Arcane Lore High Mistress

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Reavers


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 2

May Lee

Symeril Road was once part of the longest and most-traveled trade route between the two formerly peaceful empires. But the sprawling tree-lined dirt path has since diminished to a smoldering stream of death and decay. But even in its most horrible state, it leads the tired but steadfast female traveler out of Amantur, her kind and just home of magical beings, and into Terran, a money-fueled land populated by an unfamiliar earthbound people. With each gaining step Chrysponia could better make out the charred remants of a once prosperous town. From the food that sat rotting in the vendor carts and the scorched green and orange festoons littering the sooted streets, she determined that this was Macon, the last of the seven pit stops of the Symeril. Once a bustling mecca for artisans and smiths of all backgrounds and trades, it now stands as the forsaken mark of the border that Chrysponia has finally crossed. Her extensive research has led her this far, but she will now have to rely on her own wits to complete the trek, her sole mission far from over. Only one man would have the power to destroy all those towns and villages. Only one Amanturan man, specifically a Skenite nomad, would have the nerve to take his victims by surprise, crushing their hopes, dreams, and aspirations as well as their physical beings. And that same man still lives and breathes at this very moment, much to her most utter chagrin... ...Suddenly she stopped. Her leg muscles tensed up, preventing her from taking another step. She felt a tingling sensation all over her spine, and her exposed limbs grew warm to the touch, despite the almost freezing elements. But all this did not deter fact, she was glad that her body was reacting this way. Chrysponia looked up and whispered a thank you to the heavens. She knew that one of the inhabitants is reaching her, warning her that she has gone astray. A few quick calculations and she realized that indeed she was, heading south instead of the easterly direction she wanted. Chrysponia quickly retraced her steps, backtracking from Tackett Road to return to the fork at the eastern border of Macon. The Skenite man has kept an easterly path ever since his journey bagan; there's no sense in him straying from that tradition, so she must follow the path of Via Lizama in order to catch up and, hopefully, overtake him. For only the man's swift death can stop the destruction, and at the moment prevent anymore tension between the enlightened Amantura and the inventive Terrani.

"Are...are...y-y-y-you...the Trisee girl...?" "Yes. I am that very same woman." "I KNEW IT! I knew you were still alive!" The scraggly man let his knapsack fall from his back before walking with loose, wobbly steps. He stopped right in front of her standing figure grinning from ear to ear and revealing his half-dozen teeth. "It took me two years...TWO LONG YEARS...but I finally found what I was looking for!" Chrysponia crossed her arms, untouched by his ethusiasm. "If I do remember correctly, I believe I was the one that found you...with your foot stuck underneath a boulder, as a matter of fact..." The man's grin quivered a little. "You find me, I find you, same difference...the point is we're finally together, which is a great cause to celebrate!" With that, the man started up a funny little jig, and proceeded to circle around a very uninterested Chrysponia. Her response came after fanning a few dust clouds away from her face. "When you finish up this tomfoolery, I would like to ask you an important question." The man stopped suddenly, and gave a gentleman-like bow. "Whatever you wish, madamoiselle..." "Now before I ask, I would like to make it very clear that I expect an IMMEDIATE response. I am currently on a mission. A VERY IMPORTANT mission. A mission of such great importance that even YOUR pathetic little life is at stake. And the last thing I want to do is waste what precious time I have for my mission talking with the disgusting likes of you...ARE YOU CLEAR ON THAT?" He nodded. "Good. Now, for my question. Why exactly is it SO GREAT for you to finally meet me?" The man began patting his pockets, occasionally sneezing from the dust that was emitted. After a couple of minutes, he looked down and picked up the scroll that he unwittingly dropped while doing his jig. After a quick unfurling he shoved it uncomfortably close to Chrysponia's face. A big "WANTED" graced the top of the page, spanning almost the whole width of the scroll. Chrysponia's picture followed below that, then some information about a very hefty reward. The man's almost toothless grin returned. "Because my dear, your head will help me pay off ALL my gambling debts back home, and then some, by way of the Terran Prime Ministe..." Chrysponia grabbed the scroll just as his head violently hit the ground, dark maroon rivulets running down the side of his face. After wiping the blood of her staff, Chrysponia balled up the scroll and threw it behind her while heading east once again. "His life is not worth completing my mission for..." The skies rumbled soon after, as if agreeing with her statement.

Mark of a Trisee

     Environmental Awareness: Superior


She looked at what remained of the abandoned tent that stood by the edge of Orbius Lake, carefully stepping over the numerous crystal shards and blackened tarot cards. Grabbing a piece of faded blue fabric, Chrysponia held it up to the sky, its stars and harvest moons now illuminated by the sunlight. The clouds rumbled, with sparks of lightning dotting the now grayish sky. A response that she wholly expected. Chrysponia flung the fabric to the ground, and proceeded to trek back through the woods at an awesome pace. The Skenite has struck again, claiming another innocent life. But now he has grown more violent, attacking his victim's property and leaving behind an even bloodier mess for her to see. The victim must have fought back. Or, at the very least, tried to prevent him from continuing his destructive trek through the continent. His destination, Chrysponia thought, must be so important that he has to be there as soon as possible, which may or may not be a good thing for her...she immediately stopped her trek. The hairs on the back of her neck pricked up, and a shiver went down her spine. She quickly turned to peer back, her third eye scanning all over the place while her two other eyes stared at the wooded foilage that she had just passed through. For a few minutes she just stood there, watching...and waiting. Then a twig snapped in the distance. There was no question someone was trying to get her. More twigs snapped. Make that more than one someone. Yep, definitely more than one of them is back there somewhere, all conspiring to take her down...WHACK! The arrow hit the ground with a small thud, cracked in the middle. More arrows flew at her. They were all given back to their respective owners with cracked middles, landing in the numerous bushes before her. Someone called out, and the arrows stopped. Chrysponia lowered her staff, and grasped her large amulet that hung about her neck. She quickly whispered a prayer to the heavens while one by one a man stood up from his hiding spot. Finally a tall man stood up, his heavily decorated uniform designating him as the leader. She closed her eyes while he proceeded to unfurl a large yellow scroll.


A Gift of Love

     Necromancer: Superior


"Chrysponia, my love! I am finally home!" She opened her eyes, and slowly looked up to face her large vanity mirror. There he was, in full battle regalia, a wonderful smile on his face. Damn. This WAS real. How could her sister Kerrique just leave her with the one person she least likely wanted to see at the moment? She quickly looked back down to the floor when their eyes briefly made contact. If only she put off her wanting to act her age and be lady-like, and slept in today. "What's this? Do I not deserve a warm greeting as well? I am only one of the top generals of the best army on the continent!" Chrysponia opened one of the top chest drawers and pulled out a red long-toothed brush. "That means nothing to me." She attempted to control her long unruly scarlet hair, a product of 12 years of growth with the occasional trim. "And why is this so, my love?" She closed her eyes again to avoid looking at Cysnus' reflection, which was obviously looking straight at her. "You speak and act as if you are one of us, yet you also proudly wear the garments of a man of war." She put down the brush and took a deep breath. "Men of war spend most of their energies on the battlefield and use what's left over appeasing their own selfish urges. They amuse themselves with drinks and joy girls while their wives and children worry back home, oblivious to their patriarch's less than honorable activities. As a loyal and respectable female member of the Trisees, I have no respect WHATSOEVER for such barbarous filth!" She finally opened her eyes, and the corners of her mouth lifted. There he stood, stunned. That's what he gets for leaving her alone all this time, the bastard! Cysnus gave up trying to hide his shock of her diatribe, and lowered his head in shame. "I completely understand your anger, my love, for I have done you wrong in more ways than one. Military campaigns are always lengthy in time, and are physically demanding for the soldiers. Not to mention we are always on call in case of a surprise attack. I had neither the time nor energy to write to you, as I had promised. But I know better than to make excuses. Now that I am here I must make it up to you." He continued while fiddling with his pockets. "Please understand that I am not the man of war that you speak of. Those idiots abuse their power and disrespect themselves and their uniform. I, on the other hand, know better than to jeopardize my honor and dignity. I also know that the military is only a stepping stone in my life." He finally pulled something out, concealing it within his grasp. "Wars come and go, but true love can stay with you for an entire lifetime. My life means nothing to me if I can't share it with a woman who I care for more than anyone else." Cysnus then released his grip above Chrysponia's head. The object fell until its long chain stopped it right in front of her face. Chrysponia could only gasp at the beautiful large pearl that dangled before her. She closed her eyes in anticipation of what he was going to say next.


Cysnus Returns

     Necromancer: Superior


"...Therefore, by order of the Prime Minster and the Grand Assembly of the Terran Empire, I hereby place Miss Chrysponia of the Trisees under arrest for the mass murder of the 24th Terran Calvary..." Chrysponia's eyes flew open, snapping back to reality. She finally let go of her amulet, grabbing her staff tightly while the Terrani men began to circle around her. "I am currently on a mission given to me by the heavenly beings that roam in the skies above us. I cannot rest until the Skenite is dead, and the heavens satisfied. The calvarymen that you speak of were preventing me from continuing my journey, so they left me with no other choice." "Eloquently put, but insufficient." The leader bravely approached her, some twisted rope in his hands. "You have no proof that the heavens gave you permission to go after the Skenite. The Prime Minister has received no word from your homeland's High Council about you or your 'mission.' Besides, he is currently being sought after by our best forces. Furthermore, no one save your High Council can communicate with the divine, invalidating your argument." "Oh, but I do...and I can." Suddenly the wind picked up, shaking the trees and rippling the tattered remains of Chrysponia's faded wedding dress. The troop leader retreated to the bushes along with his men, frightened of ths sudden change of events. Chrysponia could only smile and whisper a prayer of thanks as she remembered what Cysnus promised her after giving her the amulet as an engagement gift. Even after all these years, there has never been a time when her love broke that promise. The Terrani troop slowly began to scatter, terrified at what was just unfolding. Two dark piercing eyes slowly materialized, right above Chrysponia's head. Then a nose. Then a mouth. Soon the rest of the transparent features appeared, forming the exact likeness of the brave Trisee warrior known as Cysnus. Some of the weaker souls of the Terrani troop began to scramble away, but the troop leader ordered them to halt, or else he shoot them down himself as punishment for desertion. Left with no other options, they obeyed. Trembling, they could only stare at Chrysponia, surrounded by her love's ghostly frame.


His Promise Kept

     Energy Sheath: Supreme


The twisted rope landed on the ground, now forgotten by the frightened troop leader. In it's place he held his unsheathed sword, thrusting the sharp blade up to the air. It was the sign for the rest of the troop to take up their weapons once again. "'s only a scare tactic...just a scare tactic..." The decorated soldier reasoned his way through his next command. "Ghosts are supposed to be transparent. That's how they go through solid walls with ease. Therefore, that...THING cannot even touch our weapons, let alone shield them from the Trisee girl. PERFECT!" The other Terrani were startled by the sudden outburst, but quickly recovered after they saw him drop the blade. They all fired their arrows at once, expecting them to go through the spirit and hit their intended target. The arrows disintegrated on contact with Cysnus's shining uniform, leaving Chrysponia untouched and unharmed. The troop leader stood there, stunned. "...It can't can' that!..." He picked up a rock and threw it towards her. It was reduced to ashes on contact of Cysnus. "" He picked up and threw another rock. Again, it disintegrated. "" Then another rock was thrown. "...No..." Then another. "...NO..." Abandoning all duty and protocol, he kept throwing rocks at Cysnus and Chrysponia, each time muttering a little louder when it didn't penetrate Cysnus' frame. The other troops could only watch as their leader grew more and more wild, mindlessly throwing whatever he could get his hands on, screaming out after each failed attempt. Finally, he snapped, grabbing his sword and flinging himself towards Chrysponia. "DIE CURSED BITCH!!!" Both Chrysponia and Cysnus smirked at the now fetal Terrani man writhing in pain on the ground. Then Chrysponia's grin disappeared. She stood before the now scattered troop with a nasty scowl. With that, Chrysponia raised her staff skyward.


Her Rage Released

     Fire: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect


Armato Forest soon lit up in a large blaze of red and orange fury. From a distance, it looked like numerous fiery dots surrounded the once thick and heavy woodland, overtaking it and reducing it down to a smoking and burning pile of charcoal and ash. For any man, the sight would have been surprising at the very least. But the reaction from the ivory-robed nomad was far from it. A small smirk graced his brown and weather-beaten face as he began digging the tip of his left sandal into the dirt. "Another wonderful performance Chrysponia. Well done." The strangly-garbed man bent over and began scanning the ground beneath him. "A great improvement from the last one. This time you had a whole calvary to wipe out, with the added benefits of performing inside a beautiful backdrop." He grasped a small object and stood back up. "And your choice of weapon was superb! Much better than the dagger you used on that imbecile awhile back." He closed his eyes, picturing her signature attack in his mind while feeling around the contours of a rock with his hand. She raises her red wooden staff in the air, the ghost of her love in the background. The large round opal, originally a soft mother-of-pearl, suddenly turns a bloody scarlet at the tip of her staff. Then a large explosion that shatters the opal, scattering the tiny pieces away from Chrysponia. But those pieces would soon explode again while in flight, turning into a large flurry of fireballs, which land on the forestbed and the very unfortunate calvary. Then after all is said and done, a new opal appears on the staff to replace the void created, a very fascinating and puzzling feat..."AAH!" The man suddenly cried out, his eyes flying open. He looked down to find his finger cut, and the sharp edge of the rock stained with his blood. "Well then, I must be going now." He moved his left foot to drop the bloody rock inside the new hole that he created in the dirt. "But then again, that's what I have been doing these past years, with you following my trail the entire time." He covered the hole with his other foot using the surrounding dirt. "But don't fret my dear, soon all this will be over. This 'mission,' as you call it, will soon come to an end, but not without a second and FINAL confrontation." Tiny clumps of dirt fell from the top of the mound where the rock lay, and as the man walked off in an easterly direction, a small green plant shot out and began to grow.