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Selene Frostfire
Played By: Lawman

Selene Frostfire by Lawman

TEAM: Solo Hero


KIT CLASS: Empathy

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 3
Miss Mary Sue - Win 12-7
Pulmonary Archery - Loss 8-9
Silent as the Grave - Win 11-8
The Playground King - Win 14-5
Nathen DiCapelli - Loss 11-12
Stillwater Flood - Win 15-10
Itanius - Win 11-8
Carnivale - Win 12-9
Constantine - Win 9-8
Discriminals:A Love Story - Win 11-5
Fiona - Loss 8-10

[Tevar Escort Agency, caravan train enroute to Ashendale from Almagardo Prime] "God, I hate the mountain trails," I told myself as the carriage rocked and lurched. For the third time during the trip, my lunch nearly escaped my stomach. "Aye, Who'd have thought it'd happen? If I knew the part of the Great Almagardo Highway leading to Ashendale was going to be closed off due to the rockface collapse three days ago, I'd have sooner embarked on this journey on foot," added my dwarven friend, Carl Bregan. "By Runehammer, I pray all this shaking doesn't smash mah bottle of ale... hell!" The caravan probably hit a rut, as the entire vehicle nearly reared up like a bucking bronco, throwing the passengers off-balance and scattering luggage. Bregan's bottle flew from his grip and hit me squarely on the head, and at least it didn't smash open. "Thanks pal," the dwarf took back his bottle of ale while giving me a pat on the head. "Don't mention it..." I replied unsteadily, the impact to the head made me feel more like puking. "Your human friend there, is she okay?" Bregan pointed to a young human female sitting in a corner, who appeared to be the only one undisturbed by the bumpy ride. She looked young, probably not even twenty-one yet, but her eyes seemed to sparkle with a wisdom that betrayed her age. Didn't look like much of a fighter at a first glance, dressed in a simple tunic and slacks and lacking any obvious forms of armour - though the elaborately-crafted longsword clutched in her hands - delicate-looking, but maintaining a strong grip, along with the fire that seemed to emnate from her soul would tell the discerning mercenary or royal guardsman that she isn't someone to be trifled with. "Well, she's not really my friend - I don't even know her. But it was thanks to her that I managed to get out of trouble with those drunken thugs at the Tevar Guildhouse unharmed. It's a small world - the both of us happened to be heading for the same place, that's why she's here." Bregan nodded. "But why would she want to help you?" I shrugged as I replied, "Well, maybe because she thought it was the right thing to do? We live in a time of great treachery, but it is in such dark times that many heroes are born... and she's definitely one such hero." I inched my way towards her and sat down, trying not to sit TOO close. "Y'know miss, about your help earlier today - I can't thank you enough." She simply looked at me straight in the eye and replied curtly, "You're welcome." I swallowed hard, unsure whether to try to engage in conversation or just go on minding my own business. I chose the former - perhaps by engaging in a conversation it can keep my mind focused on something else other than the feeling of motion sickness. "I didn't get your name, miss - I'd at least like to know the name of my benefactor." As expected, her reply was short and sweet. "Selene Frostfire." Of course, it was only right for me to introduce myself as well, but before a word could leave my mouth, she continued, "and you must be the half-elven scholar, Gelriar Messias." I could only ask her, "How did you know?" For once, a smile dawned on her face as she reached into her backpack and retrieved a book. I instantly recognized it as a copy of my books entailing my studies on the Ancients, their way of life and lost technology. "You dropped it, I was intending to return the book to you, but you boarded the caravan so quickly..." It was when I asked her, "Since you realized we were passengers on the same caravan, so why didn't you return it?" And back came her reply, "I was reading it - so, is it considered sold then?" I shook my head empathetically. "You can keep the book - you've earned it. As far as I'm concerned, my mission is to make sure every institution of higher learning in Almagardo has a copy of my latest book. But, I would like to know how you found this book." Selene flipped through the pages of the book once more before she gave her comment, "It's good - possibly one of the most detailed studies I've read about the Ancients' history. Not many people can tell apart the historical facts from the myths about the Ancients, and I see your books did just that." I was impressed by her knowledge - there was obviously so much more to her than meets the eye. Our conversation was cut short as the caravan came to a halt. "Something's wrong here, obviously," my friend Bregan - who had been quiet throughout, finally butted in. Hearing quite a commotion outside by the caravan guards, we decided to investigate. The narrow mountain trail was blocked by some burnt-out wagons, arranged together as if deliberately to form some sort of barricade. "By the Gods..." the caravan master gasped. "Aren't these the remains of an Orionis Logistics Inc. convoy? The company's crest on one of these is undeniable." Selene narrowed her eyes as she looked at the wreckage, and then scanned the surrounding ridge. "Looks like the blockage of the highway was no 'accident'... It's a deliberate act it's to force supply convoys to take the mountain passes, which are less well-patrolled than the highways. At any rate, we don't have to wait too long for the culprits to show up..." That being said, with one swift fluid motion, she drew forth her sword, its blade shimmering under the moonlight. The blasting of a war horn signaled the arrival of an orc raiding party, complete with their goblin and troll allies, who came charging down from the surrounding ridge. "Well, time to kick meself some orc butts," Bregan mused as he unhooked his battle axe from its carrying harness. Pandemonium ensues as a battle raged between the orc raiders and caravan defenders. Thanks to Bregan and Selene, we were fending them off pretty well. With two quick strikes from my daggers, I felled an orc warrior, and another. Selene, for the most part, almost seemed to be playing around with them, felling even trolls with dazzling effortlessness. So mesmerized was I by the way she fought that I failed to notice a troll looming from behind. From the corner of my eye I saw its hand swinging towards me, and instinctively made a dive for the ground a split-second too late, and I took a glancing blow to the shoulder. The impact threw me off my feet and my back slammed heavily against one of the caravans; but it could've been much worse if I took a direct hit. Reeling from the blow, a raised my head to get a glimpse of my attacker - standing over me was possibly one of the largest trolls I've ever seen. With a menacing growl, it raised another hand this one clutching a makeshift stone club. I closed my eyes as I felt the rush of air as its club made as the troll aimed a downward strike for my head, and braced myself for the imminent end. But the blow never found its mark. Opening my eyes, I saw that Selene Frostfire standing before me, with her sword parrying the troll's club. Leaping backwards to avoid another sweeping blow from the monstrosity, she spring-boarded herself off a caravan, and dealt the troll a mighty blow to the head, killing it instantly or as long as it takes for a creature of such low intelligence to realize it was dead, as it stumbled backwards, flailing wildly at the air in a desperate attempt to cling to its life, before it hit the loose shale with a resounding crash, Death having finally claimed the creature. It was at this point their leader felt that they had bitten off more than they can chew, as he ordered a retreat of the remaining orcs, who promptly scurried up the ridge and disappeared into the night. "Looks like they found the wrong convoy to mess with," the caravan master said as he assessed the situation. Several of the guards were wounded, one rather badly, but it wasn't something a few clerics who happened to be traveling with them couldn't fix. "At least it'll be quite a while before they can regroup and make another raid like this." Selene Frostfire offered me an outstretched hand. "Thanks," I tried to hide the pain of my aching shoulder, trying to smile but instead showing a grimace. "How'd learn to fight like that anyway?" I asked. "Even the legendary Drey Lightseeker of the Knights of Virtue would've been impressed." Pulling me to my feet by my good arm, she replied, "The same thing that drives you... I too, would consider myself a perpetual student. But while books and literature are the subject of your studies..." she paused briefly, flashing me a smile. "...I major in swords and spells."


Personality: As the caravan continued to roll, we continued our conversation. Thanks to the healing spells from a helpful cleric, my shoulder was no longer aching, but only somewhat numb. "I am not one to go around boasting of my background - because I'd rather not be associated with my family background if I could help it." she looked at me straight in the eyes to make sure I was paying attention. "I am the youngest child of the general, Stravas Frostfire." My jaw went slack as I heard her mention the name - could she really be that general's daughter? "...and also the only daughter. My pursuit for self-perfection started out as a child's dream - my father groomed my brothers in hopes that they would one day become great military leaders, so much so that he never had any time for me. I was only six or so, and at that point in time, all I wanted was a father's affection - something he never gave me." Pausing to take a deep breath, she continued, "and so this idea came into my mind - perhaps, if I were to do what my brothers do, then perhaps my father would take notice of me." That was something new - from her, I had learned about another side of the famous general, one that few knew, and from his own child, no less. "Inititally, he didn't approve of me taking up a sword or casting spells... come to think of it now, he probably thought of me as the type whom he'd sooner marry off into some rich and powerful family the moment I came of age." I was tempted to tell her, "Come to think of ir, you do have this daddy's girl look to you..." and gave in to the temptation I did. She punched me lightly on the arm in response; "Don't call me that, I don't take too nicely to it," she said, an eyebrow arched in slight annoyance. "But, I had my ways of studying - I picked up swordplay from my relatives in the army, and fought snakes and cave rats for practice. I sneaked spellbooks out of the family manor's library, and went to the forests to practice the art of spellcasting. But before I knew it, my innocent dream of impressing my father had matured into a quest for personal perfection, as I transcended one barrier after another." The caravan finally stopped shaking as we left the mountain trail and returned to the highway, having successfully detoured the blocked area. Glancing outside, I could see fields of undulating greenery - farmyards and orchards and pastures. "And that is why I don't wish to be associated with my family background... but, as one can expect, eventually my father found out my abilities, and try did he to induct me into the army. I resisted - I find the army too rigid for my liking; and all their doctrines about regiments and discipline - they turn you into drones. A good warrior doesn't really need this sort of thing to make him an effective fighter... due to conflicting philosophies, I eventually ran away from home." "So, what do you work as?" I asked. "A mercenary," she replied curtly. "It's definitely a better outlet for my abilities than the army." I rubbed my head, trying to find the correct words, "Pardon me, but you speak like a learned person." She just shrugged. "Well, academic knowledge is but an added incentive. I've associated myself throughout my time with many renowned men and women of learning, and most of them are only happy to impart their knowledge to me - just like you, their vision is to make sure everyone receives the gift of knowledge. But while most swordslingers have little patience for academic studies, I absorbed this knowledge, knowing that this is also part of a balanced learning process. It's just that while others gain knowledge by burying their heads in textbooks, I gain mine through swords and spells." The bells sounded as the caravan came to a stop in the Ashendale depot. "Well, looks like we part ways from here - I'll be heading for the Ashendale University to hold a seminar and promote my latest book. I'm glad to have met someone like you - you're a rare gem in this world." Selene Frostfire nodded. "Same here, and I have a bounty from the Hunters' Consortium to collect here. Good luck, and godspeed!" -- "And so on this day the scholar Gelriar Messias met the heroine Selene Frostfire, and although they only spent a day together, the friendship and understanding that was forged between them would last far longer, and as fate would have it, this would not be the last time the paths of these two great heroes in their own right would cross; thus ends the tale," the bard Morianna Bladesinger finished the story with a curtsy of swanlike grace before the caliph's courtiers, who marked their approval of the tale with a round of thunderous applause.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

Sword of Frostfire

[Barkley's Smithy, Greyfern Hamlet] "Gooood morning, miss," the town blacksmith a burly, red-haired dwarf dressed in a set of grimy overalls - smiled as Selene Frostfire entered his shop. "How may I be of service?" Selene looked up and down the racks, lined with all manner of blades, bludgeons, bows, and other weapons and armour. "Thanks sir, just looking around," she replied as she picked up a claymore, waving it about non-threateningly, course as she tried to gauge the weapon's sharpness and balance. "Well, feel free to look around, I hope you find something that catches your interest... but please don't take too long." the smith said to Selene before continuing to work on his forge. "These are some fine blades you sell," Selene put down the claymore and proceeded to try out a long sword, followed by a saber. "Of course!" the smith retorted. "You won't find a better smith in this town than ol' Barkley's!" The smith puffed out his hairy barrel-chest and drummed his fist on it twice to indicate his pride in his works. "But, I don't think you'll need any steel from me with something as fine as this," he added, with reference to the sword Selene carried at her belt. "May I take a look?" Selene nodded as she unsheathed her sword, and performed a few strokes before passing it to the smith, hilt-first. "Aye, such intricate craftsmanship done on the hilt," the dwarf remarked as he appraised the weapon. "Remarkable balance, too," as he hewed the weapon through the air a couple times the only thing about it is that it hardly is one of the keenest edges I've seen... no offense, of course - but for everything else, it's unlike anything I've ever seen." Selene nodded as she took back her sword. "None taken. I consider the weapon more ornamental than anything afterall, a sword is just a sword in the hands of the typical average man. The determining factor should be the skill of the wielder. My weapon and I are as one, and as such, I can bring out of it feats that can't be achieved solely on the quality of the materials and the forging techniques involved in its making." The smith smiled, stroking his bushy beard. "I think I see your point perhaps, I should start crafting weapons that will best suit the abilities of its wielder, rather than simply focusing on using better materials and forging techniques. Thanks, miss! You've just given me a wonderful idea!"

The Arcane Arsenal

  • Power: Spellcraft
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
[A cemetery on the outskirts of Davenshire] Several graves had already been exhumed by the time Selene Frostfire arrived, but there were no undead creatures yet, indicating that the necromancer she was hunting had yet to raise the dead. "Derek Vandyan, by the order of the Hunters' Consortium, I am here to claim the bounty placed on your head for charges of grave-robbing and practicing of forbidden magical arts! Dead or alive, you're coming with me!" Selene Frostfire showed the necromancer her bounty hunter's writ, signed by the guild master and affixed with a wax seal bearing the emblem of the Hunters' Consortium. A sickly smile creased his sallow face as he points his index finger and murmurs a few mystical incantations for the Sparkbolt spell. The tip of his finger glowed brightly, before an electrical spark leapt from it and hit the bounty hunter's writ, setting the parchment aflame within seconds, all that was left of it was fine ashes. "You've got a lot of guts, woman," Derek mused. "I figure that you'd make a wonderful leader of my undead army, don't you think?" Selene drew forth her sword and beckoned at her adversary, "Well, over my dead body! Get the pun?" Derek chuckled slyly as he sat down in a lotus position atop a pile of humanoid bones, chanting the verses from an ancient curse in the Dark Tongue. "Now, that's more like it!" Selene readied herself for battle as a dozen coffins rose out of the ground, pulled by an unseen force. The coffin lids few open as zombies in varying stages of decay rose from their dirt nap and began lurching towards Selene, who calmly intoned the phrases for a Flamesword spell. As she finishes the last syllable of the spell, a halo of flame engulfed the blade of her sword. Moaning and gurgling, the first two zombies shambled forward to attack, flailing and raking the air with their rotting hands as they advance. With two clean swipes, Selene decapitates one zombie while vivisecting the other at the waist with her now-enchanted blade, the flames cauterizing the undead flesh as their twitching severed bodies hit the ground. "Get her!" at the necromancer's command, the remaining ten staggered forward. Leaping backwards, Selene whispered the power words for a Flame Arrow spell, her hands mimicking the action of holding a bow and pulling back the bowstring as if to let fly an arrow upon completion of the spell, four arrow-shaped tongues of flame materialized in midair and streaked towards the nearest zombies three were reduced to lumps of charred flesh, but the one closest to her was merely set aflame, as it continued to force its burning form forward, the air filled with the smell of burning flesh. Ducking under a swipe, Selene stabbed her flaming sword into its gut and pulled upwards, splitting the undead creature from chops to shoulder before sending it backwards with a kick. As the remaining six zombies surrounded her, Selene decided to use a higher-level spell, intoning the words for a Luke's Thunder Sphere, her hands moving in a circular pattern as if fiddling with a ball. A spherical-shaped electric field, thirty feet in diameter, formed about Selene, reducing the remaining zombies within its area of effect into smoking cinders. "You're good, I give you that," Derek the necromancer hissed as he rose from his lotus position. "But that only means you've succeeded in pissing me off the kid gloves are off, woman!" Screeching out a phrase in the Dark Tongue, the heap of bones he was sitting on flew into the air, as skulls, ribcages, tibias, femurs and all the assorted bones began to assemble themselves into complete or near-complete skeletons. Reciting the phrase for a Fireball spell, Selene let loose a snarling globe of flame towards a point where the most skeletons are gathered. The fireball explodes, scattering the bones of Derek's skeletal minions. Though as the smoke cleared, the necromancer was mostly unscathed, thanks to a hastily-cast Barrier spell. "Nice try... but try catching this!" Derek retaliated by casting a Flame Arrow spell. Selene was quick to respond by casting a Frost Arrow spell arrows of ice crystal materialized and flew for Derek's Flame Arrows, leaving a trail of freezing vapors as they flew. The magical arrows met head on, the opposing elements neutralizing each other and leaving behind a cloud of steam. The necromancer's ire grew as every spell he threw was met by a counterspell. "I tire of this game..." he huffed, wiping sweat off his forehead with the sleeve of his robe. Throwing his hands upwards into the air, he began to murmur verses in the Dark Tongue, and at the same time Selene began to recite the verses for a Ray Javelin spell, pulling back one arm as if winding up to throw a javelin. Selene managed to conjure her spell first, as she mimicked the action of throwing, a spear of pure lightning forming in the air and arcing towards Derek, nailing the necromancer squarely in the chest. The impact of the spell hurled him some fifty feet backwards, smashing through a few tombstones as he flew. He finally slammed his back into the statue of a guardian angel, dropping to his knees his robes tattered and scorched and his face now a crimson mask. As Selene Frostfire approaches nonchalantly, Derek raised his hands not to cast another spell, but as a gesture of surrender, having been soundly beaten.

Frostfire Swordplay, I

[The Wahingrian Highlands] "Listen to me, Elandrial Dreamwalker!" Selene shouted. "You have to relinquish the scythe it's powers are not something you can understand; you have to let go of it before it destroys you!" The young elf stuck out her tongue at Selene, making a funny face. "You're probably no different from the rest of the bounty hunters; all you want is to get the bounty for my capture who knows if you're also going to keep the Scythe of Korga for yourself?" With a sweep of the scythe, Elandrial evoked a Razor Wind spell a strong breeze came up from nowhere, quickly building up to gale-force proportions and finally accelerating to sonic speed. The wind blew out in narrow, concentrated gusts, forming cutting blades of air. Selene hastily ducked out of the way, while with careful, precise strokes of her sword cut down a few incoming wind blades. A tiny trickle of blood ran down her neck, indicating she had not escaped the barrage unscathed. Selene knew that Elandrial is young and inexperienced, and has beaten one battle-hardened fighter after another so far solely by relying on the powers on her weapon than actual skill if she could somehow force the young elf into close quarters. Breaking into a sprint, Selene quickly closed the distance between the two of them, rolling, zigzagging and tumbling to avoid a hail of Magic Missiles and Flame Arrows, and sliding under an incoming Ray Javelin. Before Elandrial knew it, Selene was upon her. The elf tried to evoke a Matthew's Flame Geyser, but Selene interrupted the spell by swinging her sword in an overhead arc for Elandrial, who swiftly blocked the blow with the shaft of the scythe more out of pure reflex than actual melee weapon skills. Selene continued her assault, her strokes now swifter and packing more force though they were merely false swings and thrusts meant to catch her opponent offguard, rather than kill or injure outright. She sensed, Elandrial's panic, knowing full well she can't use any of the Scythe's magic for the fear of getting caught in a spell's area of effect, and knowing that her defense is gradually failing. Elandrial once again raised her weapon upwards, anticipating an overhead swing, but instead Selene cut her weapon upwards from hip level, sharply striking the shaft of Elandrial's weapon and knocking it clean out of her hands. The scythe spun a few times in the air before embedding itself on the gravel, a few yards away. Before Elandrial could sit up, she found herself staring up the length of Selene's sword. "Now, could you please listen to me?" Her tone was hardly threatening nor demanding. "I've learned about your background... there are other means to save your hometown!" Elandrial looked at Selene, "But... how? I have no money, and no friends..." "Look about yourself, and you'll find people who, like yourself, treasure life and freedom above all else, and despise and fight against those who'd deprive others of them." Elandrial's feelings of helplessness became a feeling of curiosity. "Really? It's just that I don't know anything about the world outside of Dreamingvale all your laws, customs and such; when you people started coming at me I was scared and confused, and I thought the world was filled with evil and scary people..." Selene smiled as she helped Elandrial to her feet, "So, do you still think this way?" Elandrial looked around herself, then back at Selene. "Maybe, but you're certainly not one of them... you could've killed me if you wanted to back then, but you didn't that counts as something so, I guess we're friends?" Selene nodded as she shook hands. "Friends we shall be. Maybe, you could show me the way to Dreamingvale? Together, we'll give that Overlord something to remember!" Elandrial beamed with joy. "Great! Could you teach me some of those fancy sword tricks too?" Selene dusted down herself as she replied, "Well, why not, I could use another fighter on my side... I'm sure you'll catch on quickly-" Elandrial's ears pricked up as she shook Selene gently. "Did you hear something?"

Frostfire Swordplay, II

  • Power: Reflection
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
"Hear what?" Selene asked. Without warning, a huge battle axe came out of seemingly nowhere, arcing through the air towards Elandrial "Look out!" Selene yelled as she shoved Elandrial aside and intercepted the flying axe with the flat side of her sword. The axe struck with such force that Selene's heels were pushed a few inches into the ground; grimacing from the impact, Selene pushed with all her might, sending the brute of a projectile flying backwards. As if having a mind of its own, the axe flew behind a massive boulder, and out of sight. This was when a powerful blow by someone or something behind the boulder completely obliterated the giant stone, reducing it to pebbles. Chuckling softly to himself, a huge, powerfully-built human male with a metal arm and X-shaped scar on his face walked towards Selene and Elandrial. "Six feet ten, three hundred and fifty pounds all muscle, an X-shaped scar on the face, a metal left arm and a massive attitude problem... it's you alright, Axel." Axel smiled as he tapped the flat edge of his massive dwarven-forged battle axe on his metal hand, "And if it isn't Selene Frostfire... so you were intending to claim Elandrial's bounty before me?" Elandrial shuffled nervously. "Uh-oh, it's that cross-faced guy again! He appears to be stronger than before, too!" Axel raised an eyebrow at Elandrial's remark; though this time round he didn't go into a fit. "I was only horsing around the last time..." Elandrial interjected, "Last TWO times, you mean, don't forget I whacked you twice. I forgot the first, and the second time was at the clearing at the Greyfern Woods." "The second time didn't count!" Axel thundered. "Those jerks started arguing about who should claim the bounty, and before I knew it they started fighting among themselves for it! Needless to say, I sent every one of crying for their mommies." [Flashback to the clearing] A tired and battered Axel stood over a pile of unconscious mercenaries, breathing heavily. Seeing that Elandrial was no longer in sight, he threw his head backwards and pumped both fists into the air, giving vent to a primal roar, "ELANDRIAL!!!" [Cue present] "This time the gloves are off!" With that, Axel slammed his metal fist into the ground, the blow creating a fissure, 30 feet long, 10 feet deep and 3 feet wide. "Stand back," Selene motions for Elandrial to keep a distance from the ensuing battle. "Let's see how you catch another axe throw!" Axel threw his axe once more, the massive weapons spinning with such speed in flight that it appeared to be nothing more than a spinning metal disc. With a swing of her sword, Selene batted the axe away, sending it right back towards the sender, who simply caught it with his natural arm. With a series of metallic clanks, panels in the forearm of his metal limb flip open to reveal three arm guns. With three successive bangs, the guns fired three projectiles at Selene, who simply moved her sword in front of herself, tilting the flat edge at a certain angle so as to deflect the bullets towards Axel. The huge man saw it coming, and reacted more quickly than one would normally give credit for one his size, raising his indestructible metal arm, the bullets ricocheted harmlessy off its adamantine surface. However, the bullets merely served as a distraction, for Axel to close in on Selene. The huge man barreled forward like an angry bull, the fist of his metal arm emitting a pale red glow. "What the-" Selene gasped, seeing that Axel has pulled out his trademark move. "Eat this! HAYMAKER!" Axel shouted as he punched his glowing fist at Selene, who barely raised her weapon in time to parry the blow. Metal grinding against metal made an awful screeching noise, as Axel forced Selene backwards, her feet plowing two furrows along the ground. Selene grimaced, her knees bending under the onslaught, but stood her ground. With one last, desperate shove, she managed to send Axel's metal fist straight back at him. The huge man took a dead-on hit in the face, the impact of his own move sending his massive frame backwards, smashing into a rockface thirty feet away and making a huge crater against it. Miraculously, he was still standing, though dazed and bloodied. "Impossible..." he groaned as he staggered around, swinging wildly with his axe.

Frostfire Swordplay, III

Before he could regain his composure, Selene drove the pommel of her sword into Axel's midsection, the blow packing as much force as his Haymaker move. "Ow, that... hurts..." Axel grunted as he clutched his abdomen, dropping his axe on the ground. The huge man's resolve finally fails, as his knees buckled, causing him to fall forwards in a half-kneeling position, still clutching at his abdomen. "You're not going to kill him, are you?" Elandrial asked, as Selene stood over him. "He'll survive he can most certainly take what he can dish out, and after sending his attack back into his own face I merely repaid him with the same amount he dished out, in my own style, of course." Selene swung her sword in a crescent arc, the edge stopping a fraction of an inch from Axel's neck. "Go on, do it..." Axel taunted, spitting out some blood onto the ground. "May I remind you the consequences of murdering a fellow Consortium member?" Selene delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of Axel's face, sending him reeling. "Just get out of my sight. As fast as you can." Wiping the blood off his face, Axel rose unsteadily to his feet. "We will meet again" he said as he hobbled away. "You assaulted one of your own?" Elandrial asked incredulously. "Well, I never liked his attitude anyway. Until he can get his attitude problem fixed, I am going to smash in that ugly mug of his whenever he shows it. "That was quite a display, Selene Frostfire... but you are not the person I am looking for," a smooth, silky voice came out of nowhere, before Axel could go far. This was when a gash appeared in the fabric of reality, and from it stepped out a dark elf, dressed in obsidian mail, intricately marked with demonic motifs and wielding an equally ornate rapier. His long, stark-white hair contrasting with his dark skin danced in the air even though there was no apparent breeze. "So I have found the one who made off with the Scythe of Korga," he smirked, pointing at Elandrial. "Looks like we are now one more step closer to fulfilling Emperor Zodrak's dream. Soon, the Demon Prince Korga will cast off his fetters and the Realms shall tremble beneath his might. Snapping his fingers, the dark elf signaled for his minions to show themselves. A platoon of human soldiers, fully-clad in gunmetal plate mail and armed with either halberds or broad swords climbed up the slope, accompanied by a squad of soldiers dressed in grey uniforms and jockey caps and armed with submachine guns. "The Iron Regime..." Selene remarked. "I've heard about you guys... you're some militant organization with ambitions of world conquest." And dark elf snapped his fingers once again. "And, bingo! That would be correct. I suppose I could let my men play with you. Try to make it easy on yourselves, and just give me us the scythe, okay?" Coolly, the dark elf cut open a gash in the time-space continuum with his rapier and disappeared into it. "Attack!" shouted a lieutenant within their ranks, as the armoured troopers charged forward. Parrying the strikes from the first three men, Selene sent their blows right back at them, before countering with a sword blow of her own. "You're not in this alone, friend," Elandrial said as she appeared by Selene's left flank, holding the Scythe of Korga in a defensive poise. "I'm a dead man anyway if they kill you... so one way or another, we're in this together." Axel added as he joined Selene's right flank, battle axe at the ready. "But this changes nothing..." he continued. "Well, any plans?" Elandrial asked. Selene nodded. "Three, actually." Axel took the words right out of her mouth, "Dig in, watch your back, and give every one of them something to remember." That being said, the trio launched themselves into the fray.

Mage Shield

  • Power: Force Field
  • Level:Superior
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
Selene glanced left and right as bullets whizzed past her, striking the gravel beneath her feet. A quartet of soldiers converged on her position with their swords raised, striking from her left and right flanks. Selene masterfully parried their strokes, before dispatching two men with a single swipe of her sword, buying her an opportunity to put some distance between herself and the melee attackers.

More shots were fired, narrowly missing Selene by the inches. Deftly waving her sword about, Selene parried a relentless onslaught of gunfire, sending some of the rounds back at the shooters, taking them down with their own projectiles.

"This is getting interesting," she thought as six soldiers leapt down from the nearby boulders, spears poised to make a downward thrust. Intoning the power words for a protection spell, she barely completed her spell in time as the men's weapons broke on an invisible wall of force surrounding her. More guns were fired on her, with similar results as the slugs seemingly bounced off in midair, an inch away from her body.

"Don't force me to play rough..." Selene said as she began weaving a Meteor Strike spell.