Horned Helo


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Supreme

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 0


Hello little people. You don't know me but you will. I own you and all you see. I am the most beautiful being ever found on this miserable planet. ~I wasn't always the most beautiful being. I use to be the out cast the no body who look at because of my disgusting features. I was always the evil genius on the side always struggling to be know. ~But that was on crème de la crème but not in Khazan City. Here I am beautiful.~So then what happen to crème de la crème you say? I'll tell ya!!~I was mocked my enter life by those smug beings who where to beautiful for there own good. So I blew up crème de la crème and every other plant with people more beautiful then me but here I've found a home.~I am the most beautiful being in Khazan City and I will rule. Ugly people don't deserve to live. It my job to deliver them form their pain. ~I am the angle that was sent to Khazan to eliminate all the ugly being that walk it street. Khazan will see my glory and will never be the same.

Horned Helo is the most arrogant being to ever step foot on Khazan. But for some reason his charisma, good looks and presence has gotten him very far. He most be stopped because every day he grows more and more egotistical. His ego gives him his power and if it keeps on growing their will be no hope for Khazan and he will leave Khazan like ever other planet he has found. Horned Helo might be a smug great looking guy but unlike most beautiful people he is not stupid and this is a deadly combination. Can anyone stop this mad man?

Beauty Skin

     Armor Skin: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


Horned Helo has perfect skin: no blemishes, no winkle, no scars or burns. Why? He applies a kind of beauty cream ever day, that gives him this perfect skin and also happens to make it impenetrable. This is how he survives entering and exiting planets that he implodes. The heat by the blast and the heat caused by entering and exiting orbit doesn't even burn him. He once went straight though a white dwarfed start and did even blink.


Planet Implosion

     Gravity: Superior

  • Target Seeker


This is his power he uses to implode planets the problem with this method is the fact that it is powered by his ego. If His ego gets damaged his power will be lessoned and he can't use it. Bad news is that this power is growing at a fast rate on Khazan due to the fact that he has not yet come across a being more beautiful then him self. He Use his ego power to increase the central mass of the planet causing an increase in Gravitational forces, this cause the planet to implode in on itself.


Self Stasis

     Induced Sleep: Superior


Horned Helo has lived for many years longer then any of his Alien brotherhood because he has developed away to put him self in to stasis. In Stasis he doesn't need to breath, eat or anything else to mountain life. The stasis is caused by the enormous amount of energy that he gives off to causes the planet to implode on itself. He wakes up when ever he comes in to contact of a planet that has beings uglier then himself. This wakes him up from his stasis and then he can start all over again.


Every one loves me

     Emotion Control: Superior


Women can not control their impulse to though them selves at Horned Helo. He is simple the most attractive male they have every seen. Horned Helo uses this power to help grow his ego and build up armies of jealous females to do his biddings. This is one of his most powerful powers on the citizens of Khazan. Why should he fight when he can throw throngs of adoring fans at his enemies? He wouldn't want to risk hurting that beautiful face of his would his.