Mod: Master of Disguise

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Superior

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 2


An explosion rocked the building, causing the alarms to blare a warning. A warning that was obviously too late, thought the commander of the base, and the brains behind the current operation. He knew what was happening, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The monitors lining the wall showed nothing, not a single thing that could have set off that explosion deep in what was supposed to be a nigh impenetrable base. Wait... a blur of black went by one of the cameras...or was it just his imagination? No, it was.... in a private sector...there...a man walking and peering around cautiously. Going to his desk he pushed a button activating the intercom system and yelled into it, "Security team alpha, bring me the man in sector 69!" After that all he could do was wait and watch as the man apparently having intercepted the radio signal looked panic and tried to flee. Seconds later 3 guards came running by in the direction the man had fled. A few seconds ticked by and the three guards appeared holding the man in question. His head hung as if he had been knocked senseless. "So this is the supposed great Master of Disguise?" the man intoned drolly. The caught man was hauled in by two of elite guards and stood before the commander of the base. "So Mod we finally meet," he laughed. The helpless man squirmed in the grasp of the guards and screamed out, "I am not Mod, my name is Moe!" "What are you talking about?" The commander just laughed, "Yes I suppose you would try to say that. Tell me then, what were you doing in sector 69? That is a private sector and I don't' believe you have the authority to be there." The man paused and shakily replied, "the door had been opened and I was investigating it, I am security after all." The commander looked over the man quivering in front of him and had to admit he did look like a security officer. "Nice try Mod, but it isn't going to work, Guards!! Kill that man!" the commander ordered. Suddenly the commander had a very strange tickling sensation in his throat and a loss of breath. Putting his hand to his throat he found a dart had pierced all the way through it, and then his knees gave out. The last thing he saw as he fell we the two guards blinking out of existence and the security guard melt into a black clad figure with an extra large black fedora on his head and a black scarf around his face and neck. He took off his hat, bowed, and said, "pleasure to make your acquaintance commander, name is Mod."

As the commander gasped his last breath, The Master of Disguise allowed himself a brief moment to smile in satisfaction. "Yet another threat to the innocent people of Khazan taken care of," he thought. But a moment was all he got, an alarm sounded and he knew his biggest challenge was still ahead. Getting into a base by the element of surprise was easy he knew, getting out of an alert base was something altogether harder. First things first he decided; putting his hands to his belt he did a quick scan of the commander and just as quick as that, looked just like him. "Got to love holographic projectors", he mused. Going to the consol he punched the button on the COM there and shouted into it in a voice that was a dead on impression of the commanders, "What is going on Report!" Mod smiled to himself, "he might just get out of this one easy," he thought. That was when the elite guards came in rushing in. He cursed himself for not remembering the commander's personal guards. As soon as they entered the room, Mod was already moving, knowing it wouldn't take them long to figure out what happened with the commanders dead body laying right there on the ground. Pivoting towards the window already having scanned it with his special contact lenses earlier when the commander was talking to him, he fired an exploding dart into what he had determined to be the weak spot in the window and it shattered outward in a dazzling display. Mod wasted no time in going through the now open window. He adjusted the traction on his boots for grip and had them give a boost that allowed him to soar across the 20 feet to the rooftop adjacent to the commander's room. "Out of the fire but back into the frying pan, now to get the heck outta here," thought Mod, as a pair of guards came around the corner. Dodging to a slight alcove he quickly activated his holographic projector to fill in the niche, and just in time. The pair went running right by him chasing a figment he had sent off. Making sure they were gone, he changed his appearance to that of one the guards and started to run back the way they came. Sure enough there were 5 more guards waiting around the corner. He put on an appropriate look of wildness and gave a garbled but understandable report to whom he had surmised was the leader of this little group. He had guessed right, the men started towards the way he had come. He purposely fell behind and only after a few steps he was able to break away. He knew he didn't have too much time before they figured out the ruse, so he increased the traction of his boots again and started running, as fast as an Olympic runner, maybe a little faster. He was close to his goal now, only one guard looking the other way but with a phone in his hand stood in his way. After thinking for a split second he chose to go over instead of through the guard. Calling the jump boost from his boots again, he leaped at the wall well above the head of the guard and used his gloves to stick to the wall. "Nifty things these," Mod thought. Crawling up as fast as he could manage safely but quickly, he made it to the top without being spotted by the 4 separate patrols that were around the area, probably thanks to his projector helping him blend into the wall. Close to the top he used one of the many tools in his gloves to not divert the power of the electrified barbwire, but to cut it as well. Once over it was Childs play to leap out from the wall and use his Coat to parachute his way down into the neighboring forest...and then he was away. Mod yawned and allowed himself a smile, " all in a nights work," he mused.

The Mind

     Detective: Standard


Sitting behind his desk at the Day Shift headquarters somewhere in the heart of Khazan city, Mod was deep in concentration. The recent series of terrorist attacks had him troubled. At this moment he was playing through all the clues that he had been collecting the last few days in his head. There was a pattern to the crimes and threats, So far they had been lucky and been able to stop the bombs from exploding and plots from unwinding. But it was only a matter of time they would succeed in their nefarious plots if the head of the organization known only as COIL was not stopped. Putting the crimes in order, and by location a pattern was developing. Curious, he brought up a map, and plotted the points on. Looking down there was a pattern; they were all over to the west industrial section of Khazan city. Sitting back and put his hands behind his head as he thought trough the various locations in the area that would make a good base. Having narrowed them down he went to the satellite uplink and started monitoring activity at the 5 sites that would make excellent bases. Sure enough after ten minutes of searching a warehouse was showing activity. There was way too much activity; that had to be the place.


The Mind

     Tactician: Standard


Mod studied the place from the satellite imaging. It was definitely a defensible structure. So defensible that the Commander probably thought it was impenetrable. After looking it over for a few minutes a plan started to form in his mind. "Yes, he thought, there are some very big gaps in your security." Smiling he got up out of his seat and went down to the research department to pick the equipment he would need.


The Boots

     Running: Standard


On entering the lab, Mod noticed the new guy codenamed Tech working at a bench nearby. Wandering over to him he saw he was just finishing up on Mod's own equipment. "What do you have for me today Tech?" Mod asked. Tech looked at him with a critical eye. "Heya boss man, what should I call you today? Is it, Harold, Matt, Richard?" Mod did not look amused. "If you must know, its Jon Smith today" Laughing Tech held up a pair of boots, sized to fit him, Tech replied, "These are your boots. "Want to see what they can do?" Mod nodded an affirmative, and Tech handed Mod the pair of boots. "Alright, now these boots will allow you to run at incredible speed. They are made from a compound derived from rubber called Boundium. It has unstable molecules that respond to your specific brain patterns. Go ahead, run to the wall and back as fast as you can, the boots will allow you to go faster and faster till you can even outrun a car if you had to. Mod nodded and set off, he found that he thought about going faster he would, and in mere second he had come back to stand next to Tech. "What else can these thing do?" he asked.


The Boots

     Leaping: Standard


Well, on top of the increase in speed the change in traction will also allow what I call antifriction. In laymen's terms this will cause you to literally bounce of the ground. It is very useful for jumping to incredible heights. Mod nodded and thought about decreasing the traction and jumping and sure enough he was able to touch the ceiling no problem. In fact he could probably reach many times that height no problem. "Very nice Tech, what else do you have for me?" questioned Mod


The Gloves

     Spider Climb: Standard


Picking up a pair of gloves on the workbench Tech turned towards Mod. "Now these beauties are going to come in handy. No pun intended," Tech said with a laugh. "Using increased surface tension and suction these babies will allow you to climb walls. Fairly useful for reconnaissance or a way to get away when you need an escape that most people wouldn't be thinking about," explained Tech.


The Gloves

     Weapons Creation: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Also, these gloves could be perhaps the most versatile part of your arsenal. They contain a veritable Swiss army knife of gadgets. They contain anything from a blade, to scissors strong enough to be able to cut through steel, to your main weapon the darts. The darts of course come in three flavors, regular, or if you come into more severe circumstances acid and explosive. There are a few other goodies in here, but you can figure them out later. He nodded and looked at the last 2 items on the workbench curiously. "And what are those?" Mod asked


The Contact Lenses

     Thermal Vision: Standard


Picking up the first of the two items, Tech handed them to Mod. These are your field contacts. They take photographs that are sent back to the computer and stored, they can access the database here and give you information. And what you may also find useful is they can scan in different frequencies. The one I see you needing now though is the inferred, or thermal frequencies. I don't see too much reason to use the other frequencies right now, but thermal should come in handy for what you said you were looking for. These will also send images to this last and most important part of your arsenal," Tech explained.


The Belt

     Illusion Creation: Superior


"Now I know you enjoy creating your own disguises, and are very good at it. This device however will make you talent for disguise that much better. It's a holographic emitter. It will allow you to look like anyone you want. It can't however make you sound like anyone yet, though we are working on it. But from what I hear you have that covered already. Also the emitter can hold up to 10 different images. It also allows you to blend into a wall or any generic disguise you would want. Also as an added bonus it can allow you to project up to 4 different images at a time. Pretty nifty huh?" beamed Tech. Mod had to admit, this assortment of gizmos was impressive, and exactly what he needed to take down those terrorists.