The Ancient Beast

Everyman High Master

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Weak

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 2

DarkRanger X

-----------~Present day~-----------~In the study of an ancient Monastery, a lone figure sat hunched over an old wooden desk, the flickering flame of a candle his only company. The figure appeared distressed, as he scrawled madly away on a piece of tattered parchment.~"Let it be known that we tried. We tried. But alas, we failed. I, Abbot Utherer, of the Order of the Protector, write this memoir in the hope that someday, the world may forgive us for failing what we in the order were established to do. In a hope that this engine of destruction may be stopped, I relate to you, dear reader, the story of the Order's creation, and more importantly, our purpose..."~-----------~5000 years earlier~-----------~The battle-scarred general surveyed the battlefield. He had lost many a good man this day, in what he considered a pointless war. Sure, his army had won the battle, but could victory even be considered a definition, given the number of young lives that had been lost?~"General Falaneux!" the young knight hurriedly made his way to the General's side.~"Meridion. Good to see you made it. What do the scouts report?"~"Sir, the Count's armies are in retreat. Take a look for yourself!" ~The General spun around, and a smile almost formed on his face. "Ahha, good. Perhaps this day will end on a positive note yet! Now, how are our forces doing...wait, what's that? Abbot Halcyon, far-sight, now!" ~"As you wish sir!" the Abbot uttered an incantation, and the view distance became non-existent. ~"Our army...they're being ripped apart...what is that thing?!?" Meridion started to panic. The sounds of cracking bones could be heard from miles away.~Through the far-sight globe, a battle was taking place that could only be described as annihilation. It was a beast - a monstrous being of great size and strength - that was shredding the General's army. ~"My god..." Halcyon shook his head. "It can't be..."~"Halcyon?!" Falaneux shot a stare at his most trusted mage. "You know this beast?"~Halcyon gulped and nodded. "General. We in the Order have kept this secret from you, because we did not want you to concern yourself with something that we considered non-important."~"Halcyon! Spill it!" ~So he did. The General listened intently as he watched in horror. The beast rampaged through his forces, throwing them aside like ragdolls, and shrugging off whatever was thrown at it. ~"Just so I understand, this beast is borne of the planet itself, and re-awakens whenever it's hungry?!? What the hell does it feed on?!?" Falaneux rubbed his eyes, hoping he was hallucinating.~"Violence, sir. The beast feeds on violence. Our annals in the Order have indicated the last appearance of this beast was something like 12000 years ago. That's why we considered it non-important. We didn't think the beast would re-surface, due to the length of time" the Abbot closed his eyes and focused.~The General once again watched the rampage. His forces were dwindling. Swords, arrows, ballistae...even magic, seemed to be having no effect. ~Then the beast looked in the General's direction, and growled. ~It began to move. The remainder of the General's forces seized the opportunity, and retreated.~"Uh, sir?" Meridion began to shake.~"Halcyon? I assume if you knew of the beast's existence, you also know of a way to stop it?" Falaneux's voice was beginning to crack.~"Already ahead of you sir" Halcyon smiled as a portal opened, and nine mages stepped out. One of the mages appeared to be brandishing an arcane staff of some kind, with a prism attached. ~"What's that?" Meridion pointed at the weapon.~"It's called the Soul Lance. Now, remain silent!" Halcyon and the other mages moved into a circle, raised their arms, and began to chant. The weapon raised above them, and began to pulse with energy.~As the beast got closer, General Falaneux gripped the hilt of his blade.~"No sir, let me handle this!" and Meridion charged. ~"Meridion, you idiot!" Falaneux screamed, almost at the same time the beast picked Meridion up, and ripped him in two.~"Halcyon?!? Dammit, whatever you're planning to do, hurry!"~At that moment, a blood-red beam escaped from the weapon, and connected with the beast's chest. The beast screamed, and then vanished in an explosion of energy.~"What happened?" Falaneux looked around.~"The beast has been contained - in this Soul Lance" Halcyon handed the Lance to the General.~The General held the lance tightly as he looked into the prism. The beast appeared to be growling, trying to find someway out.~"Is this going to hold it?" ~"We don't know sir. We can only hope so. This weapon took the Order thousands of years to create; a lot of mages forfeit their lives to empower this Soul Lance."~The General nodded. "Still, with the beast contained, there's a chance it can escape?" ~"Of course. But with the power imbued in the Lance, hopefully it won't be for a long, long time."~Falaneux handed the Lance back to Halcyon. "Then, I leave it with your Order of mages to ensure that if that time comes, this world will be equipped to deal with it."~Halcyon nodded. "The Order of the Protector will from this day exist solely for that reason..."

-----------~Present day - 10 minutes prior~-----------~"Abbot Utherer!" the young warrior monk almost collided with the Abbot in the excitement.~The Abbot laughed. "Easy young one. What's troubling you?"~"It's the containment chamber, my lord. It's being breached..from the inside!"~The Abbot turned a pale white. "Did you just say...breached?"~"Yes!"~The Abbot ran out of his study, and several levels underground. As he got closer to the containment chamber, he could hear what could only be defined as a massive explosion.~"No...." Utherer kept running, already resigning himself to what he would find.~Utherer entered the containment chamber, and gasped. At his feet, were not only the bloodied and broken corpses of a number of warrior monks, but also the destroyed shards of the Soul Lance. Utherer continued to look around, and observed a massive hole in one of the walls.~Peering through the hole, Utherer could see a countless trail of bodies, and absolute carnage.~The young warrior monk from before came charging in. ~"Abbot, it's escaped! From best we can tell, it's heading for Khazan city!"~The Abbot's head dropped. "The next Soul Lance isn't anywhere near completion. We've failed..."~Utherer returned to his study, sat down, and began to scrawl on a piece of parchment.

Earth Quake

     Earth Quake: Standard


The Ancient Forest – normally known for its serenity. A place where any manner of creature can live in piece and harmony.~*WHUMP*~The ground shook in a tremor. ~*WHUMP* ~The trees shimmied. ~*WHUMP*~The birds scattered, and the forest creatures ran for cover.~*WHUMP*~The beast entered the forest, and looked around. A squirrel was attempting to run past.~The creature growled, and retrieved the squirrel from the ground. ~The beast looked curiously at the creature, as it scurried about in the beast's massive claw.~The beast growled once more, and curled its claw into a fist, before throwing the bloodied remnants of the squirrel against a nearby tree.~It continued on.


Self Duplication

     Self Duplication: Standard


The beast continued on its path, becoming hungrier by the second. It longed to see blood. It longed to taste violence.~She was watching from the trees above.~She was full of rage; after all, she had just witnessed a creature she had sworn to protect die.~Adelaide leapt down and stood in front of the beast.~"I don't know what you are, but I'm going to stop you before you hurt anything else!"~The beast cocked its head and looked quizzically at the Gaia.~It had been awhile since Adelaide had to access the powers given to her by Mother Nature. She had had no reason to.~Until now.~Adelaide started to talk to the beast in a calm and serene manner.~"There now. You don't have to be like this, do you? I know, you're lost, and you're scared. I can help you. Please, let me."~Adelaide stepped close to the beast, her confidence beginning to show.~The beast shook its head and growled. It was failing to understand what was happening.~"It's okay ancient one. There's no need to be frightened. I'm going to help you."~Adelaide could almost feel herself becoming cocky. She smiled.~The beast froze. ~Adelaide smiled. "Gotcha!"~Suddenly, Adelaide felt a massive claw clasp around her neck from behind. She managed to turn her head and look.~"What?! I didn't sense another presence...oh can create others?!?"~Adelaide didn't get a chance to breathe before the second beast crushed her neck and dropped her.~The second beast merged with the primary beast, and laughed as it stomped on Adelaide, squashing her corpse into the earth.



     Berserker: Ultimate

  • Target Seeker


Harry, Marv, and Gordon. ~Known to their fans as Disorder Elite, the trio of nerds had access to an incredibly powerful array of weaponry, thanks to their dealings with a being that proclaimed itself as an "Unknown God."~For now though, the trio found themselves on the outskirts of the Ancient Forest, enjoying the peace and quiet.~"God *)$)$@)$@* dammit. What the $)(*@* are we doing here?" Harry looked at the other two.~"Hey, it was Gordon's idea. Don't look at me. Besides, we're meeting up with SJ soon anyway" Marv couldn't help but laugh.~"Hey, I thought it'd just be good to get out and...hey, what the hell is that noise?" Gordon looked towards the Ancient Forest.~The beast looked ahead, and saw a trio of three men. ~It growled with contempt. It could sense something different about this trio.~The beast started to grow in size and density.~"That thing doesn't look nice. Drop it!" a mini-gun appeared in Harry's hands, and he opened fire. ~The beast continued to grow in size, and started to see red. ~"Whatever it is, it can take a $@*$@ beating!" Marv shouted over the gunfire, and summoned a rocket launcher. Marv placed the weapon on his shoulder, and opened fire.~The rocket hit the beast square in the chest, but had little effect.~The beast started to charge at the trio. ~"FAN OUT!" Gordon shouted, as he took hold of a plasma rifle. Gordon let off a few bolts. One hit the beast in the legs, another in the back, and the third in its neck.~The beast stopped.~"Alright, got it! Damn thing...." before Gordon could finish, the beast had homed in on him, grabbed him by the legs, and swung him through the air before smashing him into the ground.~"G..G..Gordon?!?!?" Harry and Marv were frozen in place after hearing the sickening crunch~"Oh )$@)@ this, I'm outta here!" Harry turned and ran, leaving Marv frozen in place.~Harry could hear Marv scream, and almost a second later, saw Marv's torso fly over his head.~"Oh my god...what the *$@$*@ are you!??" Harry turned and summoned a laser rifle, before taking a shot at the enraged beast's eyes.~The beast didn't even flinch. ~Harry had no time to move before the beast punched him through the stomach. The beast raised his arm into the air, and discarded the lifeless body.



     Regeneration: Ultimate


Schattenjäger walked up and down the great wall, bored out of his brain.~"God dammit. The nerds said they'd be here by now. Where the hell are they?"~The shadow hunter's senses kicked into overdrive.~"What the hell...such anger!" Schattenjäger looked into the distance, and could see a monstrous creature approaching the great wall.~"Oh, not on my watch!" Schattenjäger leapt off the wall, and ran in the direction of the beast.~The beast looked ahead, and could see an armoured man approaching. It stopped.~The shadow hunter got within a quarter of a mile, and stood still. ~The beast growled.~Schattenjäger stood there, attempting to size the beast up. "What the hell are you?!?"~The beast charged forward and raised its right arm, and Schattenjäger leapt into the air.~The beast punched the air where the shadow hunter stood, and growled when it realised he was no longer there.~Schattenjäger drew Hell's Bane from its sheath, and bought the blade down on the beast's arm, severing it.~The beast screamed in agony and lurched back.~"Hmm. So you CAN be hurt. Good!" Schattenjäger leapt at the beast, and cleanly severed the beast's other arm.~The beast looked at the bleeding stumps. It started to panic.~Schattenjäger grinned. "Well, you weren't much of a challenge, I...what?!?" ~The beast's arms had grown back.


Super Speed

     Super Speed: Ultimate

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


"Oh @$(@. You're one of those types. Fine, I'm not going to hold back any longer!"~The beast looked down at Schattenjäger, and screaming with rage, ran at him.~The two combatants charged.~Schattenjäger leapt into the air, and plunged Hell's Bane into the right eye of the beast.~As soon as the blade had been removed, the eye grew back.~He then plunged the magical blade into the beast's neck, and sliced down. ~The wound healed almost instantly. ~"WHAT THE @*$@* ARE YOU??!" the shadow hunter screamed in anguish.~The beast had been trying to hit the acrobatic warrior. Every time it got close, Schattenjäger managed to escape.~For about an hour, the two warriors faced off. No matter how many times he connected, any wound inflicted by Schattenjäger was healed within seconds.~The shadow hunter was exhausted. He had never known a battle to last this long.~He dropped Hell's Bane beside him, and fell to his knees.~The beast stopped, and growled quizzically.~"Kill me damn you. Finish me off. You win" Schattenjäger bowed his head.~The beast lurched forward, and moved to wrap its claw around the shadow hunter's body.~"You idiot." ~With lightning speed, Schattenjäger retrieved Hell's Bane from the ground, and severed the beast's arms and legs off, before plunging the blade into the beast's chest.~"Heh, I can't see you surviving that. Have a fine time dying!"~Schattenjäger walked over to the motionless beast, and withdrew his blade. ~He turned his back, and started to walk away.~At that moment, he felt a something grab him from behind.~"Oh, you have got to be..." he turned around, and instantly froze.~The beast stood before him. Its arms and legs had grown back, and there was no longer a wound in the chest area.~"Damn, you look pissed..." and before he could answer, the beast had grabbed Schattenjäger's legs with both claws, and snapped them clean from his body.~The shadow hunter didn't get a chance to scream in agony before the beast tore his head from his body.~-----------~The beast was still hungry. These battles had barely even "touched the sides."~The creature sniffed the air, and could smell battle. It could smell violence.~It continued towards Khazan.


Tractor Beam

     Tractor Beam: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Target Seeker
  • Ranged and Melee Attack
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - One Use
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Deathtrap Equalizer


The beast had cut a bloody path through a number enemies. However, it was still beyond hungry, and as a result still needed to eat. To kill.~A number of not-so-well-known heroes had heard the news broadcasts, and decided to prove their worth to Khazan by stopping the Beast. ~Commander Proactive, Lord Explosion, and the Karateka Ninja all stood stoically in the beast's path. ~"You boys ready?" the Commander shouted.~"As we'll ever be...I think" the Ninja replied.~"Bah, this won't take long. I mean, it's just a be...oh, shit..." Lord Explosion was cut short.~The beast came into view. ~"Holy's...massive!" Explosion started to stammer.~"What the hell have we got ourselves into, Commander?" the Ninja started to panic.~"Courage, men!" the Commander was able to hide his panic.~The beast got to within 100 metres of the trio.~It growled.~"Uh, yeah. Commander? I honestly think a frontal assault would be..." the Ninja was cut short.~The beast growled, again. This time it was a lower, almost softer growl.~The trio started to run at the beast.~"Dammit, I can't stop myself! WHY CAN'T I F!CKING STOP ?!" Explosion's hands started to glow.~"I don't know! I can't either!" the Karateka withdrew his blade, and leapt into the air. ~"It must be willing us to attack!" the Commander pulled out a Vibro Baton and extended it. ~The Karateka Ninja plunged his sword into the beast's neck.~"I can't move! Why the f!ck can't I move?!" ~The beast grabbed the Ninja, and in one swift motion snapped the hero in half over it's knee.~Lord Explosion circled the beast, and proceeded to attack the monster's legs with concussion-enhanced blows.~"DAMMIT I CAN'T STOP! IT'S MAKING ME F!CKING ATTACK IT!" Explosion didn't get another breath before the beast used the upper half of the Karateka to smash him into oblivion.~The Commander shook his head as he raised the baton above his head. ~"Dammit, we didn't even get a chance to prove..." the Commander stopped and looked down.~The beast's arm was protruding from his stomach. The Commander tried to use all the willpower he had to remove it, but failed. He looked up, and sighed.~The beast thrust forward with its other arm, and tore the Commander's head in half. It then shook the Commander's corpse from its arm, and continued on.



     Communicate with Plants: Standard


It was a scene that could've only been described as pure gold.~Assuming anyone would've been brave enough to view said scene.~The Beast was thundering along, when it heard a soft noise.~"Psst!"~The Beast growled and sniffed the air.~"Hey, over here! By the window!"~The Beast turned, and observed a single rose that was buried in a teracotta pot.~"Hey. Sup?"~The Beast looked around, but couldn't see anyone. He looked back at the rose, and growled.~"Yeah yeah, I know. You're all tough and stuff. My stem's shaking. Really, it is."~The Beast extended a giant claw and scratched the top of it's head. It growled again.~"It doesn't matter that you can understand me. What puzzles me more is that I can understand you. I mean, a monster like you, chatting away to a flower like me? What's this world coming to?"~The Beast shook his head, and he sat down. ~"There, take a break. Now, I've been watching the news about you. Why the hell are you so pissed off?"~The Beast growled at the rose; a mix of anger filled loud growls, to soft, childlike growls.~The rose shimmied. "Hrm, no wonder you're so shitty at humans in general. Have any of my flora-colleagues pissed you off?"~The Beast shook his head.~"Oh well, that's good. Anyway, if you've got work to do, then I'd probably best let you get back to it, hey?" the rose extended a petal.~The Beast extended a claw, and shook with the rose, before continuing on.