Aleister Michaels

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 16 Wins!

Brutal - 5 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 16

Personal Losses: 4


The classic pulp stories of old, as one would expect, were almost exclusively written by those who had little experience in the worldly matters that permiated the numerous serialized stories. One notable exception was the tales of Aleister Michaels. Instead of merely playing upon his imagination, Aleister was a globe-troting aristocrat from England from an established but comparitively poor family, his father having gambled his money away in risky buisness ventures in the late 1800's and early 1900's. To support the lifestyle that he felt due to him, Aleister turned to what he called "souvenier hunting," or if you want to be technical, theivery in the form of fine artifacts. He decided to play upon the current craze for Egyptian and other ancient civilizations to help feed his own rich tastes, and took it upon himself to... satisfy the needs of the public. A natural athlete with an uncanny lucky streak, Aleister soon found that he was quite good at his chosen "hobby" and started to take his trade more seriously. The more serious the venture, he found, the more cash came into his posession, and push come to shove, Aleister soon found himself wrapped up in more than he expected. In a scenario that would shame the mighty whip-weilding, fedora-toting master himself, Aleister was neck deep in secret societies worshipping Great Old Ones, fascist "visionaries" seeking ultimate power, and legitimate scientist that would dare actually seek such artifacts merely for the knowledge (how DARE they). Suffice it to say, Alesiter saw the opportunity, and proceeded to start logging his exploits and submitting them to various pulp magazines in the guise of fiction, hoping to not only make a quick buck, but play up his own ego as well. This continued on for a few years, and his series was one of the most popular during its time... then it suddenly ended. His last story told of his venture to a temple in the ruins of ancient Athens, and no more stories were received. Seems that upon entering said temple, he made the mistake of barging into a ceremony for the ancient Greek god Hermes, and the resulting ritual was an attempt to open a gateway to "The Realm of the Gods." The cultists thought it was Olympus they were reaching out towards, but in fact it was a portal to Khazan that was opened. With a shrug and a wink, Aleister leaped into the portal as the cultists watched in awe, eager to venture into this new world for new adventures to experience and riches to exploit. Unfortunately for him Khazan isn't prime territory for such acts, with its heroes and and all that jazz. After his first attempt to resume his heists was foiled by a few of the Sentinels, Aleister figured that it was best to clean up his act. The pay might not be as great, but the glory for fighting evil would make up for it. Besides, he had plenty of cash saved from his past exploits, and this being the Nexus of All Realities, they accept all forms of payment here...

The Cap of Darkness

     Invisibility: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


The Cap of Darkness is the very Cap the Greek Hero Perseus used to help slay Medusa the Gorgon. It has the power to turn its wearer completely invisible to the human eye and most other forms of detection. When making sudden movements such as attacking someone, the wearer may cause a slight ripple in the air, similar to a heat wave, but nothing more making it all but impossible to notice. The wearer can pretty much get surprise on his enemies at will.


Master Training

     Master Training: Standard


Aleister had a good 10 years of "training" in his chosen profession before stumbling across Khazan that unfortunate evening, so his skills as a thief, swindler, and fighter are well honed and ready to turn to the way of purity and righteousness... heehee... that doesn't keep him from loosing that rougish demeanor though.


The Devil Watches His Own

     Lucky: Supreme


At least that's what his contemporaries told him back in his Pulp days. Aleister simply has a knack for getting out of tricky situations, making those around him see him as either blessed, or in most cases, watched by the careful eye of the infernal one himself. Oh, no one ever attributes it to genuine skill or simple good karma... No... always with the Devil jokes. They get old, but Aleister plays along. Good for publicity.


Souvenier Collecting

     Tractor Beam: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


As he has so affectionately dubbed his thieving skills, Aleister has the nice ability to find any way of alieviating people of their prized posessions. Be it simple pickpocketing or through some elaborate stunt, Aleister can arrange for the loss of almost any item upon your person. Nothing personal, its just an old habit which rather than dying hard refuses death all together.


Fisticuffs and Rowdiness

     Martial Arts: Superior


Whle trained in no particular fighting style, Aleister has learned the hard way via numerous bar fights and encounters with Asian martial artist types the best ways to get down and dirty when fighing hand to hand. His hodge podge of fighting may seem sloppy and untrained to the untrained eye and even to many expert martial artists, it is effective.


Christine Empathy

     Marksman: Superior


Sure, everyone that really takes their "art" seriously names their gun. Aleister named his prized pistol Christine, after that red headed girl in grammar school that always caught his eye. Heehee... nostalgia, even the most rugged of all of us are prone to its vile ways...



     Pistol: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only


Said nostalgic device, Aleister lifted this off of some guy that was unfortunate enough to be used by Aleister as cover from some angry police officers. Oh, the guy deserved it, he ratted on Aleister to the cops while he was planning to raid the catacombs of Rome, but Aleister still felt sorry for the guy and took his pistol, promising to honor his memory by naming it after him. In a drunken stupor the next night Aleister loudly proclaimed the gun to be named Christine, after "that read headed.... whatever... that wouldn't give me the time of the day back in my childhood." Of course, he tried to back out of the proclamation after his hangover ended, but his buddies wouldn't let him do so, and in all honesty, he's grown quite fond of the name, even if its meaning is slightly blurred by rose tinted glasses, so to speak.