Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Reavers


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 3

Lord Thayer

His mind drifted as the truck rolled down the highway to the headquarters. It had been a year to this day since he walked through the desert with a horse with no name. It was 2 years to this day when he first witnessed his new-found power. It was 3 years to this day when he had lost his family in a wave of radiation that only left carbon copies of his loved ones on cement walls as the only thing to remember them by. He tried to remember the good times. It made his emotions flare instead of calming him. Perhaps he was going about his new life wrong. For the past three years he wanted only the salvation of death. His God would not allow it. He had constantly waited for the end of existence, but, for him, it would not be attained. He did not know what his purpose was, nor did he ask it. It was presumed to be his fate...nothing less. The time had come for a new change. The truck rolled into the parking lot of the HQ. He rose from the bed of the truck...jumped out...disregarding the other two he was directing, he entered silently.

Today is a day of change. The triumvirate has now been re-established. John, Corey, and Sloth are now one. I am needed not in the group any longer. I must find my true potential and achieve goals unheard of by my God. Yampu, if you can hear me, be my guide, show me what thy ultimate goal is, so that once it's achieved I might achieve my ultimate goal in this cruel world you have set before me.

The Third Year

     Vibration: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Have you ever been hit by wall of nothingness? Like this you haven't. The feeling is different... about the air around me... Do you know what it is? No, Well I do. It's effects that you are now feeling are caused by the friction of millions of atoms that make up this world. I've seen it many times before... now perfected. Grogginess takes ove... sweating... profusely now... Pain, all over, gnaws at you... itching... to make it go away. Your sense of breath, taste it... the air coming from your gullet... not warm any more but steaming. Your bowels... they hurt? Tis because their liquefying, Now... before your brain or heart does the same... I have one question for you... Just before your final breath. Do you believe in Yampu now?


A New Power Unmasked

     Danger Sense: Ultimate


I control now. I know my senses once again. I see though feeling those that would attempt to destroy me. Yampu is only one that can take on this destructive task of my utter fulfillment. My enemies are not that which I talk of. I have the same goals of John, the late, great, Corey, and of course my brother in arms Sloth. I was never told that the way of good had to be "good". The old HQ was neutral in the battle of good and evil but tended to side for villainy. The Mexican Trick Horse would not allow that though. I have returned to the side of Maniacal Heroes for the final time. I shall not exit or enter the FUBAR HQ again. My end has come, and I had not rested until I was allowed to do so. Seeing the end brings a warmth to my soul that I had forgotten. It is soothing...


A New Feeling

     Regeneration: Ultimate


Confidence... that is what I lacked for so long. I had no need for it. Plans change though. I'm allowed to think. I need not the crutch that was the denizens of Yampu any longer. My power is honed. I have been given the ability to choose what I wish to feel now. Though I am immortal in many ways, life has finally returned to my mind which changes my physical being in many ways I never thought imaginable as a human. This body shall no longer be felt as a shell, a temporary house for the soul, it has become larger, keener, and the need to do Yampu's will no longer burns within... but calls to me. I have become the flaming sword of Mojo's might...


The Vestments of Mojo

     Energy Wave Surfing: Ultimate


From the heavens the trick horse descended and blessed upon Controlled these parting words; "I'm leaving town. I give you this as one of my last gifts. You are now the Mojo in which my power flows. You will eventually be contacted in a similar manner by Sloth, who will take my place officially when he feels the time is right. Until then, flex your new found power and greet your family once again. They are here. Remember, just because you have transcended to the heavens does not mean that the usual 9 to 5 schedule ends. Heed my words, and goodbye..." The vision dissappeared and a white light surrounded him. Movement without motion, travel without time. That was the true power of Mojo. Looking down upon the world so many things became clear to him. The power now given, was the same that was known before, but a wealth of knowledge and ability accompanied it. The world felt right for once.