Chakos and The Morrigan

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


"No thanks," thought Chakos, "I'm an independent contractor. This avatar stuff isn't for me." Suddenly, an image appeared in his head: a beautiful woman. "You must come to Khazan, I need you desperately." The woman shifted to that of a maiden sitting upon a great armored warhorse, a spear glittering in her hands. "There is none here who will battle those who seek to subjugate the weak. You must be their savior." Chakos considered this, and his intuition suddenly screamed in pain. *nnoo!*#@* Then, nothing. Chakos' goosebumps exploded for a moment, and then settled. He shook his head and focused again on the outside world...The portal now shimmered behind him; he did not remember crossing the threshold. Suddenly, he felt something settle on his shoulder. A Crow. It spoke in his mind soothingly, and Chakos could feel its tendrils spread over his thoughts like a warm blanket. "I will serve you as well as you serve me. Together, through the power of battle, we will bring peace to Khazan. They name of Chakos, avatar of The Morrigan, will become legend." "I'm just a detective." replied Chakos. The Crow's talon's dug into his shoulder, spilling blood. The crimson fluid ran down his arm in rivets, and collected in his palm. He jumped back, writhing to toss both the blood and the bird away. He crashed into an alley wall. When he opened his eyes, they were met for a moment by two glassy black orbs; the Crow was perched upon his chest. It hopped off and waddled over to two prone forms in the alley. Blood soaked through their ragged clothes. Bits of flesh made sickening sounds as it dropped from the dirty brick walls "Do you see this, detective? After you crashed your head on the wall, these two thieves came to relieve you of your belongings and your life. I have saved you. Deny me as your Goddess again, and I will not do so again. Khazan needs me to protect it, and I need you to help me." Chakos considered her words. They rang true; his intuition did not react. "So be it, Morrigan. I am yours."

"I do what I can; I mean, the people of Khazan need my help. Luckily, The Morrigan brings me to them. I can't imagine what this place would be like without a savior like her. She's even willing to help her own avatar as much as possible; when I black out, she stays by my side..."

Preternatural Fetters

     Lucky: Ultimate


"Sure I was lucky back on earth, sure, but it's another world here. My own luck just isn't enough, so The Morrigan fetters my enemies. I've seen my enemies' trip at just the wrong moment. I've fallen thirty stories safely while others splatter beside me. I've watched entire clips of ammunition fall into sewer drains. I can always be sure that I'll have to fight in an area of my choosing, not theirs. Hell, once I spent ten minutes chasing down a group of cultists only to watch them get hit by garbage truck. It's a good thing that The Morrigan watches out for me so well; I'd hate to thing what could happen to me if I blacked out and she wasn't there to fetter those who would do harm to the innocent, or me..."


Preternatural Fetters Pt. II

     Smoke Screen: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker


"I'm just a man, and in a place like Khazan I often find myself overmatched. There isn't much I can do against planet crushing energy beams or rabid alien bounty hunters. That's where my goddess comes in. The Morrigan blasts their senses with her glory, and they can but fall to their knees in awe. After all, no being can really know a god in all its glory. Sure I feel bad sometimes stabbing a criminal who's just cowering on his knees in an alley, but its got to be done. If I don't find them and kill them, who knows the trouble that they'll cause."


Oscilation Daggers

     Vibration: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


"My personal gift from The Morrigan. When I hold them in my hands, they remind me of the daggers I used to hunt werewolves with back on earth: well balanced, pure silver, scary looking. But when I strike anything else with them, my target simply explodes, or at least becomes severely distorted. Bones and rock alike will shatter. The Morrigan seems to prefer that I simply plunge them into building girders; hit enough of them, and the building falls around my enemy whilst she uses her power to keep me from harm. I never believed in that kind of destruction, but if that's what she wants, I'll do it."


A Goddess' Guidance

     Tactician: Standard


"The Morrigan has been around since the beginning of time as a battle goddess. She's seen every war there has ever been to see, you know? If I'm in too tight of a bind, she's more than willing to give me that extra hint on how to get out of it. After all, she's seen the situation before."


Quick Thinking

     Detective: Standard


"I've learned to use the powers that The Morrigan gives me pretty well. Its not all just vampires and zombies anymore, but everything has a weak point. I just have to wait for her to fetter down to my level, and then I can strike where they are most vulnerable. Well, after she tells me how to go about doing it, of course. One can't take a goddess' guidance for granted..."