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Amy Coleman
Played By: Extapolopiketal

Amy Coleman by Extapolopiketal

TEAM: Sentinels

SECTOR: Uptown

KIT CLASS: Empathy

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 5
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 5
Lincoln Matthews - Loss 0-0

When Amy was still in her mothers' womb her parents were both enveloped in an extra-dimensional rift. The rift deposited them in Khazan, and Amy was born in Khazan General Hospital two months later. At an early age she began to show her enormous potential. It began with simple illusions that she used to hide from her mother when she didn't want to go to bed. Over time these innate powers became more focused and refined. After her 16th birthday, she decided that all of her powers would be useless if she didn't use them for anything. With her parents blessing, she went to the Khazan headquarters of the Sentinels of Liberty and Justice and presented herself to the heroes of Khazan. She went through a series of trials, and after passing each one she was adopted by the group. She waits for her first combat anxiously, half-thrilled at the prospect of doing good and half-scared at the prospect of having to hurt someone. She hopes that things won't get too violent, but she knows that in the business of protecting the innocent violence is inevitable.




weak Agility:


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

The Maltese Falcon

  • Power: Detective
  • Level:Supreme
  • Weakness: Power in Item -Hard to Loseitem
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain Bar Fight
This is a very ancient ring, bearing the crest of a sharp-eyed falcon. Empowered with spiritual energy, it was created ages ago by a small sect of knowledge-seeking priests who prized a sharp eye, sharp mind and the ability to solve mysteries. As such, the ring grants great detective skills. However, it doesn't work in a Bar Fight ('cause the wearer should have known better to begin with).


The transportation of her parents to Khazan gave her a connection to the energies that permeate the air all throughout Khazan. This connection let her understand the nature of Khazan and it's inhabitants. This understanding lets her tailor her attacks so as to be most effective against her opponents.

Fantastic Sights

  • Power: Illusion Creation
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
When facing her opponent, Amy prefers indirect methods of gaining their submission. She weaves a fantasy world around her opponent, which is so bizarre and confusing that the opponent submits without much struggle just so they can have some sense of normality return to them.

Stripping Away Their Sight

  • Power: Smoke Screen
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
As it is that sight and scent are the only long range senses she has left, she realized that most people would react poorly to being suddenly blinded. As a branch off from her illusionary powers she has learned to rob the enemy of their sight, no matter how heightened their sense of sight is. She does this by creating a thick black mist around herself and her opponent. She then torments them with illusionary sounds until they beg her to make it all go away.


Her years of living without hearing and having heightened mental abilities have given her the ability to sense danger well in advance of it's arrival. She can sense the danger very early, and usualy has no trouble getting to safety.


This started out as a trick on her father. It was bath time and needless to say, Amy didn't want to go. When her father came into the room she thought to her self "I'd sure like to be invisible right now." Much to her surprise, it worked. Now when ever she thinks she's in trouble, she simply vanishes from sight.