The Otakalypse

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 10

Personal Losses: 4

Dragoon T

From out of the realms of the Fanboy(Err..Girl) comes the near omnipotent being known only as the Dread name Otakalypse. she isn't THAT impressive. But Fury Steel is still someone to be feared. After taking it easy after her 1st run in the FPL, 'Ol Fury decided that the current state of uncertainity throughout the league gave her the perfect oppurtunity to complete her one true goal: To Destroy all entertainment save Anime! Pulling in a few favors from back in her days with The Fallen, Fury was able to convice(Read: Threaten to Squish) Marc Dollar to fund the costs to complety refurbish her Mobile battle fortress. After months of hard work, Much Jolt comsumption, and the tragic lost of a signed copy of Sailor Moon #1, Fury managed to completly upgrade the SDRBRF-1(Super Dimensonal REALLY big Robot Fortress). Learning from her previous lost she's conjured up a new batch of Parodys, and is ready to show everyone what a REAL Otaku is!


     Cyberware: Standard


It must come with being an obsessed Fan, but Fury is a whiz with electronics. The SDRBRF-2 Was built virtually from scratch, and Fury knows every nut and bolt in it in extreme detail.



     Mechanized Armor: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


The Super Dimensonal REALLY Big Robot Fortress 2, or the SDRBRF-2 for short, is Fury's own personal Battle fortress. The ship is fully transformable, having both a Traditional Humanoid Form and a More Manuverable Battleship form. In Mecha form, from the very bottom of the feet, it reachs Heights upward of 3 miles..In other words, this thing is Freakin HUGE! Unless it's in Ship Mode Fury will just usually park the thing and let abuse get heaped on it, it's not likely to any real damage anytime soon. Fury has also made some..ah..Modifactions to the original design, and because of this Several Weapon Modules are available for use with it.


Single Minded Anime Female

     Closed Mind: Superior


At heart, Fury herself is an Anime Character, and because of this, she has that never say Die attitude that all teenage Anime girls seem to pocess to one extent of another. The net effect of this is that anything that targets her mind tends to get forcibly shoved aside so she can concentrate on her goal: Causing Grevious Bodily Harm to her opponent!


Obessive amount of Big Guns

     Gatling Gun: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Fury has a nice little surprise for those who think her big hulking Mecha is easy pray...A Ridiculous amount of Huge Guns! With a push of a Button weapon bays open up and the Guns come out. The sheer amount of Artillery and Firepower that issues forth is usualy enough to punch through even the toughest defenses. Running away dosen't ususaly work either, since you'll probibly just run into the path of another gun. Ah! Sheer Destruction at it's finest!


Batlleship Transformation

     Flight: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Steel Cage


With a flick of a switch the SDRBRF-2 goes from Battle Mecha to Battleship, chugging along in the air while strafing the ground. Unfortunetly Fury made a grevious tactical mistake and left the thrusters unarmored, so a few good hits can take them out if their aimed for, forcing a reversion back to the Mecha form. Furthermore the Ship is useless in the Steel Cage...since there's really no reason to fly in it.



     Natural Weaponry: Superior

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Desert


Fury's absoulte Favorite Offense Move is simply squishing her opponent under the Gigantic foot of the SDRBRF-2. The squish is obviously very effective, but oddly enough Fury will stop using it if the Leg of the Mecha takes enough Damage. Furthermore, It's hard to Sqiush in the desert since her opponent just tends to get pushed in the sand...


Mynn Linlei

     Sonics: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - One Use


A Hold over from her original attempt in the FPL, Fury was unfortunetly unable to kill off Lynn. She has that sorta of annoying anime ditz immortality thing going. No matter how much you blow her up she's always there for the next fight. Well anyway, Fury can BARELY Stand her, so she makes her stand on top of the SDRBRF-2's head, wearing a Big Target Costume, and singing. Very LOUSY Singing. the world a Favor. Aim At her. Blow her up...For Godsakes, maybe THIS time she won't come back!


Anime Sense...Tingling!

     Environmental Awareness: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - One Use


Fury pocesses a sort of Anime Radar within herself, allowing her to sense any and all Anime that might be near her. just so happens that A Mysterious Stranger(Wearing a Formal Ball Gown and Spouting Cheesy Speeches) will leave an anime tape somewhere on her opponents belongings. The Fight starts, the Sense kicks in, and BAM, Hopefully that'll be enough to end the fight. Of course, once the opponent realizes what's happened they toss the tape, rendering it useless, and there's always a chance they find the tape before hand as well.


Anime Ditziness

     Lucky: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Khazan Mall


To put it Bluntly, Fury is a Pure 100% Anime Ditz. And as EVERYONE knows Anime Ditz's are lucky...REALLY Lucky, ABORNAMALLY Lucky. Unfortunetly, it dosen't seem to work in the mall(Where she gets naturally distracted) and it seems that the power is focused on her lucky earrings. Remove the Earrings, and she loses her luck.