Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


After Obi-Wan Kenobi cut Darth Maul in half, Darth Sidious had the two pieces of his former apprentice collected and started research into cloning techniques. Darth Maul was the first test subject for this new procedure. The result was an exact duplicate to Darth Maul in all respects, only 1/8 his original size. Seeing potential in this smaller version, Darth Sidious dubbed him Mini-Maul. This is noted as the start of the Clone Wars...The Republic vs. legions of mini-soldiers, with Mini-Maul at the lead..all the terror of Darth Maul in a cute compact size.

Mini-Doublebladed Lightsabre

     Sword: Superior

  • Armor Piercing
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


Mini-Maul carries a mini version of Darth Mauls original Double-Bladed Lightsabre. If he loses his Sabre...


Doublebladed Lightsabre Master

     Sword Master: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


Mini-Maul is just as deadly as the original Darth Maul. Only smaller...


Force TK

     Telekinesis: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Armor Piercing


Mini-Maul can use the force to move objects and throw them at his opponent. He often uses this power directly against his opponent tossing them back, knocking them over or 'punching' them from a distance.


Using Force TK

     Thrown Objects: Supreme


Mini-Maul is very good at tossing stuff around with the Force. Even if his opponent is the object he's tossing.


Force Shield

     Force Field: Superior

  • Reinforced Defenses


Using his Force Abilities, Mini-Maul can create a Force Shield to deflect attacks from him. His power is such that even armor piercing attacks can be stopped.


Force Sense

     Danger Sense: Standard


Using the force, Mini-Maul can sense an opponents moves a fraction of a second before they happen, allowing him to evade them easier.


Arcane Lore

     Arcane Lore: Superior


He may be smaller than the original Darth Maul was, but his mastery over the mystic Darkside of the Force is just as big. He is just as corrupt and evil as the orginal.