The Queen of Uptown

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 Wins!

Brutal - 5 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 12

Personal Losses: 3


Oh boy, how shall I even begin? *Ahem* Anyway, my name's Felicity, what's yours? Me? Oh, I'm just a "normal" teenager in Khazan's weirdest family - you couldn't possibly miss them; yes, Khazan's weirdest family, weird even in a place where even the average citizen wouldn't give a damn about one more freak. Imagine what people anywhere else would think of me and my family. *Shudder* I live with my *shrug* family in their "luxurious" estate; it's pretty easy to spot - a huge, dreary-looking palace-like mansion several miles beyond the city outskirts. Some family I live with; boy am I lucky... think about it - take a motley mix of cheesy monster movie rejects and bombed-out failed supervillian wannabes, and throw in elements from "The Addams Family" and "Phua Chu Kang Private Limited" (creator's note: The no. 1 family sitcom in Singapore!) for good measure, and that's about as close as what you can get for the family I came from. Ugh... daddy's the patriarch of the family, and he's a 5000-year old ancient vampire wannabe with a penchant for strawberries and tomatoes and speaking in a Romanian accent; mom's better, a bit, but not much... an attractive, well-endowed evil temptress who actually spends slightly more time perfecting her "villianess laugh" than her black magicks. "OOOHOHOHOHO!" *sigh* There she goes again... And that's only the beginning. Then there's my brother, the bombed-out wannbe evil genius... never comes out from his lab in the mansion basement, save during mealtimes... and he's always boasting about some world-dominating doomsday machine he's assembled in his workshop... though *hee hee* his creations always blow up in his face. Heads up, there he blows - again *covers ears* "KABOOM!" *"@#$&^" a string of expletives can be heard being muttered from the underground workshop* Then there's also my godzillasaurus cousin who only shows up once every year during family reunions, and spends most of the year sleeping on the ocean floor... there's many more eccentric members in my family, but I guess I won't go too much into their details. I mean, that doesn't make sense, what kind of a family is this? Well, none of us got a clue as to when and how my family came to be... it always has been. Though the funny thing is, as a "normal" girl, I'm considered by my relatives to be the *rolls eyes in mock exasperation* most eccentric member in the entire family. Yeah... I'm as normal as they come, I'm currently studying in Khazan Central High... an okay student to say the least. I'm a member of the school's cheerleading squad, and I go for training three times every week; and... *psst* I've got a crush on the captain of the school's football team, but don't tell Gloria about that, or she's gonna curse me for sure .^ My fav' pastimes include going shopping with my classmates, going to the movies during weekends, and playing Final Fantasy, with FFX as my current favourite. See? And being a normal girl while the rest of the family are oddballs... certainly makes me the most eccentric member... Well, it's still pretty neat though, especially that mom, dad and my cousins have an ever-increasing treasure stash in those catacombs beneath the family mansion- oops! *slaps self* Damn... shouldn't have mentioned that... bad people may hear of it - so I guess I come from a wealthy family - and that's the only neat thing. One thing that really gets on my nerves at times is how *sigh* mom and dad always tell me to "get a life" and do something weird. Duh. Umm... what's that, mom? Dinner's ready? Okay, I'll be down in a moment. What? Don't tell me those are tentacles... again. Uh, mom... I'm not hungry; I think I'll just go take a walk. Yes, mom... I'll be careful when crossing the roads. Oh well, I guess I'll just take a stroll in downtown Khazan... have some fun, and maybe rock n' roll with some of the cooler citizens...

Well, I'm usually a cheerful and good-natured person in school and out of it, earnest and friendly, though I can be a bit loony at times, as my friends told me - what'd you expect from someone who comes from Khazan's weirdest family? It's a family trait, I believe, and I too have the ability to do some freaky stuff... That's what describes my personality best, I guess... I mean, I'm not very good at giving speeches, so there's not much I could say about myself. *Psst* That's why I feel that essay-writing sucks. Dang, I can't believe I just said that!

Abracadabra and Strangeness

     Spellcraft: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Of course, coming from Khazan's weirdest family, I too have to be able to do something freaky. Hmm... mom taught me the art of magic, and I'm able to invoke some hokey-pokey stuff with a flick of my wrist or a few mystical power words. Though don't expect the kind of stuff my mom throws around, and certainly none of that FFX schtick - some small eldrich bullets or fire balls and tiny mana explosions to say the least... nothing much, but it does help at times to ward off some muggers and bullies; though I'd rather be spending more of my free time on Final Fantasy or at the movies than doing all these abracadabra and other strangness...



     Lucky: Ultimate


Now... there's the funny part about me casting spells. Maybe that's the most freaky part of it all... whenever I try to cast a spell, I often end up creating a whammy... and strangeness follows. Not to mention that fireball exploding the wrong way and blowing me fifty feet away, just before that mech brings its foot down where I was standing a few seconds ago... or what I originally intended to be a small mana explosion nuke an entire neighbourhood, because I sneezed and recited the wrong magic words... or that untimely summoned stone wall dropping from the sky in the path of an incoming hail of bullets... I could never know what follows next as one calamity follows another >_< I'm a disaster at spell-casting, ugh! Though if there's any consolation, it appears that those around me aren't spared as well... I'll admit it's overkill at times, but I suppose it's well worth it, as long as the naughty ones learn their lesson in the end.


Immunity: Whammy (?)

     Force Field: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


You know what? As funny as it sounds, it appears that no matter what happens, I never seem to be affected by my own Whammies... I mean, come to think of it, even in cases where entire city blocks collapsed 0_0' around me... instead of crushing me, the debris and stuff actually fell right into the way of incoming attacks and the like... it's amazing, I tell you... Hmmm, but it turns out that no matter what strangeness may occur from a Whammy... in the end it always does one thing - save my skin, one way or another ^_^'


Family Trait

     Animal Transformation: Superior


Ah, good ol' dad... a little trait I inherited from my father... shape-shifting, albeit pretty limited. Dad's got the ability to turn himself into dogs, bats and other such animals, and this same ability's been with me for as far back as I can remember; I remembered myself shape-shifting long before I even learned to talk. Still, being able to turn into cute fuzzy animals and make slight changes to my appearances is a pretty neato thing to have. "Grrrr..." What was that? *turns around* Uh oh, it's the neighbours' unfriendly dog again... Hey! Presto... CHANGE-O! *Poof!* *Turns into a bluebird* See what I tell ya? Hee hee... flying is fun.


*Yawn* So, what else is new?

     Closed Mind: Standard


...if you've come from a family of oddballs like mine, chances are that you would've seen some of the most freaky stuff this side of reality. _^ Yeah... don't try any funny ideas or suggestions, 'cause I've probably seen them at one time or another. Mega-monsters? Evil genius wannabes? Ancient evils from beyond? Freaky psychic powers? You name it... my family has it, and chances are that I've seen it all, and don't you try to use any of that mental stuff to convince me otherwise... -_-


Am I lucky, or what?

     Acrobat: Ultimate


That's the question I really ought to ask myself. Maybe it's the fact I'm somewhat more graceful than the average person... well, I am in the school's cheerleading team, y'know, but then again, I could be plain lucky. In a nutshell, it appears I've got this knack for getting out of harm's way - literally. I've got a way of moving away from danger... it's like in the cartoons, y'know, where I simply bend down to pick up something, then the next moment a bullet whizzes past where my head once was, or "accidentally" tripping over untied shoelaces, just before that bad guy attempts to make a pounce, and ends up sailing right over me. It's almost surreal, I tell you. But given all the strangeness I've seen, I suppose I could just call it a side effect of my Whammy, or pure dumb luck. ^_^'