Dr. Lillia

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 10

Personal Losses: 3

Buzz Bomb

Lillia was born to an average home in downtown Khazan, a girl just plain born more intelligent than most people. She knew from an extremely early age she wanted to help people, so at age 8 she went to medical school. By the time she was 10, she was interning at an SLJ hospital when the Fallen abruptly attacked a residential district nearby. As the victims flooded in, Lillia was called on to help. She did her best to help them, but some were beyond help; worse yet, some had been deliberately tortured beyond repair and wished only for Lillia to put them out of their misery. After this incident, Lillia realized how futile medical science as it was would be in the face of such deliberate evil. After graduating from med school, Lillia went on a sort of pilgrimage, studying under the most skilled mentalists and healers to learn how to repair purposeful injury. Now, two years later, there is no wound she cannot repair. She can make whole people who have been dismembered or even decapitated. And most importantly, she can make them forget what has befallen them. However, this has taken a terrible toll on her. She bears the memories of hundreds of souls, memories of being tortured, abused, tormented in the most hideous fashions possible. She has found the mental strength to carry on in spite of this, however, and now wields her memories as a terrible weapon against those who have caused her patients injury.

SLJ PSYCH REPORT: After careful review, I cannot recommend disclipinary action be taken against Dr. Lillia at this time. Her insubordination is only to be expected considering her mental condition, and indeed it is commendable that she does not exhibit it more. Her happy demeanor is in part a coping mechanism and thus we cannot expect her to drop it at will. In addition, it was a mistake on the part of the administration to assign her to a male overseer. The vast majority of torturers she has dealt with have been men, so it is unsurprising that she would react badly to a male holding any sort of power over her. Even setting justification aside, it is vital that we retain the services of Dr. Lillia. She is the best doctor in the Trauma Unit, and is extremely beloved in the Children's Ward; many of the children in our sector today can see, walk and even think only because of Dr. Lillia's services. The least negative action towards her on our part will cause a massive backlash with the public.

Helping the Weak

     Healing: Ultimate


Lillia is one of the best doctors alive, pure and simple. She has learned to knit flesh and banish injury through the power of thought. She is pretty meticulous with her patients when she has the time, but her life has been saved more than once by a quick self-repair. She is so skilled at healing that her abilities are akin to the reality-shapers she so despises, as the human body answers her every command. Of course, she would never use her skill for anything other than healing; she has never even attempted it and so wouldn't know how to even if somehow forced under duress.


Forgetting and Remembering

     Mind Control: Supreme

  • Auto-Hit Attack


Lillia very soon recognized the hopelessness that many torture victims experienced. Her healing powers were not enough to save them, so long as they could remember what had happened to them. And so, Lillia learned to take their memories for herself. A horrible sacrifice, but one she never hesitates to make. As a result of this, she is skittish, perhaps a bit afraid of adults (especially men), shadows, sharp objects, sudden movements. On the plus side, she has learned to apply this skill to active duty-manipulating opponents' minds at a distance to make them turn themselves in and the like. It also has one other use against others, although she doesn't use it often...


Comfort and Horror

     Emotion Control: Standard


SLJ INCIDENT REPORT TIME 1543: Young girl brought in, Elena Warren by name, showing signs of having been physically assaulted [injuries detailed below]. Subject was immediately brought to Dr. Lillia, who started medical work. Two hours later, fire occurred on floor 4 and personnel/patients were evacuated. Dr. Petoli carrying out said Elena Warren realized said Dr. Lillia had not yet had time to erase the subject's memory. Said Dr. Petoli asked subject how she felt, and subject responded she was fine. Dr. Petoli asked subject if she remembered what happened to her, and subject gave indications she did. Subject did not show symptoms of fear or terror and in fact seemed extremely relaxed and even happy, evincing only worry that she would not be able to see Dr. Lillia again...SLJ INCIDENT REPORT TIME 1630: Patrol was sent to site 115523-C to arrest one John Redding for assault on one Elena Warren. On arrival subject was found to be in a convulsive state and gave indications that he had been attacked and badly injured despite lack of evidence for same. Patrol inquired as to identity of attacker and subject gave accurate physical description of himself. When told this description resembled himself, the subject denied this resemblance, saying that he was in fact one Elena Warren and that he wanted his Mommy...SLJ INCIDENT REPORT TIME 1640: Dr. Lillia cited for unscheduled absence between times 1600 and 1620.


Immunity: Paralysis

     Immunity: Standard


Lillia has seen and virtually experienced enough torture to know that she never wants it to happen to her. She has mastered a method of completely mindwiping herself should she fall prey to a predator of some sort, a method that can only be reversed by several high-ranking SLJ officials who are highly unlikely to violate her trust. Once revived from it, she will have no memory of whatever befell her. Her emergency mental escape method did have one weakness, however; the chance that she would be paralyzed and therefore unable to use it. Knowing this was in fact a preferred method of predators, she has learned an odd mental art to effectively "puppet" herself without the need of a nervous system or any such physical attribute knocked out by her paralysis. After a very short while, she can then use her mental purging abilities to clear herself of the paralysis. This could slow her down physically if someone was continuously trying to paralyze her, but she can fight back with her non-physical abilities (that is, all of them) while this is going on.


Immunity: Matter Animation

     Immunity: Standard


When trying to repair the victim of a torturer, the torturer's skill is what determines whether the doctor can succeed; the doctor's skill only determines the time required. With this in mind, Lillia mastered the art of restoring reality to the way it should be even before she began to learn how to change it in the victim's favor. Interestingly, Lillia is now so skilled with this undoing that she can effectively lock down other reality-shapers as they act. Her claim to being able to heal anything is thus halfway accurate - there are a few reality-shapers who could wound people faster than she could heal them, but their powers just don't work while she is around to stop them.


Immunity: Mental Defense

     Immunity: Standard


Lillia is a nice person, pure and simple. She doesn't seek to kill people or even hurt them. Even her worst attacks only give her targets identity crises for a few days, and a bit more repentance than they might have felt otherwise. When Lillia seeks to alter a person's perceptions, she does so with the helpful attitude of a friend. Her inoffensive tactics are thus a level removed from people's mental shields. To Lillia, resistance to her help is just one more aspect of the patient's condition, to be manipulated and bypassed for the patient's own good.


Long-Term Side Effects

     Telepathy: Ultimate


SLJ MEDICAL BOARD, REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION: It has come to the attention of this board that Dr. Lillia seems to have an unusual effect on criminals she treats. The recidivism rate for these people is a remarkable 0%. Considering Dr. Lillia is not trained in psychology, there is presumably some other force at work here. Recommend preliminary information gathering pending full investigation. DR. VERCHASE, ISSUING PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION RESULTS: In my investigation, I have found that the criminals treated by Dr. Lillia have not recieved any unusual amount of psychological treatment. In fact, in talking to them, the vast majority seem to suffer from symptoms of schizophrenia. They seem to believe that someone is actually telling them not to commit crimes, and have thus - oddly enough - become model citizens. These symptoms have not been found in any other of Dr. Lillia's patients, save one group. A similar neurosis appears to have befallen those of her patients, mostly children, who have suffered emotional trauma such as the loss of their parents. Strangely, they seem to regard this disorder as a good thing - saying that they are consoled by this alien presence in their minds. It is my recommendation that the SLJ medical board issue a request for hearing to Dr. Lillia, and commence a full malpractice investigation. SLJ MEDICAL BOARD, FINDING ON REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION: Denied. It is the finding of this board that there is insufficient evidence to accuse Dr. Lillia of any wrongdoing. In addition, the board orders this file closed and all future requests for investigation denied automatically. The Sentinels have more important business than restoring to criminals the ability to commit crime. All annotations to Dr. Lillia's record regarding this matter are to be deleted; this file is to remain in active memory for no shorter a time than ten (10) years. Signed and notarized by the Sentinels of Liberty and Justice Medical Board.


Duty to the Weak

     Environmental Awareness: Supreme


Annual review of medical staff, Date ---, Interview Subject ID 326, Review Subject ID 447: So, you're asking me whether Lillia - excuse me, DOCTOR Lillia - is problematic in some respect? The answer is absolutely not. She is standoffish, no doubt about that. But, if you ask me, she has her reasons. I've never had any trouble dealing with her...trouble due to her age? No, no. I've had much worse problems working with doctors my own age [subject laughs]...Psychological problems? No more so than anyone else, it seems like. And she really does care about her patients. Most doctors lose that after a while, and just approach medicine as a job, but I haven't seen that with her at all. [pause] She lived here in the hospital, you know. I would have thought that once in a while she would visit a playground, or play with dolls, or dress up, or, well, something little girls do. Visit her home once in awhile, even. But she never did. This hospital was, and I think still is, her life. She grew into it, I guess. It was kind of uncanny; after awhile she just kind of knew everything about the hospital, even when the rest of us didn't. She could tell if something was missing or out of place, or if a staff member - even one she didn't know - was missing work for the day. But most of all, she knew the patients. She knew when somebody was getting better, getting worse, not responding to treatment as they should. She knew incoming patients before they arrived, was ready with the proper medication and instruments for the ailment. I've heard she was some kind of mentalist, so I guess it could all just be mind-reading, but...it just didn't seem like that. I've never understood exactly how she did it. If I wanted senses like that, would I have to sacrifice my life to helping others too? [long silence] I don't think I could do that. I don't think I know anyone who could, besides her...