Hunter: Beta Unit

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

A. Nonymus

The Hunter lay dying in the wreckage of its last battle against a target too strong for it to destroy. Blood and oils were flowing from her body and mixing together, causing chemical reactions that sizzled as they ran across her shredded and shattered skin. It was only a matter of time before the end and her mission will have no chance of being fulfilled. The thought was unbearable. There had to be something that she could do! But there wasn't. Her motor functions were completely disabled from a hard blow to her neck and the left side of her face was burned off. Only direct intervention from Habitat could preserve her. A shadow appeared above the Hunter. Her remaining eye rolled up to meet it. It was a Beta unit Hunter, hovering over her. The mission could still succeed after all! "Your mission is incomplete Hunter Khazan," said the unit's voice in her mind. "The Hunted unit remains at large and has probably left this world to spread the secrets of Habitat to still more Outsiders. We give you a chance to complete at least part of your mission by helping us to neutralize all of inhabitants that the Hunted has come in contact with on Khazan." Beta unit paused. "Do you accept?" Alpha unit could not move to acknowledge Beta's question. Beta repeated itself: "Do you accept?" Alpha panicked, knowing that Beta would leave her to die if it didn't receive an answer. She used her quickly dwindling energy reserves to generate an uplink to Habitat that could relay her answer to Beta. There was a sudden silence in Alpha unit's mind as Beta pulled itself out. Was it too late? Was her last chance to fulfill her mission taken from her by mere impatience? She hovered over her broken form, looking down at herself, and thought about the things that were said to happen when a person died. But where was the Beta unit? Did it already fly off to find its new targets, as it detected her brainwaves degenerating into chaos? Or was she already completely transferred into the Beta unit, looking through its eyes? "You are with us, Hunter Khazan. And when the mission is complete, we will all return to Habitat. We will be home."

We are four minds as one. Once, we were four individual beings, all dedicated only to Habitat. We are a hundred minds as one. We take the memories of our targets with us and make them part of ourself. We mould these memories so that our love for Habitat will remain strong. We learn from these memories and make ourself stronger. We are one mind as one. We serve only Habitat.

The Storms

     Vehicle: Superior


My name was Yuzo. I used to leave the confines of Habitat whenever I could so that I could fly in the dust storms, even after the accident which took away my earlier memories. The atmosphere of the world outside of Habitat is dangerous to us. If we breathe it in, our memories are destroyed and can never be retrieved. All of my friends, who I had known since I first woke up in the hospital, suffered the same symptom as myself. They thought that I was mad to continue going out into the storms, risking my memory over and over again. But the risk wasn't enough to keep me from loving the experience of flying. I love my world for that reason alone. I love Habitat for that reason alone. When our missions are finally complete, I will return to Habitat and fly in the dust storms once again.



     Invisibility: Superior


My name was Amano. So plain was I in my youth that I was never noticed. The wonders of Habitat and its citizens outshone me so that I only existed in the background, undetectable. I was timid since the moment that I awoke from inhaling the atmosphere outside of Habitat. My confidence fell even more as I rediscovered the marvels of my home and my insignificance compared to it. I was genuinely afraid that I would always be looked past and live out my life with no true purpose to the people. And so, when Habitat chose me to become one of its protectors who would go out into the galaxy and destroy threats to our world, I could hardly believe that it was true. I would become part of a Hunter! Habitat has always noticed me and cared for me, even if the people had not. I am part of my world for that reason alone. I am part of Habitat for that reason alone.



     Blending: Superior


My name was Kosuke. Habitat is in constant danger from the Outsiders. I had always known that, since my nurse mentioned the occupations of Habitat's people after I had recovered from the curable effects of the atmosphere of my world. The storms that can destroy our memories help to protect our home from many of these dangers by enshrouding us in all-concealing dust and sapping the minds from any attackers. I knew what I wanted to become when my occupation was to be decided: A Sentry. One of the countless nameless ones who stood atop the perimeter walls, guarding against anything that can damage Habitat or its citizens. When my occupation was chosen, I was disappointed. I would become part of a Hunter? What good would that do against the Outsiders who had already come to our world and infiltrated it? But there were other dangers from the Outsiders that I soon found out about. Those who knew too many things about us had to be eliminated before they could spread their knowledge to others. Habitat is always vulnerable and must be protected on all fronts. I am a Hunter for my world for that reason alone. I am a Hunter for Habitat for that reason alone.



     Telepathy: Standard


My name was Kenichi. I had always lacked conviction as a boy. I could find no direction for myself and I wandered throughout Habitat and did little else. It was Habitat itself that gave me a direction. I would have submitted to any decision that Habitat made for me, but it chose the most important purpose for any of my people. Three other minds would be joined to mine and become the core mind of a Hunter. The convictions of the other three minds would drive my own and the convictions of my mind would drive theirs. We would become one synergistic being that will always grow to become more enlightened with each passing moment. We would together have a single direction that cannot be overridden. I have been given a reason for existing. I protect my world for that reason alone. I protect Habitat for that reason alone.



     Psychic Vampire: Ultimate

  • Auto-Hit Attack


Our name is Hunter. Our mind will soon be amplified even more as another being becomes part of us. But this one will be different from any other addition to ourself. We will not only bring this mind's memories into us, but also the seed of consciousness itself, which we have never before taken from another, except for our own when we were created. This one is also named Hunter. She also loves Habitat with the same conviction as our own. When we meld, our devotion to our home will become greater than ever before. We will take memories from our targets still, after Hunter becomes part of Hunter. The memories that we take will help us to understand our targets even more, making the link to them even stronger and easing our further acquisition of their minds. Hunter can only help us to take our targets' minds. Her beliefs allow no other option.