Ravenna Cervantes

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Superior

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3


Khazan's midsummer slowly descends into autumn. Her leaves-- her children-- slowly wither away and die. The glory of life decays before my eyes. The saddness of loss, the beauty of the inevitable rebirth. Khazan, you aging maiden, your time dwindles with every falling leaf. Every fallen leaf-- every fallen hero-- is another wrinkle in your fair skin. Soon, no man will desire you. Most see you as a worthless whore. But do not fret. You still have time. Time to renew, time to be reborn. That is where I come in. My brothers and sisters, we have come to set you along a new path. I lead them to their destiny, knowing that my own lies not in the motions of rebirth, but in the ensuring that you die blissfully and willing to accept your new role in existence. I pity that I have to do this to you, but this is the only path that ensures true life. Please, Khazan, lay down and die with a gentle smile. I do not desire to wage war against you, fair maiden, but I will. You must die, Khazan, for you must be reborn of the Void.

Why do I wish for your death, Former Eternal Maiden? You have grown stagnant in your former state of glory. You no longer relish the pleasures of Creation and its magnificence. You take for granted the pleasures of this existence. You do not accept the fleeting nature of life. Look at my, fair Khazan. I am immortal like you, but I do not share your eternal beauty. I may appear fair now, just as you do, but with my eternal age, I with wither with the years, just as the leaves of the trees wither. But I will never fall from the Tree of Life. I will always hang upon it, growing more and more disgusting. You, Khazan, despite your outer beauty, have also become ugly inside. Far more ugly than my own physical form will ever become. You should not have to suffer any more. Die, and be granted the peace I will never have.

The Mystran Chantry Belltower

     Energy Body: Ultimate


I sit atop my tower, Khazan, so as to watch you. The tower lives. Constantly in a state of continuous evolution and de-evolution. It shifts with the blowing winds, it shifts with every chime of the bells. It shifts with the passing of time, and it shifts with every breath I take. To tresspass is to willingly tresspass upon the soil of Oblivion. To ascend the staircase within is to climb the steps of Chaos itself. To listen to the chimes of the bells is to hear the melody of death.


Perpeptual Ascendance

     Energy Wave Surfing: Ultimate


The halls of the Void are endless. As you ascend to the top of the Belltower, the tower can perceive your attempted invasion. Ascend and ascend, furthering its hollowed interior, raising itself to the Heavens and to the depths of Hell. The Belltower moves and shifts to impede your ascention, escalating its own body to heights beyond your mortal grasp. She hears and feels your footsteps, and your very feet thus betray you.


Watching The City

     Detective: Ultimate


And thus you eventually find your way to the summit. What will you see? I will be waiting, watching the city from atop my ebony spire, a simple spyglass in my hand, and a smile across my lips. "Welcome." I say, as I lower my gaze from my spyglass and to meet your exausted eyes. But my glance will only be fleeting, for I will return to my pleasureful game of voyeurdom. From my vantage, little escapes my eye. I spy the desires and dreams of Khazan and her children. I spy your own desires. Simple, base, trivial matters that they are, I know them. Care to take a look yourself? That which you can see may frighten you, and delight you.


The Void's Vantage

     Hyper-Senses: Superior


Place your eye against the copper instrument. Allow the darkness to consume your eye and your mind. Fret not, for that darkness will allow you to watch all the more carefully, devoid of the extremities of this world, and fully within the grasp of the Void. The sights and the sounds are all the more clear, are they not? The pure sensations, the absolute truth of sight and sound, all through the emptiness of mind and soul.


Pierce The Shield

     X-Ray Vision: Standard


All obstacles break free in your newfound awareness. Nothing can stand in the way of your vision. Physical boundaries do not exist so long as you concentrate on the nothingness. Concentrate, and then cease to concentrate. Fight for the freedom of nothingness, and then totally give in. Work towards the end goal with your own will, and then relinquish your will in the end. Nothing will stand in your way once you give in to Oblivion, just as nothing can stand in your way as you gaze through this spyglass. A simple example of the coming days, Khazan. Prepare yourself for the coming of the Void.


Tainted Step

     Gravity: Standard

  • Area Affect
  • Double Damage to l1v:Empathy


Where I step, the Void follows. Blossoming at my feet like an unnatural flower blooming amongst the winter snow, piercing the harsh enviroment to live on where it should wither away and die. That single flower always heralds the coming rebirth of springtime. Consider this vacant wake of mine that flower.