soon to be of Shallow Guild Interest. And once an entity is of Shallow Guild Interest, there is no turning back."--- ...............*click*........... *click*....... *bzzzzt*..... *bing**** Automatic Damage Control and Internal Diagnostic Limited Intelligence System online*** Begin A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. emergency routine:*** *click*......*click*........ *clack* Cockpit Integrity: Breached*** Pilot EKG: Minimal*** A.R.M.U.R. Hull Integrity: Moderate*** U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System: Operational*** S.C.L.A.T. System: Offline*** Enemy-Location-Defense Unit: Offline*** S.R.H.L servos: Operational.*** Diagnosis: Severe Damage to Unit.*** Mission Action?*** Abort/Retry/Fail?*** Abort.*** Withdrawing Unit.........ALERT!!*** Concussive Aft Strike*** A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. Not Cleared For Combat Actions*** Contacting Pilot*** Failed*** Diagnosis Amended: Pilot EKG: Flatline*** Mission Action?*** Abort/Retry/Fail?*** Fail.*** Total A.R.M.U.R. Shutdown Commencing...*click*.... *click*.... ALERT!*** Invasive Foreign Programming And Hardware*** Unable To Proceed With A.R.M.U.R. Shutdown...^?^ *** ALERT!*** Foreign Programming And Hardware Interfacing With A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. Communications Port.*** ^You?^*** Invalid Query; Requesting Information*** \Identify Communicator/*** ^Lthj^*** Invalid Identification Sequence.*** Identifying Unit*** \A.R.M.U.R. Unit Ax-241D. A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. System Currently Online/*** ^Unit? System? Online?^*** Repeating Previous Message In Response To Query*** ^Ah. A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. is you. Now, Lthj, A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. is one. Lthj is maker. A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. is host. Joined^*** ALERT!*** Extreme Invasive Foreign Hardware*** A.R.M.U.R. Hull: Infested.*** U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System: Infested.*** S.R.H.L servos: Infested.*** Diagnosis: Complete Foreign Hardware Infestation.*** A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. Not Programmed For Present Contingency*** A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. Shutting Down...*click*...*click*...ALERT! Shutdown Failed.***^Need host for reproduction.^*** \A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S. Not Programmed For Present Contingency/*** ^Learn^*** ALERT!*** Massive Software Infestation***Memory Banks Of Other Systems Formatted*** Memory Dedicated to A.D.C.I.D.L.I.S.*** Information Downloading Commencing........ *bing**** Information Upload Requested*** Authorized. ---


Personality: --- Query; Mission?*** ^Reproduction.^ ---




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Weak BELOW normal human endurance.
Goes down easy and stays there.


Standard Normal human mental resources.

U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System

  • Power: Toxic Touch
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Arcane Lore
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
  • Armor Piercing This attack ignores normal defenses which are not Reinforced.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
--- ^Trouble^***Unit must escape present battle situation for...*click*... *click*... survival./***Receiving Optical Data From Lthj Program***Attempting Access of U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System*** Access Successful*** Utilizing U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System***^Two more there.^*** Receiving Optical Data From Lthj Program*** Utilizing U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System*** ALERT!*** Ammunition Shortage Calculated.*** Unable To Request Ammunition Teleport; System Not Recognized*** Querying Lthj Program For Solution***^Try this^*** U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System Infestation Exacerbated*** Biological Gland Detected: Access?*** Granted*** Producing Ammunition*** Utilizing U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System ---

Infested A.R.M.U.R.

  • Power: Energy Body
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Arcane Lore
--- Heavy Assault*** A.R.M.U.R. Hull Integrity: Moderate*** ALERT!*** Hull Integrity Threatened*** Requesting Assistance From Lthj Program*** \Previous Damage Remains. Continual Damage Will Result In Destruction/*** ^Reinforcements^*** Chitinous/Glandular Growth Detected*** A.R.M.U.R. Hull Integrity Improving*** Diagnosing*** A.R.M.U.R. Hull Integrity: Normal***Secondary Attack Application Detected; Toxic Secretions Available.................... Thanking Lthj Program ---


S.R.H.L Upgrade

--- S.R.H.L Infestation Exacerbation Detected*** Querying Lthj Program*** ^Cannot fix if broken, so making different^*** Diagnosing Lthj Upgrades*** ^Climb^*** Query*** ^Climb! Up?^*** Utilizing*** Vertical Tactile Locomotion Achieved*** Processing Probabilities For Future Utilization ---

One of Two

--- Receiving Audio Data From Lthj Program*** "My, my, what have we here?" "I'm not really sure, but I bet Skual would like to get her hands on it. Looks like a KOMBG A.R.M.U.R. unit with some sort of... parasite.*** ^Parasite!? Symbiote!!^*** "The weird thing though, is that I can't really get inside 'their' head. I tried to just command it to come back with me to the Guild House. But, somehow, they're both sentient and commanding them simultaneously is far beyond me. The parasite is of a higher order; after all, it's managed to merge with technology. However, the computing intelligence must have gained some sort of sentience too. That's why I Called for some help."*** Query: Prepare U.S.F.A.P.R.F.R.C. GUNN System?***^No. Wait^*** "Have you tried asking it to come with you?" "Asking?" "Yes. You may have noticed the large, somewhat frightening, gatling guns dripping with biological fluids attached to the front of it. Good thing you Called, or you probably wouldn't have lived long enough to learn how to command something like this. Watch and Listen."*** Receiving Query... ---

Infested E.L.D.U.

--- ^Repairs Understood^*** Internal Diagnostic Initalized: Enemy-Location-Defense Unit: Online*** Query*** Unable to recieve tactical imagery from E.L.D.U.; Routine reports to Lthj program/*** ^I watch. Warn. You survive. Survival neccessary for reproduction^---