Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 Wins!

Brutal - 4 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 12

Personal Losses: 1


It began with a single thief. A great thief to be exact, great enough to have no fame at all. But her talents were limited, and the money to be made from picking pockets was small change compared to some of the things she could only drool at through a glass case, rubbing her fingers together as if imagining the feel of currency sliding between them. Much as it pained her to think of it, she would have to split the earnings to obtain help...but it had to be something grand. A great thief cannot afford to be weighed down by an incompetent associate, or else the slower individual would be left for dead in a heartbeat, abandoned to the night and the mercy of their pursuers. It had to be greed that would bring them together and bind them. No fame or glory, luxury and opulence. It was about the money, only the money, and one by one they came together. The promise left on a breath of wind and floated into the deepest, most rotten corners of the city, a stink only the darkest of rats would come to investigate. Most were denied and then silenced, but the Greedy Ones came in time, drawn only by the desire to Have. One thief became six, and they were to be great, so great that nobody would ever hear of them in all of history, drowned beneath the outcry of nameless deeds. The city was ripe with possessions, and Greedcraft struck out into the night to suck it dry.

Greed. There was no hatred for those born rich, no love of the chase or thrill in glory. Those accepted had to have greed, a need for money that didn't care what ends had to be taken, whose bones were stepped over for a profit. It was all that the six cared about, and they banded together with the knowledge that by pooling their skills they could obtain more things than ever. People were faceless and useless, all the same; it was the things you had that mattered. Take, take until you have it all, take everything from everyone until they are nothing. That is the meaning of life.

Tractor Beam

     Tractor Beam: Superior

  • Target Seeker
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


None of them ever told each other their names. It didn't matter. All they brought was their skill, and that was all they needed. The organizer was Filch, the pickpocket. She was the best at what she did, having been operating throughout the city for years without getting captured. The police didn't know she existed. Only once was she almost arrested, but the officer's gun was spinning on her finger before he even finished removing it from its holster, and he was shot in the head with it an instant later. The body was robbed of everything down to two fillings. Filch had the stickiest fingers in Khazan, able to steal a wallet, the chain it was attached to, and the change in the victim's shoes from across the room without them noticing. But for all her skill there was so much she could not take, and from that avarice the others grew.


Martial Arts

     Martial Arts: Superior


The first to come was Fight. He used an old and simple form of burglary: break, enter, kill, loot, exit. Fight did with his hands what others did with a bat. Sometimes a guard couldn't be snuck around no matter how good the plan, security so tight that a conflict was inevitable. These were risks that had to be taken when aiming high, and they were the risks that Fight removed when all that stood between you and your goal was a few broken necks.



     Blending: Supreme


Next that joined was Fade, the assassin. His work was always blamed on serial killers, simply because the only connecting fiber was a lack of evidence. A body, and an absence of wealth. He made his fortune on going unseen, being anywhere without anyone noticing. Slither in through the window, put a knife to a few throats, and you now own that home and everything within. If the cameras were too numerous and well-protected to be found, it was Fade who became a wisp of air and snuck past to disable the ones in the control room, leaving not even a hair of his presence.


Environmental Awareness

     Environmental Awareness: Superior


Find brought them to the previously impossible heights of thievery. It seemed like he never blinked, glaring out into the world with steely, covetous eyes that measured a person for every cent they were worth. He detailed the lasers, pressure plates, and sensors that triggered alarms as if he had helped to design every security system in town. When all their complicated defenses were surgically laid out and evaded, the greatest of prizes would fall into Greedcraft's hands as rich, overripe fruit. But Find could do no more than his namesake, and to truly make fools of the most elaborate traps, more was needed.



     Paralysis: Superior

  • Auto-Hit Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing
  • Multi-Attacks


Fight was good, but he was only human. More powerful creatures lacked the necessary appreciation of Having, but as a result there were only so many guards he could deal with at a time. Inevitably, there were times that a larger conflict could not be avoided, and it was never a good idea to allow risks to happen in the first place. It was Frame who provided safety, laying out deadly traps that entangled the legs and mangled the knees, launched tranquilizer darts from all directs before even the other thieves realized a guard had stepped on the tripwire. When the opposition was helpless, Fight could simply walk from one to the next, twisting their spines into knots before joining his fellows inside.



     Teleportation: Superior


Lastly came one of the most important aspects of stealing, the lockpick. Fiddle could steal a police car with one bare hand, and break locks meant to withstand a nuclear blast with a paperclip. There was nothing he couldn't get to the other side of. With his presence Greedcraft was complete, and working in concert they could empty a museum in ten minutes. Thirty during open hours. They did not get bored, and cared nothing for the challenge. For as long as anyone would dare to possess anything, they would be there to take it away.