The Immortal

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

Mr. Kite

Khazan, as all places, has an extensive history. Its history has been taken down since scribes began placing ink on paper, but there are many stories of those shadowy times before writing in Khazan came to be. These are the legends and myths of Khazan. Legends passed from ear to ear, growing from mere stories to fables of men of greater valor and strength than any who ever truly walked the planet. One such myth is that of "The Immortal", the one truly ancient, never dying, being of Khazan. Sure there are many old and little known deities in Khazan, but they can point to a time before their time, have an array of different origins and most importantly are at the very least known to some extent. They have definition to their being. The eldest and most easily forgotten of these myths tell of a being that came to be known as "The Immortal", a man shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that he was born when Khazan appeared and is a man with a strong heart. The loss of all who were close to him made it hard to make new friends, knowing that they too would undergo the same cruel fate of running against time. He soon stopped taking an interest in interacting with the many denizens of Khazan, and became secluded. He has continued to watch and keep an eye on his beloved home and to step in when there is a need. Going by several aliases through the years he has influenced the most important events in Khazan history. It is in these dire times when he has stepped in and saved us from the evil and the malicious. The historians do not believe he is real, but have no true explanation for the several different men who have on numerous occasions changed the course of history. The names are always different, The Scarlet Blade, Mask, and The Raging Ogre to name a few. There is a story about the castle age of Khazan in which a princess was supposedly murdered. The truth of the matter was she had escaped her kidnappers, but when a bloody piece of cloth was found, it was assumed she had met her end. The kingdom she ruled was protecting a gate from a plane that was bent on destroying the nexus. With her kidnapping there was a succession war. There were three different factions, all with claims to the throne. With the kingdom thus embroiled in civil war, there would be no monitoring or protection from the gate. A man named Blitzer reputably stepped in and brought the princess back to the kingdom seat, giving a sense of relief to the denizens, and ending what would have been a costly civil war. This Blitzer had never been heard from before, and came out of nowhere, but served for several years as the princess's advisor and was able to thwart many attempts on her life and disputes of her claim on the throne. There was never an account of this important advisors death, in fact many reliable accounts say he just vanished one day and was never heard from again. However a later account about 150 years later describe a man calling himself Raven who matched the same description who stepped in and yet again saved the kingdom from the great grandson of one of the rebel factions. Popular historians have a theory that this was "The Immortal". If so this is the best documented account of who and what he is.

By all reports those who have actually met the man called "The Immortal" say he is a good-hearted man. Always distant and cold, he rarely went out of his way to help people. Yet he has been know to be extremely unselfish at times. If you meet "The Immortal" expect a taciturn greeting and only as much assistance as needs to be provided to accomplish the task.


     Regeneration: Standard


People don't just live forever. Unless of course, you're a god. "The Immortal," is no god. Entropy works on all of God's creations. He is not a god, he is cursed. He watched his family die. His friends die. As the story goes, at first he slipped into a great depression, spending late nights at the local pub, and not caring for his life. Only the aid of those good Samaritans of the community kept him from suicide. Not being capable of watching the people of his city being raised only to die, he wandered to the hills where he began the life of a hermit.


Knowledge of Ages

     Weapons Creation: Superior

  • Multi-Attacks


Yet there are stories. Stories of a man they referred to as The Crimson Blade during the renaissance, who stole the hearts of all the young damsels and thwarted those who would dare try to corrupt the minds of the people. Or The Raging Ogre, who fought with a bloodstained battle-axe and deftly cut down all who opposed him with a great cry of war. He has been all of these people, yet never was a true name given to him. Millenniums give a man time to learn many things. Living his life has taught him the way of multiple weapons. If you were to peek beneath his trench coat you would find all manners of swords and daggers and guns. The man who limits himself to one fighting style is a dead man.



     Blending: Ultimate


Yet, with all these deeds he has performed over the years, no one would recognize his face in a crowd. There is no one who would walk up to him and say, "Hey, it's you! How've you been buddy?" On the street, his is a life of solitude. Yet, he chooses it to be that way. No cameras have ever taken a picture of him, and no recording ever made of his voice. No knowledge, other than vague references to same tall dark stranger have ever been made. Living in the shadows of the city, he is but a face amongst the crowd.



     Closed Mind: Superior


During the days he was known as The Scarlet Blade, he was reported to Lord Khifer by a mentalist who spotted his presence. He seized the day, but walked away badly mangled and scarred, and the rumors of his existence spread across the lands. So he fled to the hills, and to places where word had yet to travel. He studied under the wings of a renowned monk of his time in the art of channeling thoughts. "The Immortal" will not be seen by neither eye nor any other means.


He and It

     Danger Sense: Standard


Living for millenniums teaches a man something. It teaches him that the breeze blows a certain way. That freshly cut branches look just so. That rustle in the wind we might mistake for a wandering squirrel he would be able to place as his enemies. Some mistake this as some form of omni-presence. He has no omni-presence; rather, he is one with the world. The rocks, the hills, the trees, most have known him since they were born, and "The Immortal" has watched them grow since infancy.


Knowledge is Power

     Detective: Standard


The computers of these ages truly amaze him. An entire world built in anonymity. Truly a wonderful niche for him. And even greater, these computers supply invaluable information. In days of old he would have to raid records keeper's offices just to keep himself refreshed on the general knowledge on the area. But in these modern times he is able to find what he needs quickly and be done with it. If you're his enemy, he knows who you are, and he knows where you live. Be forewarned, for "The Immortal" may just find his next calling brings him to your threshold.


Tactics of the Ages



In 1015, the castle Aragorn was under siege. The city walls were crumbling and all looked at a lost. From nowhere came The Red Knight. He didn't say where he came from, or why he was helping them. The King's advisors all shouted "traitor" at the mere sight of him, but The King was at wit's end and had lost all hope. He gave The Red Knight a small part of his army, nothing special, and if he lost it, well, that wouldn't matter so much either. The Red Knight seemed to disappear for the direst 16 hours of The King's life. He was more than positive that all was lost, the last of his remaining men being dead, and his wall crumbling, when he realized the archers had stopped firing. To this day no one knows how, but the legion had somehow found it's way to the back of the line, taken out the archers, and killed the general without anyone even noticing how they got there. Some men stayed and fought, and ultimately lost. The rest fled; possibly back to their kingdom. Though The Red Knight was offered his choice of anything in the kingdom (including the fair maiden who was to become queen someday), he refused, and left without a trace. ...... (Present Day) The Immortal looked around Lowtown, it was quiet for once. The Immortal smiled as he remembered back in the day and some of the things he had done. He knew there was something brewing now, and knew that he was going to need all of his skill and knowledge to fight it.