The FPL Game

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Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Weak

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 3

Mr. Graves

The object of the game is to catch the Rabbit. The game takes place in a room of unknown size, with an unknown number of people in it, and an unknown number of rabbits. One of these rabbits is, The Rabbit. All the others are just regular rabbits. It's not known how many of these there are either, and they may be multiplying. Or adding. You can enter or leave the room at any time. However, you cannot catch the Rabbit if you are not in the room. Unless of course, the Rabbit leaves the room too, but this never happens for very long because the Rabbit doesn't like the look of the outside world all that much. It's too bright. The room that the game takes place in is completely dark, excepting possibly the people in it, should they somehow generate light in some form. This makes it difficult for the people playing to see at times, but that's okay, the rabbits don't have great eyesight either. There are several strong suggestions for playing (including the extremely violently enforced no-Rabbit-cloning and no-assistance-from-non-players 'suggestions'), but the only real rule is that if you ever in fact DO catch the Rabbit, you are to be awarded points for holding on to it for as long as you can. Other people may try to wrest the Rabbit from your grip, but the Rabbit hates being held onto for long periods of time and will often jump out of your grasp on its own anyway. Understanding of proper Rabbit care helps, but in the end you'll simply have to catch the Rabbit again. Or let it fall into your hands after a long and tiring flight, which it has been known to do on occasion. This is: The FPL Game.

The person who guards the door into the room will tell you all the rules of The FPL Game, if you bother to listen to him. Most of what he tells you is very helpful, however, he has never actually caught the Rabbit himself, nor has he ever tried to. This is because he cannot move, even if the Rabbit were gnawing on his leg. Thus, while he has much advice on how to catch the Rabbit, it may or may not be helpful to the person entering the room, especially if they are not actually here to play The FPL Game.

do well and may go all the way

     Blending: Supreme


The Rabbit may, at any given time, be running around the room, hopping, not hopping, hiding in a corner or in a hole in the ground, or flying. If the Rabbit is flying, people that cannot fly are, obviously, at a distinct disadvantage, but, because all the other rabbits can fly too, and the Rabbit may not be flying all the time, the disadvantage is hard to make out. It is also rumored to, for no discernable reason, sometimes stop existing entirely (some complain that this leaves people that cannot not exist at a distinct disadvantage, but they are usually ignored), but it's probable that this is due to the darkness of the room, and perhaps the wiles of the Rabbit.


roster of legends gone by whic

     Illusion Creation: Supreme

  • Auto-Hit Attack


One popular opinion is that the Rabbit must be recognized before it can effectively be caught. Some people are at an advantage for this because they have caught the Rabbit before, and have a vague idea of what it looks like. Others have a slightly lower advantage because they have caught other rabbits, and thus know what the Rabbit doesn't look like. Still others are at an advantage because, unlike the first two groups, they are convinced that the Rabbit changes its looks from time to time (and they may, in fact, be right). To contradict this idea, however, some people merely catch as many rabbits as they can and hope that one of them is the Rabbit, and some don't give a flip about finding the Rabbit and just want to make rabbit stew.


2001 on the subject of voting

     Super Speed: Superior


Because the Rabbit is constantly on the move, or, possibly, constantly not on the move, various methods of movement and attraction have been employed to try and corner the Rabbit. Some people attempt to run at top-speed around the room, reasoning that if they can outrun the Rabbit, there's no way it can get away from them. Others move about slowly as to not scare the rabbit away (even though the Rabbit, on occasion, will bolt at the sight, or lack thereof, of slowly approaching people). Still others don't move at all, hoping the Rabbit might come up to them (or, they might need a nap, in which case the Rabbit more often than not needs a nap too from all this running and flying around, and plops down right next to them without them even knowing it). Various combinations of bright lights, soft glowing lights, rabbit food, rabbit pheremones, and AlaKhaza-Mart brand Rabbit Attractors to try and bring the Rabbit closer to them, but these also tend to attract rabbits, and as such they have quite a bit of searching through rabbits to do.


oh-so-subtle attempt at divers

     Lucky: Superior


When not actively catching the Rabbit, some people spend their time bickering with each other over how the rabbit should be caught**. Others, however, take a break and play other fun games in the room, such as Hide and Can't See in the Dark, Midnight Basketball With No Hoop, and the ever-popular, Spin the Bottle Then Try and Figure Out Who the Hell It's Pointing At. It is entirely possible that the Rabbit may accidentally be used as a free-throw shot, or mistaken for a furry, lumpy bottle, and some people (often the some people that spent their time bickering) sometimes complain that it's not fair that the Rabbit was found by someone who was also playing something else at the time. There are no rules that say you must be playing only The FPL Game at the time, however.


impartial judges who have been

     Mind Control: Supreme

  • Auto-Hit Attack


**Important Note: If, in playing The FPL Game, you feel that you are not having a good time, or are confused about certain things, you have several options. First, if you've found a particularly dangerous health hazard in the room, or you think you've found someone trying to clone the Rabbit, referees are stationed about the room and, if they're not asleep or busy eating, will be able to help you. If you do not like the rules of the game, or the size of the building, you may be able to achieve some success if the other people running around playing are in agreement. However, excepting very rare circumstances, or if the person is willing to pay for construction, legal, and plumbing costs, the other players will most likely not want the game to be held up for very long. Also, though there is only one room that plays The FPL Game, several buildings down the road a ways sever up similar forms of entertainment. If you have any further questions, feel free to state them out loud while in the room; who knows, perhaps the Rabbit will be the one to answer.


presents the current top FPL c

     Disintegration: Ultimate

  • Armor Piercing


Finally, if the Rabbit ever dies, a new one will immediately replace it. Thus, the game ends when either a) the building is demolished, regardless of who is still in it, or b) the Universe is blown up or otherwise ended. When this happens, the person with the most points will not be given anything because the building that contained the prize will no longer be there, or the Universe will no longer be there which will likely result in the death of the winner. In any event, any official-record keeping has long since been abandoned, though several people running through the room do try and keep track of who's close to the Rabbit, or who's been catching the Rabbit a lot recently; it may not give anyone an advantage in actually catching the Rabbit, but it sure does result in a lot of speculation.