De La Vega

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


His name is De La Vega. *JUST* De La Vega. You may address him as Mister De La Vega. Not Mr. but *Mister*. You do not address him simply as Mister or Sir. Is his name Mister? No. Is his name Sir? No. His name is De La Vega. He is not Sir De La Vega or De La Vega Sir, he is not a knight nor a lowly teacher, he is a De La Vega. Only Miss Mayfield may address him otherwise. All others are to recognise him as a De La Vega, and a De La Vega, *any* De La Vega, is to be treated with the utmost respect due to the proud name of De La Vega, and it is indeed a proud name. It is the name of he who is the President of the Khazan Academy Student Council. It is the name of he who is the Head of the Khazan Academy Student Council Disciplinary Committee. It is the name of he who has brought countless championships, honors and most importantly, grants and funding to the academy. It is the name of he who is the heir to the head of the Family De La Vega. It is the name of he who tolerates your existence. It is the name of he who is... De La Vega.

Mister De La Vega is both an upstanding citizen and model student. He is a man of pride who takes the honor and prestige of the academy very seriously. A man of Mister De La Vega's stature would accept nothing short of excellence, and indeed he does. Miss Mayfield exemplifies this, thus her place by his side. The rest of the female body at that academny do not, thus they can but long from afar.

The Snap

     Tractor Beam: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Target Seeker


Mister De La Vega does not desire. To desire is to long ineffectually. Instead, Mister De La Vega wants, and what Mister De La Vega wants, Mister De La Vega gets. If something catches the eye of Mister De La Vega or Miss Mayfield, he has but to *snap!* his fingers and what he or Miss Mayfield want, they have. A bauble for Miss Mayfield? *snap!* It shall be done. Limousines to escort his guests to one of his organized Khazan Academy dances? *snap!* They'll be there ten minutes early, none of that fashionably late nonsense less it's someone of import. Restaurant reservations for Miss Mayfield and himself? *snap!* Theatre tickets for after? *snap!* Honeymoon suite arrangements? *snap!* Breakfast for two in bed? *snap!*


The Snap

     Teleportation: Superior


Perfection. No less will suffice. Like his consort, Mister De La Vega has an eye for the aesthetics of any given locale and infestations that do nothing but displease the delicacies of Mister De La Vega's refinement are to be removed with a *snap!* That goes for anything else that Mister De La Vega does not want to be in his presense. The crowd in his way? *snap!* Like the parting of the Red Sea, a swathe is cut. That lowly sub-sentient individual trying to pass himself off as a student of Mister De La Vega's alma mater? *snap!* He's gone.


Immunity: Detective

     Immunity: Standard


Mister De La Vega, as mentioned, is an upstanding citizen, and his morals and motives cannot be questioned. He is also an advocate of free speech, and it is by his virtue that the school has on-line facilities, as well as presses for the Jounalism Club. If he were less than generous to a fault, he can have on-line access cut off before a single mail was sent or a file uploaded and the presses scraped before a single paper were printed. It is therefore wise not to test his generosity and acknowledge the fact that he is not associated with the Student Mafia in any way, shape or form. Capice?


Immunity: Matter Animation

     Immunity: Standard


When Mister De La Vega wants something to happen, he will snap his fingers, and it *WILL* happen. When he does not however, it will not. If Mister De La Vega is pleased, then all of us are pleased. If everything is to his satisfaction, everything will *stay* to his satisfaction. If they do not, then Mister De La Vega will be displeased, and when he is displeased, it will be... unpleasant.


The Silent Snap

     Telepathy: Standard


You will not speak to Mister De La Vega. You will not tell him about yourself. Mister De La Vega already knows all there is to know about you. There is nothing for you to add. Likewise, Mister De La Vega will not speak to you because there is no need for him to speak to you. He does not even speak to me. You will know what he wants and what you are to do to fulfill his wants. If you do not, then you have only yourself to blame.



     Martial Arts: Standard


In a place as volatile as Khazan Academy, even Mister De La Vega sees the virtues of knowing how to defend oneself. Unlike the others however, Mister De La Vega does not need to rely on something so unrealible as say... Martial Arts Exotic Dance, instead, he practices the art of Savate. A system of martial arts similar to kickboxing that has a strong focus on an array of mostly kicks with arms outstretched for balance, extra range on the kicks and looking really really cool in that stance.


The Snap Your Neck

     Martial Supremacy: Superior

  • Multi-Attacks


This is Khazan Academy. The Nexus of all Academies. Here, the strong and weak are seperated, with the strong at the top of the food-chain, and the definition of strong is the view that inhumanly strong is considered childishly weak and sitting atop all others, delicately feasting on those beneath him like so much caviar, is De La Vega, *Mister* De La Vega.