Voltaire DeSombra

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 12

Personal Losses: 3


There is no name, for It was before names. There is no substance, for It was before creation. It, in fact, has no non-substance, for It was before Void. Ancient is the only word to describe it. Colder, larger, emptier than the Void. More dismal. The archetype for the Void itself, it was still more. A tireless force? Entity? Being? None of these. All of these. Neither existing nor not existing. It is and isn't. Not a coincidence. Not an Inanimate. And yet, is. For all the words to describe things, it is none of them, and all of them. To try and quantify it is to lessen it. It is uncaring. Unknowing. Unknowable. Some say it creates. Others say it preserves. Even others say it destroys. All of these? None of these? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I was looking for my face. It wasn't some freakish physical deformity, but for all my years, looking in the mirror, nothing was looking back. And other people saw it too, I don't know how. It took me some time to realize what was missing, and what I was looking for. Me, my face, call it what you like. It didn't have a name. Something was missing, and in my search I found I could wander freely. I have long forgotten where and when the journey began. I met Creation in my travels, and I moved on. I found the Void, and I moved on. I crossed paths with them all, even the Universe and still... It was not right. Day after day, nothing stared back at me. Not Void, not quite nothing, to be wholly true, just something that both was and wasn't. But it was looking for me. The nameless, the first, the one that was before even such things as names and forces. Perhaps it drew me to itself, perhaps it made me from the start. I can never know, because it is before knowing. I will say that we found one another. Now I can look in a mirror. There has been no change, except that I know what looks back at me. It's a shadow, I'm its reflection, and I have a face now. I'm no longer lost, I no longer wander. I've forgotten who I was, and my home is long vanished, but I am here now. This is good enough. I'm coming home.


     Disintegration: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing
  • Multi-Attacks


Did you know, if you look into utter darkness, you can see forever? Truly. Though seeing into what, is indeed the question. Just shadows from the lack of light? Shadows from the lack of creation? Void? Nothingness? Or is it because of the shadows that you look into yourself? "If you look long enough into the abyss..." Really do you have the answers? Do you even know the questions? And if you know the questions, do you truly know what they are asking? Or do you just see the surface? The surface of the shadows. Indeed, few see beyond the surface. Fewer still see very far past. And none willingly reach beyond the surface. Do you know what would happen if you were to touch infinity? No? No, you wouldn't. No one would until they had, and no one has. Willingly. Do you want to know? To touch the end of time? The beginning of time? To reach beyond and see every moment of time and space wrapped into a single point of being for even but a brief moment? Once you know what will happen, it will be too late. There is a barrier here. Reach beyond it. Break the surface and look beyond. See what you will see.



     Marksman: Standard


I like mirrors. There's only one certain thing, and it's what I see in a mirror. This stuff that comes in at the eyes, these reflections of reflections, there's nothing certain about them. Light reflects at angles, and all images are real. I can point at an image, and I can shatter a reflection. Other people want to look inside me, but I'm just one more reflection. I know what image I mirror. So what's in a reflection but light? I point and it's a halogen strobe inside a world that made sense before you looked in my eyes. Light and reflection and I find myself staring at a shattered mirror again. Life can be tough that way. Maybe you should stop trying to look into me and look inside yourselves.



     Kinetic Absorption: Standard


Introspection is no longer necessary. I spent a whole life on introspection. You who haven't experienced this don't know the full meaning of the word. I had a family, I was born some time, I grew up and felt my way along the first steps of the journey. Somewhere along the line I simply let go of all that. I'll leave it to other people to live in memories. Memories, the past, it was all holding me back, it was all a hindrance of my introspection. Now I am finished with looking inward. I found what I needed. I direct all my attention outward. I'm a reflection. I'm light at an angle, but the rest of you are just shadows. I am merely a reflection of the nameless and the first. To attempt to address anything inwards is futile. You strike at a reflection, you strike inwards at infinity, and your blow will fall inward forever.



     Kinetic Absorption: Superior


Physical force is and isn't. It is actuality. It isn't potential. But it has potential. A reservoir, so to speak, of energy. This merely serves to illustrate a point. Energy can be used to store more energy. When a physical force is directed at a physical object the object in question acts as a new storage device for that energy. In the normal ebb and flow of the workings of reality, this energy would quickly be released in the form of another physical force. However, physical force is but an aspect of that which is unknowable. It that has no distinction. Neither creation nor void. Neither name or lack of a name. A force, easily expended, and merely potential again.



     Energy Absorption: Standard


Old rules, old logic, fragments of memory. Energy cannot be either created or... For every action there is... But I know it is before the rules, before logic, it's the first, pure and simple. I've often asked, if there is a first, is there a last? Whispers tell me it has to be, but those cobwebs that sometimes wreathe my head aren't of any consequence. The last dissipates, the first is eternal. There's no end in sight, and no bottom that I know of. All I've seen are more reflections, one after another after another, and the last you'll ever see is your own shadow on the wall of infinity, vanishing to a point. A vanishing point, a flash, and such is where you can find your own endings.



     Energy Absorption: Superior


A bolt of lightning strikes. Light echoes into infinity. Thunder bursts and fades into the distance. A wave crashes against a shoreline. Sand drifts endlessly across the oceans. Fire roars and pops. A star collapses leaving an immense well of gravity behind it. A tree falls. A roof caves in. Countless cases of energy. Hundreds. Thousands. Millions. Who knows? Energy must have a source. All energy must have a place to be stored when it is not being used. A space, a non-space. An entity, a non-entity. An arrow flies, sinking deep into a heart. A bomb explodes, leaving behind mass destruction. A sword swings, cleaving deep into a chest...



     Counter-Attack: Standard


Look into a mirror what you see is reflected forever. A simulacrum of reality. What is reality though, but a reflection of the first and unknowable. I am the mirror, I'm the reflected image. You are the shadows, and you're staring into one more reflection. You can't look at me and not see yourself. Have you ever broken a mirror? Just for fun? On accident? What happened? Did it break? Or did your reflection break? Shattered. What happens, then, if you try to break reality? Does reality truly break and shatter, or does your reflection merely disappear? So long as you try and shatter me, all you can hope for is to break a mirror. There's a reason people say it's bad luck. I can never know. I'm a reflection, and that's all you can hope to do, to smash your fists against silver and glass. To strike at reality; the essence of... of all, of nothing; the archetype for creation and void; for knowing and unknowing. What does it amount to other than the breaking of your own reflection? Your reality? Your existence? So many who can't understand. So many of you left in fragments in my path. Break a mirror, shatter an image, shatter yourself. All images are real.


My Face

     Reflection: Ultimate


You plunge your thoughts into the depths of my surface and what comes back to you is nothing more than what you thought you would find. Bleak, empty despair. You will find nothing in my thoughts but yourself. Your own thoughts, echoing past an eternity of nothing. My face is my own, and isn't for one such as you to see. The closer you should look, the more you will fracture your own identity. You, who are but a reflection of your own image. A broken mirror fractured into a thousand repetitions. You are meant to know yourself, as I know myself, but none others. For to know another as you should only know yourself is to court with the worst of fates. To deny who you are and, at the same time, to seek out your own truths that you tried to hide from yourself. Seek your identity through me, and I shall only shatter you as so many other before you. This is my face, this is all.


My Will

     Counter-Attack: Standard


Everything that I am not. I can draw this understanding all together, and I can hold it for the briefest of moments. To understand that creation is a reflection of nothingness, that the void isn't empty, rather it is infinite possibility. We live in moments, each one passing by, each one different, each one a thousand facets. Each facet having a thousand facets of its own. Each one leading to another in an endless series of choices so that, to remove a single moment would alter the entire face of reality. These moments come and go, and mean nothing to our immediate future. They are endless, and they are the end. To draw all this together is no undertaking for children, no game to be played by neophytes. To piece together an endless chain of chance, of cause and effect. But this is all no matter. I can will that such will be so, that should you so seek the answers I have told you to turn away from, I will rain them down upon you until they wash you away, until only your shadow is left. I will show you the full understanding of time, of creation, of void.