Quietus(Chibi SD Version)

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 1


One would be tempted to begin this story with "The place was the Void" because it's rather easy to forget that the Void isn't so much of a place, as places are something, whereas the Void is, of course, the epitome of nothing. It's not black, because black is a color. Cocky scientists might say that black is actually the absence of color, but the concept of black as a color is still there, it still exists and because it exists it is simply not in the Void. Existence, remember, is inimical to the Void. This is rather odd, because every so often the Void, one of the fundamental prime forces of reality, feels the need to create an Avatar to represent its interests. Metaphysicians with knowledge of this force and its minions have long wrestled with such a blatant contradiction. How then, they ask themselves, could a force so dedicated to destruction and entropy even begin to imagine to desire to field an agent to further its cause? Wouldn't the very action of creating an Avatar run totally and completely against all that the Void is? This is indeed true. What many metaphysicians don't know is that Avatars of Void aren't created. They're recruited. Some individuals actively seek the Void out, hungry for power and knowledge that only coming to embody a fundamental prime force of reality can provide. Others are chosen quite against their will, screaming out to myriad gods to save them from the fate that shall befall them. All were extraordinarily powerful individuals before their transformation, though, made all the more terrifying once recruited into the service to the Void. Quietus was one such individual. His name before he was chosen was Quietus Monitet Perversus and he was a magical prodigy of extraordinary talent. Hungry for power, he happened across a tome where Void agents were bound by a hero of the Light centuries past. They offered him power unimaginable in exchange for his services and, without even thinking about it, he agreed. In a single second, he could no longer be considered human in even the remotest possibility. He was nothingness wrapped in the form of existence to function, like a spaceman wears a suit to venture into the heavens above. Quietus was a scourge to reality, being one of the most powerful Avatars the Void had produced in millennia. His battles with the heroes of Khazan are legendary and his power, even in memory, is thought of with dread horror. His defeat at the hands of Elwin D'Larthi, Seryph Gibbons, Ryoko and Rez was thought to be his final, the specter of non-existence no longer looming over the heads of all that was. They thought it had ended. They thought it was over. They were wrong. It's never over. Chibi SD Quietus has come to Khazan and no one is safe!

: The Fallen Tower. Doctor Nomar's lab produces strange clicks and beeps as fluid pours from one tube to another for reasons unknown to all who call themselves sane. Gunfire is heard outside. The SLJ is storming the Tower for the eighth time this month. It must be a slow month. Outside, Dollarcorp jets wreck havoc on airborne opponents while cyborgs hold off invaders on the ground. Zalrafel's ancient legions come up from behind and encircle the last of the SLJ foot soldiers. A stray artillery shell manages to hit the Tower, right where the lab would be. The tubes shake. One spills, yellowish liquid pouring all over the table. Outside, the Tremor aims his amazing earthquake powers at the Tower foundation. It shakes but not much else. Automated defenses react quickly and turn the Tremor into the Corpse. Another tube in the lab shakes and spills. Reddish liquid mixes with the yellowish liquid. Time passes and the liquid congeals into a gelatinous mass that quickly rises up in some sort of primitive intelligence. It crawls across the table, feeling its way towards freedom. Then, a reaction. Wracked with black and blue waves of energy, it has no mouth yet must scream. It writhes on the table then rolls on the floor. The energy seems to be coming from the Tower walls itself, old resonance flowing into new flesh, as if memory itself were imprinted into the magical stone that the Fallen Tower was made of. A greenish smoke rises from the mass writing on the floor and the sickening sucking, slurping noise the slime was making is replaced with a high pitched whine. The smoke clears and a hand is opened and closed for the first time. The novelty of standing up is quickly explored. Dare a walk be attempted? One foot follows another in a glorious celebration of movement. Time passes and the room is explored. In a practiced motion, a hand sweeps a cloak over a shoulder. Where the cloak came from, no one knows. The thing looks at himself in the mirror. It is the doom of planes, the Avatar of Void, Quietus. Eighteen inches tall. Touching his face as if to ask "Is that me?" he notices his features are horribly exaggerated. His cheeks are puffy, his legs are stumpy and his hair...Well, let's not get into the hair. He left the room. Best find a way to reverse this dread condition and fast, he thought as he stepped through a portal as if by instinct and entered the city below. A red alarm light flashed incessantly atop the door -"Escaped clone. Immediate action advisable."

He's so CUTE!

     Pheremones: Ultimate


"He's just so cuuuuuuute!" Chibi SD Quietus waved away the hordes of teenage girls as he walked down the streets. "Bother me not, feckless nymph!" It didn't work. It only made things worse. "Oh my god! He says feckless! That is SO cute! Tina, let's see what else he says!" And so it grew worse and worse and worse - the longer he walked, the more girls accumulated behind him, all of them parroting the incessant cry of "He's so CUTE!" The red haired one known as Melony, with her braces and penguin plushie backpack, practically yelled at the top of her lungs "Look at his eyes! They're so shiny and cute! And look at those legs! He's so small and stumpy! That's so cute! And look at that grim, scowling expression he wears upon his face! It's so CUTE when he scowls at you! He's such a dear little thing!" In a voice far more high pitched than he would have preferred, Chibi SD Quietus said, "Enough! I am NOT cute! I am NOT adorable! I am destruction and death and decay! I am the end! I am the dark shadow of non-existence that hangs upon the shoulder of all that is like a storm crow waiting for disaster to strike! I am the Void! I am Quietus and I shall be NO ONE'S dear little thing!" The crowd stopped and gawked, wide-eyed and open mouthed. Chibi SD Quietus crossed his arms and smirked. That'll show 'em, he thought. Then he suddenly found himself on the floor, knocked back by sonic force. As one, the girls screamed "He's so cute!" in the highest little girl pitches they could muster. He quickly brushed himself off and ran.


He's so small!

     Blending: Superior


Tired and out of breath, he looked past the side of the wall. "I think I lost them," he said to himself. Leaning against the wall, he stopped to collect his thoughts. Where can one reverse this condition? Where would one be able to find the arcane magic or technology to grow back into a decent sized state? The answer to one such as him should have come easily to him, yet did not. Perhaps the memory protocols he had installed in the Tower had somehow decayed with the modifications that Zalrafel and Dollar had performed upon it. Maybe the form that the memories manifested in was imperfect. Looking at himself in a puddle, he decided it was fairly obvious that the form was imperfect. Still, one must do what one must do to get by. Then, footsteps. No! They're back! Got to hide, got to hide. Where? The trash can? The cardboard box? The rain gutter? The heating grate? Being so small, there were so many places he could hide in...


He's so deadly!

     Gravity: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect


... But it was too late. He took too long to hide and now the girls had him trapped... Like a rat. "Let's dress him up!" "He can marry Barbie!" "He can marry Ken!" Dark Void flame coalesced in his hands, cooling the very air around him. "Let's braid his hair!" said Stephani. Stephani didn't survive long before her skull was collapsed upon itself. "Ah, didn't know I could still do that." He looked in the direction of the crowd. "See that? Now leave, lest you become next!" The crowd stood still for a moment. One or two of the girls backed away. The rest simply stared. "Pusillanimous cows! Did you not hear me! Leave, lest you suffer the same fate as your friends!" So engaged in trying to get rid of the crowd who apparently thought admiring cuteness took precedence over their own lives, he did not notice the giant red, white and blue robot flying down from the sky and into the alleyway.


He's so cute II

     Commander: Supreme


"Stop! I detected Void energies coming from your direction! By order of the Sentinels of Liberty and Justice, you are under arrest! Come with me, P.A.T.R.I.O.T., and you will not be harmed!" Chibi SD Quietus turned around quickly and consumed the robot in Void fire. "Do not presume, automaton! I may be 1/8 the size, but I am just as deadly!" The flames cleared and the robot still stood. "Your Void energies are much weaker than the original Quietus. My only conclusion is that you are NOT the original Quietus. You are an imperfect clone imprinted with the Avatar's memories. And you are under arrest."


Thank Heaven for Little Girls

     Commander: Supreme

  • Multi-Attacks


This was when the crowd began to snap out of their trance. One stood up in front of the crowd and stood defiantly in front of the robot. "You can't take away our pet! He's so CUTE!" The crowd began to shout in agreement. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. only started. "You are aware that this is an imperfect clone of a being which has tried to destroy reality countless times, correct?" The girl at the front nodded. "AND he's gonna marry Ken!" That was when the girls charged and the robot vanished in a vast sea of flailing limbs, trashcan lids, Hello Cthulhu backpacks, plushies and robo-pets. "Please," said the robot, "I cannot hurt little girls. Please desist from ripping out my wiring!" Chibi SD Quietus looked at the carnage in fascination. Perhaps they are not so useless after all...