Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Superior

Agility: Superior

Mind: Weak

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 0

DarkRanger X

DRX sat in a contemplative position, tapping the end of a pen on his computer desk. A phrase kept revolving in his mind, causing him a great amount of concern.~"Khazan is in danger"~He leant forward in his chair and rubbed his forehead with his left index finger and thumb, moving his fingers in in-out motions. ~"Dammit" he thought. "Khazan's obviously in peril. Yet, what the hell can I do? I have always thought that Khazan was a fantasy place, where we could use our imaginations to spawn creations that would do battle, and win or lose depending on the voting swing of other participants."~Lo and behold, in an almost Hollywood fashion, DRX heard a voice behind him.~"You know, part of what you're thinking is true. The other part, well, is somewhat true."~DRX spun around and his jaw dropped. Before him stood a male person, around 6ft 2, solid/muscular build, and a face that...well, his face and body were almost identical to...~"Okay, so all freaky shit aside, why do you sound like me? Christ, you even look like me! " DRX asked, only a *little* concerned.~"Because I am you" the figure replied. "I'm you, but I'm what you'd be if you were in Khazan."~"But Khazan is..." DRX was cut short.~"No, you're wrong" the figure replied. "Well, you're kind of right. Khazan IS a fantasy place. But, it is a real place. Every idea you put to paper, every character you submit...they actually become real living breathing creatures."~DRX was finding this incredibly hard to take in. "You're saying that the Fantasy Powers League is actually some kind of front to an existing world, that relies on us to create its notable inhabitants?"~The figure nodded. "Oh yeah, that's pretty much it in a nutshell."~"Okay..." DRX leant back into his computer chair. "Let's say I'm not dreaming. Let's say you're actually here. WHY are you here?"~The figure laughed. "You've been having that thought haven't you? Khazan is in danger. Well, it is. Something big is going down."~"Alright, so Khazan's pretty much f#%&ed. You still haven't answered why you're here, and what this has to do with me" DRX was beginning to worry.~"Hey, calm down, and stress less" the figure calmly replied. "Like I said, I am you. Or rather, consider me your avatar. Like I said, Khazan is going to hell, and there's going to be somewhat of an Avatar War."~"An Avatar war? So, I...I mean, you, you're going to go in there and fight?"~The figure nodded. "Back in there. I already exist in there. In fact, there are a lot of avatars who exist, unknown to their creators. What I need from you, is..." the figure stopped.~"Need what?" DRX stated, somewhat impatiently.~The figure steeled himself. "I need your help. These Avatar Wars are, well, it's hard to explain. All I can really tell you is that I'm here so you can "create" me to be someone to do the right thing."~"The right thing?" DRX looked confused.~"Oh please" the figure snapped. "You have a badge. You know what I'm talking about. There's going to be upstarts that think they're avatars. ~It's up to us to keep Khazan sane."~"So, all I have to do is essentially "create" you, and you somehow end up back in Khazan and you'll fight the good fight?" DRX couldn't help ~but smile.~The figure nodded. "Exactly!"~"Well" DRX was grinning now. "Let's get to work..."

"First thing I guess..." DRX thought aloud "Do you have a name?"~"Nah, I could never figure out what to call myself. You're in the Police, right?" the figure answered.~"Yeah, and?"~"Well, how about something along those lines? I'm guessing you're going to model me after you, so think like a cop."~DRX leant back into his chair, and tapped his foot on the ground. "Well, I used to be a warehouse storeman, and as a result got pretty~strong, so... are you ready to start, Enforcer?"~Enforcer smiled. "I like it!"

Officer Safety

     Environmental Awareness: Standard


Enforcer began to grow impatient. "Okay, so what's first?"~"Alright. The first thing to remember is to always be on your guard. Never keep your back to a wall, and always keep your options open. Establish your escape routes before the altercation takes place. There's no shame in a tactical withdrawal if it keeps you alive to fight another day. You understand what I'm getting at?" Enforcer was surprised at the seriousness DRX was displaying.~"Absolutely. In other words, think smart, act smart, and always be safe?" ~DRX grinned. "There's hope for you yet!"


On the job experience

     Tactician: Standard


"Another thing" DRX added "is to always keep your eye on the task at hand. You'll find yourself formulating courses of action depending on what your opponent does. Don't just stand there and think that the fact you're enforcing the law is going to make a difference. There are people who aren't going to respect you. In fact, there are people who are going to simply despise you for it. You'll know what I mean, the moment you're involved in an altercation. Analyse them. Watch their hands, their feet, their movement. You get me?"~Enforcer nodded. "Go in there thinking I'm going to be despised, and use what's around me, and who's around me to my advantage?"~"You're catching on!" DRX exclaimed. "Essentially, work with your adversary, not against them..."



     Projectile Attack: Supreme

  • Armor Piercing
  • Target Seeker


DRX was smiling, and after seeing where his gaze was, Enforcer knew why.~"Oh, this thing? This is my sidearm. You carry one in your job, so naturally I carry one with me. I call it Punishment"~"Cool name. Mind if I have a look at it?" DRX quizzed.~"Sure, go ahead" Enforcer unholstered the weapon, and presented it.~DRX looked closely. The weapon appeared to be some kind of hand cannon. Strangely, it didn't appear to have any ammunition magazine.~"I can explain that. You know what Khazan is like. For some reason, despite firing bullets when I push the trigger, this weapon doesn't have a~limited capacity. I have no idea why" Enforcer stated. "Not only that, but once it's in my hand, it stays there, like glue."~"Interesting. So what else can it do?" DRX queried.~"Well, I've seen it stop a space hippo in its tracks. I've seen it rip through the hull of a tank, and I've seen it home in on a falcon that's moving pretty damn quick. That's not the most impressive thing though..."~"Really?" DRX's interest was evident. "What else can it do?"~Enforcer grinned. "Stand up and watch this..."


Smart Ammunition #1

     Phasing: Standard


Enforcer had set up somewhat of a target range. A bottle was resting on a stool, and in front of that stool was a cardboard box. In front of that box, was a filing cabinet that Enforcer had no trouble shuffling into place.~DRX appeared concerned. "What are you doing?"~"Watch this!" Enforcer replied, as he pulled the trigger. ~DRX watched in awe as the muzzle of Punishment flashed, and then there was nothing. ~All of a sudden, a noise could be heard behind the bottle. DRX and Enforcer both looked at where the noise originated, and a small hole ~could be seen through the wall.~DRX smirked. "Well, I wonder where that round ended up?"~Enforcer scratched the back of his head. "Oh, don't worry. The bullet stops when I tell it to."~"What do you mean "tell" it to?" ~"Let me explain..."


Smart Ammunition #2

     Telekinesis: Standard


DRX was astounded. "You're saying you have some mental control over the firepower?"~Enforcer nodded. "Yeah. Even though , as you just saw, I don't always hit the intended target, if there's any concern about I just tell the bullet~to stop."~"So, you can not only phase the bullets in and out, you can tell them to just "drop" ?"~"Pretty much. I know it's alot to take in, but that's all there is to it. In fact, if I think about it, that's probably how the firepower finds its target; through me willing it to"~DRX nodded sagely. "Sounds about right. Well, I'd say you're almost ready. Just one more thing..."~Enforcer looked up. "Huh?"


Body Armor

     Body Armor: Superior

  • Reinforced Defenses


"This body armour you wear. What's it capable of stopping?" DRX poked at the vest.~"Well, it's stopped blades. It's stopped a few rounds here and there. Usually though, I prefer to keep on my toes instead of test this vest out!"~DRX nodded. "A good way to be. Keep yourself moving and don't rely on your equipment to save you. Blunt force trauma much of an issue?"~Enforcer stood up. "Not normally. At least, I haven't really found anything that can cause me any grief." ~"Well, just remember. Be a moving target instead of a stationary one" DRX was really enjoying playing a teacher.~Enforcer grinned. "Well, it's about time I get back. I'd be lying if I said it didn't enjoy meeting my...uh..creator."~DRX offered his hand. "Right back at you. If Khazan is in as much danger as you say, then I'm glad at least someone's going to be in there doing what needs to be done..."~Enforcer took DRX's hand and shook it. A blue energy field surrounded Enforcer, and with that, he was gone. ~DRX smiled to himself. "That was really freaking cool..."