Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 5


"This isn't going to be easy, do you realize that Soliss?" "Quiet Restfel. Distract me and it will go from being not easy to life threatening." Restfel considered continuing the argument, then thought better of it. Soliss was, detestably, right as usual. Restfel went back to managing the spells which would effectively cause the Guild room to cease existing on all planes of reality. After all, Hell would not be happy if it found out they had lured one of their most effective operatives into private employ. The longer they were oblivious to his defection, the better. "Ready when you are, Soliss." Arcane energies rolled off of Soliss in waves as his hands traced practiced patterns into the air. These energies congealed into a vaguely humanoid form at the center of the room. The apparition opened its mouth and spoke the traditional "greeting." "Whomever dares to interfere with the doings of the Pit shall suffer agony for long after their grandchildren's grandchildren's bones have turned to dust. Release me now or pay." Soliss replied with a less than formal response. "Jiratlan, this room has been sealed. You can stop posing for your overseers." A bright light surrounded the wraith, and when it cleared, Restfel's breath caught in his chest. They had never seen or interacted with Jiratlan on the physical plane, and he was more than what they had expected. Of course, he should have known not to be surprised by one of Hell's most elite Powers. "Jiratlan, our offer stands, and now is the time to accept or deny it. Restfel cannot seal this room forever, and the Breaking and Rebinding must be done in with the utmost of secrecy. In our new local, the Guild must make deals with powerful creatures, some far more powerful than any we've dealt with before. Only one such as yourself, a former shock soldier during the Holy Wars and currently a Hadic Contractual Enforcer has the experience and power to help us." Soliss knew his part well. Restfel just prayed that the demon would say what they wanted to hear. Jiratlan spoke, without pomp, without a growl, and without emotion, "So our agreement is to be as follows. You shall break my bond to the Pit, and bind me to myself, so that I may be free to do as I will. In return, I shall render... recovery... services for the Shallow Guild for a period of three hundred years." "Yes." "Agreed. Let us proceed. And Soliss, never forget the terms of our agreement, for I am the most fearsome repo man in all of reality."

Ring of Vampiric Regeneration

     Bio Vampire: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


This is a Silver Ring with a Single BloodStone Ruby Set on the top. The wearer of the ring is able to absorb physical strength or Physical Powers from another being by touching them, the Ring then uses that energy to heal the wearer or even make them stronger for a short time. (Drains two levels from enemies Strength and one level from any Physical Enhancement Powers, then adds those levels to wearers Body Stat. If the target is reduced to less than Weak Body, they are knocked unconscious.)



     Avatar: Standard


Bill-collector for the pit, satanic shock trooper, and all around nasty demon...


Raven-Dark Claws

     Disintegration: Supreme

  • Armor Piercing


1215 A.D; Pontefract Castle, West Yorkshire, England: "... Jiratlan studied the shield before him. The bishop of the castle was actually quite a despicable blood mage, and a dishonest one at that. The Pit had agreed to grant him the love of the king's daughter in return for the life of their first born infant. He had taken the girl's love, and then had the audacity to try and go back on his agreement. His wife had given birth one month ago to a boy, and Jiratlan had been sent to collect. With interest. After Jiratlan killed his wife, the wizard had escaped with the child, using all his stored energies from innumerable sacrifices to erect a protective shield. It shimmered in the candlelight of the great hall, opaque, imposing itself between the sorcerer and the demon. Jiratlan raised his left hand and struck it with his claw. It shimmered and wailed, but did not falter. Jiratlan could now see the worm cowering behind the throne, his son in his arms. Jiratlan struck again. The shield became as thin as a veil of silk. Jiratlan struck a third time, and the shield collapsed. A defense which would have stopped armies was dropped by three strikes of the Claws. A baby's wail was soon joined by the choke of blood in the throat of a man..."


The Pull of the Pit

     Tractor Beam: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Target Seeker
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - Multi-Use


The beginning of Time; Quix'al'alk, Atlantis: "... The Pit's shock troops had landed an hour ago, on the shores of Atlantis, and the port of Quix'al'alk had nearly fallen. Jiratlan, his face impassive and professional as usual, chased a fleeing angel through the burning streets. He raised his Claws, and a dark, almost fluid energy flowed from them. It flew forward, and wrapped itself around the wings of the retreating angel, pulling him from the sky. It oozed over his body, tugging away the holy warrior's sword, shield, dagger, and any other items which could be taken. Jiratlan clenched his fist, and sweat beaded on his forehead; this was not a power which could be used indefinitely. Pulled back to Jiratlan, the now impotent angel, stripped of all the items which granted many of his powers, cowered beneath his Claws. "Even one such as yourself cannot resist the Pull of the Pit...."


Hidden Intentions

     Closed Mind: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose


70 B.C; Rome, Italy. "... Jiratlan moved quickly from shadow to shadow. The Senator had known he was coming, and had prepared himself accordingly. Mobs of lesser demons roamed the grounds of his estate, waiting and watching for any sign of Hell's bill collectors while the Senator lounged in the luxury purchased with the riches Hell had provided. The demons would surely converge on him if he was found, and give the Senator time to escape with his ill-gotten gains while Jiratlan destroyed them. Instead of moving in head on, Jiratlan hid his mind from their probes, making it small and alien, so that they could not find it nor attack it. The secret was his horns; they could dampen his mental signature and make it difficult to get a fix on him; if they were lost so was that power... Then again, he could always retrieve them with the Pull of the Pit..."


Armor Skin

     Armor Skin: Supreme

  • Reinforced Defenses


1989 A.D; New York City, United States: "... The gang leader scowled at Jiratlan. He claimed that hell had not held up its end of the bargain; that hell had not given him the entire east side to control. Jiratlan knew that was a lie. The gang leader was simply loathe to cut off the right hand of his mother, and those of his inner-circle. He would do so now, or suffer the consequences. Instead, the gang leader made a motion, and his underlings stepped out from the shadows. Jiratlan made no move to attack nor defend. Screaming, the gang leader drew his gun and fired, his subordinates doing the same. The room was filled with the deafening scream of machine gun fire. When the smoke cleared, Jiratlan made towards the incredulous gangster, smiling. The bullets had actually managed to tickle his tough hide..."


Natural Weaponry

     Natural Weaponry: Standard


65,000 B.C, Pangea: "... Jiratlan had fallen for the trap. The elder was pretty intelligent for a cave-man... The massive jaws of the Tyranasaurous had his arms pinned in place, but he was not without weapons. After a moments concentration, thousands of needles pierced through Jiratlan's armored hide. Not enough to kill, but the pain they caused distract the beast long enough for Jiratlan to free a Claw..."