The Extra Big

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Supreme

Agility: Weak

Mind: Weak

Body: Ultimate


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 3

Captain Moltar

A darkend auditorium full of strangely dressed people stood with their arms crossed, staring intently at a ridiculously large red LED that currently only read "0". After several long moments, and one or two false alarms, the giant red zero blinked into a huge red one, followed by an equally massive red percent sign. The rooms occupants promptly started flailing about squawking orders to gofers off camera or frantically spurted out long, enigmatic equations and theories, in the process making a room full of chickens with their heads cut off look like an organized debate team. Finally a single voice found purchase over the others, quite literally in fact, by elevating overhead on a camera rig, a single spotlight opening up on him for dramatic effect. "My fellow directors and brother community college scientists," he blared over a megaphone, "our problems have finally reached epic proportions, and the time has finally come to do something about it! The Extra, whom we created so long ago to solve our manpower issues, has quite completely turned around and buggered us all. After his last appearance in the arena's of Khazan, he decided to take a break from crimefighting and engage in a Khazan-wide sight-seeing and self-improvement tour, a quite aggravating turn of events as far as we're concerned, because not only has he never attempted to come back and try to provide even the simplest service to us, the ones who created him, he has also aimed himself towards getting totally in all of our collective ways. The original Extra, wanting to cover more ground, split himself up into four equal parts, and went in different directions to cover more ground. Of course, after a variable amount of time, each of these would reach paths where they wouldn't know where to go or what to do, so would fragment again, and between them all take all available paths. And this went on, and on, and on...until today, three years later. Look at that!" he pointed screaming at the LED, "Khazan, the largest and most populous planet in all existence, now has a full percent of it's population made up from The Extra! He's the most serious social disease the universe has ever seen, and he's still growing! And he's in our way to boot, touring every movie studio on planet, bumping into things, destroying sets, enrolling in community colleges, dragging down the average test scores further and further until the requisite bell curve set up to control it would send QUASIMOTO into convulsions! We must stop him, or else first we'd all have to retire, then in a few years start seeing Extra's electing himself leaders all over the planet, simply because he would make up over fifty percent of the voting population! And stop him we shall...THE DEVICE!" As he gestured to the other side of the room, a huge white tarp was flung away from an amazingly complicated device, which even more amazingly seemed to consist of nothing but vacuum tubes, and a large empty vacuum tube in the middle, large enough to comfortably fit one uncomfortably large man. Grabbing up a microphone at the base of the machine, the oldest, scruffiest, most unbathed looking scientist in the group addressed the crowd. "Um, yes, this device, the much sought after and planned Extra Recombiner, will now lock on to the unique ineptitudes of The Extra, and start dematerializing him, drawing that energy here, and once it is all here, force him into a single, fused form, that will once again have him be one person, instead of the population percentile he currently is. So now, without further ado, I press this, the large, shiny, red, candylike button...*kerchunkBEEPwhirrr...*" All over Khazan, at that moment, the oddly inconspicuous Extra's, wherever they were, whatever they were bumping into or failing, started blinking away into little specks of light, and then apparently blinking out of existence, only to start reappearing, slowly but surely, within the Device. The crowd of second rate directors and second rate scientists started applauding, until moments after the first spark appeared, it reverted into it's normal, Extra self. That Extra waved placidly at the horrified crowd, took their picture, then swivelled to take the picture of the second Extra that had just appeared. While these two genially introduced themselves to the rapidly appearing other himselves, the scientists started frothing and the directors started calling their analysts, because the horrifying truth of the situation had hit them...soon, every Extra on Khazan would actually, physically, be right here with them. The room emptied. The tube holding the Extra's bulged, filled, murmured with apologies for increasing loss of elbow room, and finally shattered, spilling the ever growing mound of Extra's onto the ground. The large room filled. The roof and walls bulged, cracked, and split at the seams. The last Extra appeared. The building exploded. The Extra's glowed, stuck to each other, and raised themselves up in a slowly organizing pile, until finally, and in ludicrous fashion, it stood up, struck a dramatic pose, pointed towards the city and a faraway, imagined crime, and sprang forward into action...a long lost Sentinel was returning at long last!...well, sortof...

The Extra was originally created from the best and worst parts of entertainments doubles, stuntmen, and yes, extra's, to singlehandedly provide all the cheap manpower cheap movie makers could possibly need, but their experiment turned on them, creating the continuously respawning Sentinal of Liberty and Justice, The Extra, who did much good, then went on vacation. Now, after all his years of duplicating into millions of himself, he's been less recombined then stacked and duct taped to himself into a single, massive, hive minded super big Extra, conviently and appropriately named The Extra Big. Shouting taunts with the unified voice of an army, and combining their individually unbelievable instant disguise abilities into much larger, much *more* unbelievable disguises, The Extra Big wanders the streets of Khazan, striking ninjutsu poses, fighting evil, and generally aggravates most things he runs into, even if it's simply by sitting in the middle of the street disguised as a massive vase of patunia's...

Extra Big Disguise Powers

     Blending: Ultimate


It's not that you have to see The Extra Big disguises to believe them, it's that you have to be within range of something so ludicrous that your mind refuses to believe such a thing exists that the disguises actually come to work. Say, is that a huge water cooler staking out Big Moe's? Is a tremendous set of bunny slippers following us? Nah, that's crazy talk. Did we just get the smack put down on us by a skyscraper sized oak bedroom dresser? Hmmm, maybe we should start to worry...


Extra Hard Headed

     Iron Will: Ultimate


When the scientists machine brought The Extra back together...such as he recognized that one of it's greatest positive attributes was not intelligence, but it's inverse, Khazan-shattering levels of self-beneficial ignorance. Cartoon style, Extra's have walked off cliffs and kept walking over empty space, simply because they don't percieve he should fall, and likewise blasts and shots that should vaporize Extras leave them smoldering, singed, but otherwise in good position afterwards to continue the good fight. He simply doesn't know when to go down...and just as often forgets to *stay* down...


Extra Fast Recovery

     Regeneration: Ultimate


While effectively one, big, happy lump of an individual, The Extra Big's body is composed of nigh-countless The Extra's, each one, now firmly stitched to reality, able to create at the moment of his defeat a number of other copies to replace and reinforce his little area of Big Himself. These bulging, instant, Extra scars add mass and durability to the whole after each strike, the new active portions more then able to carry the dead weight of the KO'd Extra who spawned them...


Extra Big Goon-Fu

     Martial Arts: Standard


Alone, as Extra's, the fighting skills of this force for justice is awkward enough not only to get in his own way, but overlaps into his opponents personal space, actually becoming an effective combat style, in a two wrongs makes a right sort of way. But together, focused, with the combined strength of millions of Extra's, and the pep-talks and rallying cries from his own on-board cheering sections, this amalgam of a hero has become devestatingly competent in combat...beware the Goon-Fu action grip, chi strikes and jumping kicks of a countless number of Extra's acting as one!