The Duchess of Lowtown

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 13 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 13

Personal Losses: 2


All I have ever been my entire life was a killer... There has always been some important, 'heroic' reason behind it, I suppose, but that doesn't change the fact that all I have been since I was thirteen is essentially a murderer. My name is Bunny...Moneymaker...yes that is my real name. It seems strange that I went most of my life without knowing that. I was...(Was? Am? Will be? Too much time being bounced around the time stream takes its toll on your verb tense usage.) what most would call a 'Legendary Hero Of Destiny'™... just a fancy name for Murderer with a Purpose. In a dark future version of Khazan I was chosen to go back to the past in a desperate attempt to change some tragic event... How was I to this? By killing someone, or course. I spent my adolescence traveling through time... I could tell you all kinds of stories about the names and faces that are considered now to be modern day legends. Ryoko Pharis? He was a dorky Harry Potter wanna-be as a teenager. Devyn Soyokaze? He was actually quite well behaved and polite before he went bat shit insane. Keisuke Yamato? There was...once a girl in one of his classes at Battle Master High that had a crush on him, but...she was far too shy to tell him before it was too late. Alexander Ramius? .... I...I'd rather not go into it... But now, all that is in the past. I eventually did my job like a proper good little assassin, and because of that, what was my entire reality has been destroyed before it even had a chance to happen...making me a murderer a billion times over. I eventually found myself stranded in this time, no longer needed by destiny, and left to be forgotten...but unfortunately not to die. I tried to find a new life here, I really did. I played the wide eyed tourist bit, visited the sights of Khazan, all the monuments and works of art that were long destroyed in my own time. Tried fighting in the overgrown cockfight that is the City's main attraction. I even tracked down and visited the family and relatives that I was never allowed to know. But I still can't find peace in all that. I still have this damn sword they gave me... "It was originally made to kill an angel, but it would just as well against anything immortal." They told me when it was first put into my hand. I think it sensed my present state of mind and bonded it's self to my soul even more, refusing to let go of it's owner...before I might have had the good sense to toss it away for good. I can still feel the strength it offers me throbbing in my body and the skills it gives itching in the back of my mind. The moves I never learned...the techniques I've never practice...yet all the memories of these things come to my hands and arms without effort. Without a pause I could tell you the correct way to drive a rapier through a man's chest, making sure that the blade is turned flat so that it can pass through the rib and into the vulnerable organs behind them, The exact angle to swing at to knock a projectile out of the air without chipping the edge of your brittle heirloom katana. How to use an enchanted crystal sword to parry a magical fireball just so that you send it flying back at its creator. That if you shift the weight forward on your left leg as you sidestep your opponent's unbalanced, downward slash you can carry your momentum into a backhanded stroke that could slice clean through his neck. Even how to kill a god...Stolen memories, the reflexes of people long forgotten... more things that don't belong to me floating around in my head, begging to be used. Is it any wonder I'm unable to rest? But I continued trying anyway, hoping to deny what I really am...until...in a park, one Sunday afternoon, someone walked up to me and asked me to take up another job. I was told that in Creation now there are so many different avatars of this or that cosmic force running around unchecked. Some had been around too long and refused to pass on their positions even though their time was over, some had turned their backs on what they were suppose to be fighting for and begin using their abilities for their own selfish reason, and some were just awful mistakes that their predecessors had made an horrible error in choosing as their successors. There had been some recent events that showed just how much of a problem it had become and because of that, it was decided that something finally needed to be done about these failures so that everything could be put back in balance and move on. Which was where I was to come in. .... As I said before...no matter what I try to do otherwise, it always comes back to killing with me. They said my selection as an assassin was simply because I already possessed the necessary abilities and training for it and because, with the aftereffects of time travel and paradox, I was no longer was connected to time, destiny, or the universe anymore...meaning neither did those forces have any control over me, which would be vital for what they were asking of me. In the end, I accepted... only because they didn't try to tell me some pretty lie about how noble doing this would be...how important it was to the Greater Good...or what a hero I'd be for it. They didn't even give the job some creative fake name. Unafraid to call it what it really was, they instead just simply asked me to become a murderer again... And really, that is all I have ever done after all...

I think at some point long ago... I actually used to enjoy fighting. It seemed the only time that all my doubts and fears were gone. Now...now I don't have anything left worth having doubts about, and my fears... nothing in this world could get rid of them. My heart hasn't been in this for so long... I want...No, I need a new purpose...

Kodate Shincho

     Mental Defense: Superior


Infuriated with the silent young girl standing in front of him who would dare block his path, the man looks deep into to her brown eyes. "I'll just mesmerize the little bitch and then maybe even have a little fun for all this trouble." He thinks to himself. The girl falters for a moment under his gaze, and then shrugs off his control. Even more annoyed then before, he draws his weapon... a bastard sword with ornate designs adorning the hilt and arcane symbols etched across its blade. He mutters a few curses at having to trouble himself with physical combat against the likes of a girl and moves into an attack stance.


Kiraa Ikigami Tsurugi

     Slicing Attack: Standard

  • Ranged and Melee Attack


The girl holds her arm out and a sword of her own is summoned into existence. Ridiculously huge... almost as large as the girl herself, it's mammoth blade gives off a faint glow. She silently raises it in front of her. "hmff... blond hair, silly outfit, big pointy phallic symbol, I mean oversized sword... Yes, you're so very original, aren't you?" The man remarks, "Well come on girl... let's get this over with." Their shadows play against the sides of the buildings surrounding them as they charge towards each other.


Shaken Shin-Hando

     Sword Master: Supreme


They fight like that for several minutes, but the girl reveals herself to be too close to an equal to the man's skill. The otherwise silent night is filled with the sounds of enchanted metal clanging against enchanted metal. He is genuinely surprised at the way the girl is moving, performing styles and techniques that should be impossible to do with such a large, awkward sword. The man quickly realizes that beating her in physical combat would take far too long and begins to plan something else.


Dageki Touhin

     Reflection: Ultimate


At last a feint... followed by a surprise kick to the stomach sends the girl crashing into a dumpster across the street. Sheathing his sword, the man puts his hands together and starts chanting. The air around him grows cold and a fiery ball of light appears before him. With a gesture, he sends the projectile streaking towards the girl. Even as she is picking her self up off the ground, some phrase in another langue escapes her lips and her sword's glow suddenly increases. The girl's arm moves seemingly almost automatically to parry the energy bolt. Deflected off the unbreakable blade, the bolt goes flying off wildly... crashing into the side of an office building. It explodes in an enormous fireball, demolishing the building and collapsing it on top of the two fighters.


Immunity: Environmental Awareness

     Immunity: Standard


The smoke and dust finally clears. Tossing the debris off of himself, the man reaches out with his powers and scans the surroundings, trying to sense the girl's presence. He doesn't feel any trace of her and hopes that means the girl was buried under the tons of broken concrete. Straining harder with his extrasensory ability, struggling to pick up something, he is so distracted by the task that the man completely fails to see the shadow leaping out from behind a ruined chunk of wall until she has already landed next to him. "You depend on that ability too much." Saying her first and only words to him as she swings her sword at him and slices off the arm he reflexly raises up to protect himself.


Immunity: Regeneration

     Decay: Standard


(Note: Yes, I know it says 'Decay' but as it turns out the creator won't let you take an immunity to regeneration. Of course I've never let a silly little thing like the rules get in the way of a character concept, so I'm taking the damn thing anyway and decay was the closest thing I could think of, so just use your bloody imagination and PRETEND that there's a big red 'Power Failure' over there on 'Mr. Big Super Immortal Dude's cheesy Ultimate Regeneration power, all right? Thank you, now back to the power description already in progress.) The man looks at the bloody stump left of his arm. A smile appears on his face as he awaits his inhuman regenerative abilities to kick in, as they have done so many times before, and restore the severed limb. Seconds tick by... and nothing happens, the bleeding has not even stopped. The girl waits for the instant the realization and fear appear on the man's face before she raises her sword back up and rushes forward, preparing to end the fight.


Ameno Minaka Nushi No Kami

     Disintegration: Supreme

  • Double Damage to l5v:Avatar
  • Armor Piercing
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - Multi-Use


She raises her sword and screams out another phrase in Japanese. The girl stagers for a brief instant, as her life force is drained into the blade, but keeps racing towards the man as the sword erupts in elemental balefire. Confused and scared for the first time in such a long time, the man draws his sword again, though the weapon is unsteady in his off hand, he puts it up to defend himself just as the girl sends her own sword arcing down at him. There is no blood as she cleaves the man and his sword in half. Driving the blade not only through him but deep into the hard ground beneath him as well. Drained from the attack, the girl falls to her knees and allows herself a few moments rest.


Hataraki Shugorei

     Danger Sense: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Khazan Mall


Still sore and exhausted, the girl picks herself up and begins to walk away, hoping she'll be able to get far enough away before any authorities show up. There is a strange sudden chill is the air... then she feels something almost like a voice, yelling in the back of her mind... On reflex, she throws herself to the ground just as a bolt of energy streaks over her head and passes through the empty space where she was standing only an instant ago. She turns her head to see what's left of the man she was fighting collapse, having spent almost the last of his strength in the failed attack.



     Super Speed: Superior


Half dead, but refusing to die without taking his opponent with him, the man raises himself up again and straining, he stretches his arm out towards her again. Energy begins to collect in his palm as he charges up for another blast. The girl weakly forces out a word and with that, a rush of energy surges into her tired limbs... The sword once again comes to life in her hand in a flash of light and her movements begins to blur as she rushes back over to the man's semi-prone form in half an instant and cleanly slices the head off of what is left of his body. Now even more drained than before, she limps away... cursing herself for her carelessness.