Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 12

Personal Losses: 3


A city can only take so much before it says "ENOUGH!" Demon invasions have ravaged their all girls junior high schools, alien fleets have destroyed much of their military instalations, feuding martial artists have trashed the majority of the commercial districts and on top of all that, Godzilla was still lurking. Tokyo was a city that one would say had seen better days if not for the fact that it really hadn't. Every single minute of every hour of every day, a new threat. A new crisis. Sure, Tokyo had orbital laser defense systems, orbital fighter craft that were capable of single-handedly leveling a small nation, and a military training camp for all sorts of martial artists, but despite this, the citizens still found their city destroyed every day. Often times, it was the defenses themselves that were responsible for most of the collateral damage. Sure, construction and repair companues struck it rich, but for the most part many were miserable. It was only after Cthulhu rose off the coast, drove 1/2 the population insane and caused a tidal wave that flooded the city that two things happened. First of all, the city became self-aware. This wasn't a new thing, however, has the city had become self-aware many times in the past, right before destroying itself in an orgy of chaos and anarchy. However, this time it become both self-aware AND had a good sense of self-preservation. The second thing that happened was that Tokyo decided it didn't have to take this anymore. The city rose from the ground supported by giant mechanical legs. People wondered where the legs came from, but then decided not to question it, as something like this has a habit of happening every day. The steel manufacturing plants in the city began to work by themselves, as well as construction machines. People began to get afraid; they had all seen Patlabor! However, that situation didn't happen. Instead, what happened was withina day, a gigantic protective armor was built around the city, just in time to face that day's Cosmic Threat, a giant rampaging sea monster out of control; it had only one driving goal: destroy Tokyo. It expected this. It demanded this. It was a give-in that it would succeed. Except this time. Out of nowhere, weapons of all shapes and kinds popped out of the armor and leveled themselves at the monster. The energy weapons bulged first before releasing their deadly payload. The monster was weakened, but not down for good. Then the martial artists came. Out of the myriad dojos in the city, they all felt the mental compulsion to fight and defend their homes. Combining devasting martial arts with ridiculous names for their attacks, they managed to finish off the threat. Tokyo felt good at this victory. Tokyo felt POWERFUL. It now knew what it must do. Travel around the planes and fight anything that may one day pose a threat to it. Given the fact that a little white feather could destroy the city, Tokyo has actually taken to destroying everything in its path in a mad rampage of destruction, as, theoretically, EVERYTHING will one day be driven to destroy Tokyo; it's just a matter of time. Tokyo doesn't think about the morality of its actions, though. All it thinks is "Let's see how YOU like being destroyed! Hahahahahaha!"

Extremely paranoid, though with good reason. I mean, if, until very recently, it was part of your normal life to get destroyed everyone single day by some sort of evil monster threat or alien armada, you'd be plenty paranoid too! Tokyo fights the good fight against anything that may one day have the compulsion to destroy Tokyo (read: Everything) which means virtually everything it sees is "Kill on Sight."


     Inventor: Standard


Tokyo has always been a Mecca for... Well, mecha. The greatest shipbuilding, mech building, vehicle building and android building minds in the world are concentrated in this one city and have sotred their theories and designs on computers. Tokyo merely accessed these files to create the insanely powerful city you see before you.


The Tokyo Arsenol

     Weapons Creation: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


The Gunbuster Supreme, the Omnitaser Delux, the Black Hole Gun, the Quantum Singularity Inducer, the Pretty Explosion Creator, the Petty Explosion Creator, the Ugly Explosion Creator, the Eternal Zero Cannon, the Badly Translated Name Gun, the Poorly Dubbed Schoolgirl Launcher, the Tenticle Invasion Beacon, the Pantypault 2000k, The Pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-pika^666 Rapid Fire Launcher, and the Complete Works of Lynn Minmei are only SOME of the weapons that Tokyo has at its disposal. The vast majority of these weapons pop out of special sliding ports in the armor of the city and even if these weapons are somehow disabled, there will still be some 100,000 other weapons still firing. Most of them explode in quite a wide radius. Recent power ups to the Tokyo Weapons System have allowed multiple weapons to all be fired at once, everything from homing cannons that ruthlessly seek out the enemy to laser sabers that Tokyo wields through the use of "hands" out the side of the armor.


Tokyo Itself

     Mechanized Armor: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


Ah. Tokyo itself. A masterpiece of physical engineering, it's designed to withstand virtually anything some unwary Tokyo trasher may throw at it. Anything from Planet Crushing Starship Blasts to Dueling Martial Arts Schoolgirls With Superhuman Strength, Tokyo can take it all. Made from premium super-scientific steel alloys, this armor could probably survive an invasion of tenticle demons as their suckered pseudopods flail uselessly against the surface of the armor. Alien armadas? No problem. Is it the Final and Ultimate Battle Between Good and Evil AGAIN? *sigh* Tokyo just walks through these conflicts unscratched. God help an uncontrollable telekinetic street punk biker if Tokyo happens across one. Those it hates the most.


Take Off Every Zig!

     Commander: Superior


The citizenry of Tokyo itself is actually very diverse. It has everything from interdimensional mages to mad scientists. The actual Tokyo militia is still training, but in the meantime Tokyo has manufactured something it calls the Zig.


Every Zig

     Commander: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


The combined efforts of every child prodigy, every drunken engineer, every incomprehensible mechanic, every super-dimensional science-goddess, every evil genius bent on world domination, every street-smart kid hacker, every rocket-hammer wielding cybernetics expert, every dirty old man with an octopus for a head, every tough-as-nails airship engineer, every frog-like airship engineer... Well, pretty much EVERY single scientific mind in Tokyo has pooled their effort to produce the apogee of their work: Zig 2.0. Zig 2.0 is more than twice as powerful as the original Zig by harnessing the most powerful force in all reality (well, most realities anyway): the Schoolgirl. Schoolgirls, one of the most powerful beings in existence. They're notorious for knowing devastating martial arts moves, being able to take on opponents far larger, stronger, and scarey looking than themselves simply by the virtue that they're schoolgirls. They're known to always be packing heavy weaponry, everything from light sub-machineguns to Armageddon-class tactical nuclear missiles, pulling such heavy equippment from anywhere upon their person. Zig 2.0 takes all the aforemented strengths of the schoolgirl and transfers them into a robotic chasis that can easily trounce most opponents. While Zig 2.0 is usually manufactured to attack the opponent in tandem with the main Tokyo unit, they are also used to defend the city from within, should the walls ever be breached and the enemy make it inside. And, unlike previous Zig models, if Zig 2.0 is destroyed, another one is immediately in the production line and will be produced in seconds.