Deviana Ash-Meadows

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 2

Robotech Master

After the fall of the sun, when night stretched forward but families still danced in the moon-lit streets of Khazan City, Deviana strolled down the uptown district, repeating a pattern that she had become accustomed to over the last few years. She was of the Fallen Order, and yet at least once a week she found herself roaming the streets, walking from the red light districts all the way to the industrial capital freeways. Something compelled her; it was that voice, that haunting, oh so beautiful voice. Observe, it whispered. Yes, only a whisper, it was too important to risk letting anyone else but her hear it. Deviana found herself tilting her head and staring, minutes at a time, at families where grinning, sun-tanned parents went hand in hand with thier little children, laughing thier troubles away. Strangely enough, she found she did not understand; the whispers helped her see the cosmic connection: the mental psychology that made people care for their offspring, or the DNA that related the adults to their prodigies; but something was still lacking--there was something illogical, something based on emotion and feeling that made it all whole, and for that she hated it, frowned down upon the entire system with burning eyes. ~Always this observation would throw her into the past, make her realize that the voice, the whisper, had always been her true parent. It was the one thing that guided her, let her know things about space and time that others knew nothing of. She was eight years old when she heard it, the hoarse but inviting tone. No one else could hear it, no, but she did, and it told her wonderful things. With its help, Deviana obtained books and resources that allowed her study the theory of dimensions, space, and relativity. She lost all interest in the basic math, science, and literacy that girls her age were supposed to learn; and in spite of turning her head at the slightest mention of these things, she managed to understand these complex theories in spite of her lack of a normal education. ~"We don't know what to do with her." That was her parent's birthday present to her when she turned twelve...a visit with a child psychologist. "I've tried getting her to focus at school, to look at things that someone her age should be doing, but all she cares about are those books. They scare me, some of those books." The mother shook her head. She didn't cry, she never did. ~"What scares me is how the little thing knows so much about all this physics stuff." The father looked over one of Deviana's books. "You read this stuff and tell me if you know what the hell its saying." He threw the book onto the psychologists desk. ~But while the psychologist gave his answers, Deviana was listening to the whispers, going over everything she had learned. She had seen the most beautiful place, the Shadow Realm, a world parrallel to Khazan, a place that was empty...void. The voices had taught her how to travel there, how to spend time in that overwhelming solitude; but everytime she was forced to return, could only spend a few moments in that tranquility. Her parents tried to take that away from her; psychologists tried to explain it away from her. She glared at them all and would walk away; years of her life were wasted on simply imagining herself killing her obstacles instead of actually taking the initiative. ~Then the voices gave her the solution: it was not to make her time spent in the void realm longer, it was to bring down the unholy system that plagued the world she was born into. Yes, the voices told the truth! She was born into the wrong world, but now she had to make it right, make it empty, make it quiet. ~And she would. Oh she would. The very recollection made her want to lash out at the nearest couple on the street, but she knew the consequences of that. Too many heroes around, too many fools who would stand in her way. Clenching her fists tightly, Deviana worked her way to the end of the block and turned the corner. A familiar face greeted her there; the tall, dark-haired man was casually laying against the brick wall, arms folded and head turned down. The same man that had found her that day, two years ago, when she was just fifteen years old. Dreiden Adonis, one of the Fallen's Four Lord-Tyrants who acted as the "right hand's" of the Council. ~He pushed off of the wall as she approached. "You've wasted enough time here. You have work to do."

"I haven't finished yet," Deviana responded, hands behind her back. ~"Why bother walking among them, when you know their fate, and your task? These lost souls are as good as dead already." ~"I always come here to find something." She responded. ~"And will you ever find it, in a place like this?"~"Always. Every Time." ~Adonis smiled. "Well, then you can always come back to get it again. Come, the council has given us an order." ~"We going to do any purging?" Deviana asked, eyebrows raising. She curled a wave of pale hair behind her neck to bare her ears to his answer. ~"A young hero group is beginning to rise up in the outskirts of the industrial sector. A common nuissance as always, but these ones are rather--charasmatic--and they have already pulled in a large number of people to their cause. Though its unlikely that they'll become anything like the Sentinels, the Council wants them wiped out." ~Devian looked up at the sky; a smile broke across her ghost-white face. "Sounds like fun."

Shadow Step I

     Phasing: Superior


Dreiden and Deviana arrived at their destination to find a dimly lit land of pavement, like a former parking lot that had been cleared out. Huddled around a campfire were five large tents and a group of five people standing outside. ~"These are a potential threat?" Deviana said. ~"True vigilantes." Dreiden responded. "Nothing much to look at; its not their current status that's a problem, we simply need to crush them now before they give any other individual vigilantes the notion of forming a larger legion." ~A man dressed head to toe in silver armor, and who was as big as an ogre, began to greet them when they approached the fire. "Fellow...wait. Eva, Rudiger, you guys know these ones?" ~"Damn it!" A young looking man with brown hair and a cyberized battlesuit jumped in front of the group. "You didn't recognize these ones?" ~"That's Dreiden Adonis!" A short, slender woman with red eyes added. ~"The legend himself?" The armored man spat out. "Thought he'd be a lot taller." ~"You!" The young man, Rudiger, pointed fiercly. "You're one of the Four Lord-Tyrants of the Fallen." ~"Don't leave me out," Deviana slowly stepped in front of Adonis. "I am too." ~"Really, well two for the price of one. Eva!!" Rudiger shouted.~Eva waved her hands and a net of energy wrapped around them. It attempted to ensnare Adonis, but he leaped back ten feet; Deviana let the energy become a cage, trapping her at every angle. ~"We got one!" Rudiger announced. "Tray, Yvonne, go get the other one. Alright, Eva, close it." ~The other two vigilantes circled around while Eva motioned her hands inward; the cage of light closed in, shrinking until it was tight enough to crush Deviana in. These were no merciful heroes; they had much more in common with the Reavers than anyone else apparently. ~The gate should have closed in, sliced her to ribbons, but instead she was no where to be found when the gate fell in on itself. ~"Impossible!" Eva yelled. "She was trapped on all sides, she couldn't possibly get through." ~"Where did she go!?" The armored man looked, but Deviana was no where to be seen. ~Dreiden could be heard laughing in the background. The two heroes sent after him were already dead. "You three have no idea what is upon you now."


Shadow Step II

     Invisibility: Superior


From within the Shadow Realm, Deviana stared at the shaky, wavering images of the three vigilantes before her. In the past the whispers, the voices which had led her to discovering the path of the Fallen, had taught her to visit this parrallel dimension, an empty, colorless world with no obstacles, no noise, nothing. When she entered this realm she became displaced from physical reality, passing through all obstructions that existed in normal space while also dissappearing from sight. The three heroes searched in vain for her, but Deviana was moving unseen; the whispers spoke to her, allowed her to see the shadowy silhouettes of the vigilantes, telling her where they stood in normal space. Barely able to hold back her anticipation, Deviana ran through the shadow realm, passed through and came behind the big armored one, and with the slightest sound she fizzled back into normal space, crouched to the ground, sword in hand.


Cut Through Space

     Gravity: Ultimate


The sword in her hand was not a normal blade; in fact, many would be hard pressed to call it a sword at all. On the surface it was certainly such a weapon, and in the end the armored fool would only understand that he had been cut down by a sword, nothing more. However, the appearance was mainly a form of convenience, a shape that her power had taken. The whispers had told her things, shown her the make-up of the cosmos and how space between dimensions was shared; and within this knowledge she was gifted with the skill to divide the cosmos, to cut a small part of space/time itself. ~"What!? She's behind me!" The armored one began to turn around, reached for a weapon of his own. ~Before he could fully act, Deviana sprung up and made a single motion; a silver flash lit the sky. The man suddenly stopped, eyes wide.


Cut Through Space II

     Matter Animation: Standard

  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Blood spat out the armored one's mouth. He barely had enough time to look down, see the bright blue tear that Deviana had left through physical space...and through him as well. The man's upper half spilled to the ground--his lifeless legs soon followed. Moments later the azure slash shrank down and vanished. Space returned to normal. ~" can't..." Rudiger eyed the corpse of his once jovial friend. ~"Space itself," Eva stuttered. "The natural order of things was disturbed by that blade." ~Deviana smiled as she lifted her sword near her face, allowed her eyes to shine in the cold metal. Not a drop of blood spoiled it. "Which one is next," she whispered, just like the voices that guided her. She took off, vanishing in a burst of darkness: the Shadow Step. ~"Track her down! Can't you follow her!" Rudiger demanded.~"No!" Eva replied. The senses of magic would not track down this kind of devilry. "She's displacing herself, its like she's literally not here anymore. Maybe if I...there!" ~It was only the last second, the very last moment of the Shadow Step when Deviana appeared in normal space, just inches away from Eva, that she found her. She had heard the sound of her re-entry, but that was not enough; it was too late to avoid the inevitable cut now.


Through Space, and everything in it

     Teleportation: Superior


Unable to avoid the sword, Eva cast a spell that formed a magical armor around her body. ~Deviana swung, passing the sword cleanly through Eva's midsection. The armor did nothing to stop it. ~"But how..." her dying words faded as Eva's body was divided, segmented along with the space that Deviana had fragmented. ~"They show me your weaknesses," Deviana said with a smile. "They show me everything." ~Cutting through space, the sword had a way of violently segmenting anything in that space, as if forcefully teleporting something into two places at once. Such an attack, the whispers had told her, was not bound by the physical notions of force vs. armor. More often than not it bypassed those obstacles, practically jumped beyond them and moved to the frail flesh.


Without Hindrance

     Running: Standard


"I'll Kill you, no matter what it takes!" Rudiger let out a mad roar. Eva was still in the middle of her death--Deviana was still pulling her sword back from the killing stroke. Weapons pulled out of Rudiger's battlesuit; his arms, chest, shoulders, all adorned with provocative cannons and blasters. ~He fired quickly, relentlessly. Normally Deviana would not have enough time to react, but she was quick enough to pull herself into the shadow realm, to dissapear into a void where those weapons couldn't harm her. ~In the normal world she was frail, but in the shadow realm she had taught herself to run at astounding speeds; for there was no doubt that the emptiness of the shadow realm meant that there was nothing to weigh her down, nothing to impede her from reaching anything and anyone on a straight line. In that space, she could carry herself like a force of nature, a gust of wind that blew forward, took her exactly to where she needed to be. The voices showed her, talked to her; they made her see the outline of Rudiger's body, and her speed took her right to his side. Rudiger had barely begun his salvo when Deviana threw herself out of the Shadow Step, brought her blade up to her hip, and slashed upward. A vertical, blue crescent tore through space and cut Rudiger in half from head to toe. The color left his eyes as his divided body fell to either side. ~"Beautiful work," Adonis said, clapping from a distance. "You become a more efficient killer with each mission. The void will be pleased with the work you'll do in the future." ~The sword in her hand dissapeared. "I'm not satisfied with this. Just five lives; not nearly enough to fulfill the void." ~"Patience," Dreiden began to walk away from the bloodshed. "We can only bring about the end one step at a time." ~Finding herself ready to return to the Tower, Deviana followed a few steps behind Dreiden. One step at a time, he said? She was young, true, but did not have the luxury of timelessness or immortality. No, she had limits to her time on Khazan, but she knew at least one thing--the voices reminded her of it often: she would live to see the day when the void swallowed everything else.