Aoi Kitsune

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 13 Wins!

Brutal - 4 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 13

Personal Losses: 3


Well I'll be damned...finally. You'd think getting sucked into an alternate reality would happen all at once rather than having some certain Nameless Ones take Their sweet time about it. Of course it could have been partly due to the fact that Nate wouldn't let go of my heels for Lord knows how long, stubborn boy...I was just typing away in the #fpl one day with Nate standing over my shoulder when it happened. Ya know, I've grown rather attached to some of the guys there, despite the fact that my Brother growls every other minute about someone wanting to date me, the FPLers tend to grow on ya. I even acquired a nickname, Kit, short for Kitsune. Oops, sorry about that, keep getting myself off track. I tend to do that every once in awhile, but anyway... Seems that Nate's intervention kept me floating around in oblivion (or whatever you want to call that place in between worlds) for just a bit longer than I would have preferred before the "Creators" deemed it necessary to search me out again after their first unsuccessful attempt. Not that it screwed things up too badly, but it turns out I just missed meeting up with my contact here and had to spend a little more time sniffing out the place before I managed to stumble on the FPL. Speaking of sniffing... seems that a rather peculiar thing came to pass while I was drifting about in God knows where. I guess I had just a little too much time to think (hey, there isn't a heck of a lot to do in nothingness). I kept finding my mind wandering over the old fantasy tales of DragonLance, ahh the good old days...wouldn't life be so much more interesting if magic were real...Then, BAM! When I finally landed, the force knocked me to the ground. I scrambled to my feet only to find that I was standing on Four instead of Two! Not to mention the bushy tail...Talk about a shock, but I think instinct threw me back into human form just before I started to think I was going crazy. Anyway, I'm here now and I've decided to make the best of it. I've heard rumor that Nate actually managed to get sent over here by some fluke in the system. The source wasn't exactly too reliable, but knowing how Nate does like to get himself in trouble whenever he opens that big mouth of his I might as well follow up on the lead. Heh, heh, just kidding, I really do love the guy. Guess that makes searching him out the first order of business, right after I get a handle on these new found err... abilities...

Hmm, well I never thought I'd be the right person to judge myself... If you know me at all you'd know I'm pretty self-critical, but I suppose one thing I pride myself on is being sincere in whatever I do. I'm a bit impatient, strong willed, and quick tempered like my father, but I'm also quick to forgive and forget. Yeah, you might even call me a push over at times, but I like to think of compassion as a strength rather than a weakness. Ah yes, and of course I have remnants of belief in honor and integrity stirring around in my head, left over from the days of idealistic youth...wait a minute, I'm too young to be saying that... But ah well, I guess that's what happens when all you read when you're growing up is Dragonlance, David Eddings, and R. A. Salvatore. Well whether it's fantasy, anime or some other new fangled interest, I've usually got enough wits to keep my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds to focus on what's real. (Like school for example, a subject which is in my mind all Too real, but about which I'm also sure my father is quite happy.) Oh, and contrary to belief Nathan's Very real big brother complex is rather unfounded, but has also worked well in scaring off all but the very determined. Sometimes I'm not so sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing anymore, heh.

Kitsune Charm

     Animal Transformation: Ultimate


"Kitsune (Japanese for Fox Spirit) is an animal supposed to be mysterious, fascinating, and mischevious. She is endowed with the subtle art of metamorphosis, and she is able to bewitch men in the guise of a charming girl. An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast Kitsune is...When a kitsune manifests, it has a number of choices. It can appear as a kitsu (fox), a fox-headed person, or as a normal person of very great attractiveness. In any case, the number of tails that the kitsune has will be obvious, unless the kitsune takes great pains to hide them, which is also very draining. Note however, they can shapeshift at will...Like the Cats of China, kitsune are also capable of feeding off of knowledge. With this, the kitsune is also capable of learning and developing their abilities, and could possibly grow more quickly. It was the myth that unless a person cut the tail off of a Cat, the tail would grow, and the cat would learn, until eventually it could transform into a human. Kitsune are most often recognized by the fact they have more than one tail. a kitsune gains power and stronger magics as it ages. The kitsune gains a tail once every hundred years, until they become a nine-tail, their most powerful form." -- Kitsune Lore ...Well, yeah, I did mention I acquired a nick somewhere along the lines didn't I? I always did have a soft spot for those clever little animals. Always wondered what it would be like to be able to shape shift, looks like I get to have the true experience.


Foxy Chi

     Regeneration: Superior


"The kitsune are ageless, being spirits, but are not immortal. Kitsune manifest, and can live a lifespan of 900 years, before they are likely to leave/die, and return to the spirit world. Kitsune older than 900 years old are rare, as the amount of essence to fuel their existance on the physical plane would be extreme, and they would be doing more harm than good." A kitsune who just manifests is capable of rapid regeneration, healing most wounds in almost no time, and developing resistances to most normal weaponry. When a kitsune wishes to heal, they must expend energy. If things are very desperate, they can sacrifice one of their tails to gain a huge influx of chi for fuelling themselves." -- Kitsune Lore


Byakko Persuasion

     Emotion Control: Ultimate

  • Auto-Hit Attack


I admit I'm not the greatest at arguing unless my heart's fully in it, and since I tend to be a bit of a skeptic I've frequently been known to doubt myself more often than not. But nonetheless, there are other ways to get to people. I don't really like to think of it as people manipulation, but diplomacy and knowing how to nudge people's thoughts in the right direction has its clear advantages at times. They say people only notice that which is different from themselves and that which is similar usually goes undetected. If you talk and walk the same people are more likely to let you into their circle of trust. You'd be surprised how much you can analyze from just a couple conversations, sometimes it's enough to be able to read their reactions fairly accurately. Once you know it's simple enough work to mollify or agitate as the situation deems appropriate. Someone once told me that emotions were like fire, volatile and dangerous I suppose, being an emotional person I know that all too well, perhaps that's why I handle others with such care or, when it's necessary, with a strong-willed obstinence that usually helps things flow my way. "Kitsune can dominate those around them. This is a form of enchantment, and using this, a kitsune can cause someone to see anything the kitsune wishes, or overlook things the kitsune wants them to. Once control has been established, the victim is held until someone can break the magic." -- Kitsune Lore



     Blending: Ultimate


What's that you said 3D? Keep working on my character? I couldn't quite hear you, but did you know that I found the most interesting book the other day... We all seem to come up with a touch of evasion when the situation calls for it. Say the night before your next term paper's due rolls around, suddenly those late night chats with friends and hours spent online seem to add up. Blending doesn't exactly work to help you out all the time, but it does seem to come in handy when the subject of how that little ding in the car door came about comes up in conversation with the 'rents. I don't suppose you've ever heard of gizensha? It's an old term that means "a fox in lamb's skin", I suppose it's the japanese equivalent to "a wolf in sheep's clothing". Just imagine what that might do to an enemy's mind when just a few minutes ago they were fighting a young woman and suddenly she disappears while a cute little fox struts past the arena. What just happened? What were you doing again? Fighting? Fighting what? Why would you want to fight that sweet looking foxy critter, when it didn't do anything to you? You know I've heard that foxes are rather smart animals. I've read that they're "widely held symbols of animal cunning" and the "subject of a considerable amount of folklore". Which basically means that they've got a cool legends about them in cultures ranging from Native American, to European, to Japanese. Some foxes can actually blend in and fit their surroundings, which makes them pretty good hunters, except this one has a strangely bluish tinge to its fur...