Lady Veil

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

May Lee

Jimmy, you're early! I didn't expect ya till the next hour!" The small suited man walked back a few paces towards the door, briefcase in hand. "Should I come back later Boss?" "No no! Go ahead and sit down, I don't have any scheduled appointments right now." He quickly sat down, opening his briefcase and taking out a few papers. "So...what brings you here today?" "Well Boss, I've completed the newcomer background check." "Aah yes, now I remember! How foolish of me to forget one of our standard policies! Find anything interesting about Lady Veil?" "Not much, even with all my insiders. But from what I got, she seems pretty legit...well, legit by OUR standards." The Boss chuckled. "Her background sounds pretty rough. Her real name is Lacy Adkinson. She was put into an orphanage as a baby, but was registered under another name." "Where was this orphanage?" "Somewhere in London, but the place burned down a while back, so I could only get a hold of a few records from the police office. Must have been a botched case; it took me long enough to convince them I was not there to blackmail the chief! Anyways, she was released after she turned 18, and pretty much wandered the streets on her own." "I've heard of the conditions in the London streets, and their shoddy orphanages. The kid had a pretty tough life! Anything else?" "Well...I found something about a crime organization that she joined right after she jumped ship to the States. She came to us awhile after it flopped. Something about RotB..." The Boss grabbed the paper and skimmed over it. "ROTB YOU SAY? Well..." He threw back the paper. "...THIS is unexpected! I thought for sure all of their members perished..." He tapped his fingers on his desk, staring into space. "A group of riff-raffs starting out, but under very good leadership, turned into one of the most successful crime organizations! And one of our chief opponents! But then they bit off more than they could chew...trying to take over Khazan...they should've known better than that! What was her alias?" Jimmy fumbled with his papers. "Umm...uhh...her name under the RotB was...umm...Vixen." The Boss closed his eyes. " of their most valuable members. The best in the business. She could track down and take out ANYBODY, no questions asked! As long as she was rewarded..." He suddenly stood up. "Jimmy! Assign her one of our toughest cases PRONTO!" "But just hired her last month..." "Don't you see Jimmy? Fortune is smiling upon us! We've just acquired one of the best hitmen money could buy! And after all these years I was kicking myself for not acquring her services earlier!" "Yyyess Boss!" Jimmy runs out, and the Boss slowly sits in his chair. "As Vixen you were on the top of your game. Let's hope as Lady Veil you haven't lost your touch!"

"So...YOU must be James Omar." "Umm...yes...I am...but you can call me Jimmy. And I presume you are Lady Veil?" She swiped the folder out of his hands. "I'm known by other names, but at this point in time, you are correct." She opened the folder and started to read the first page. "That's Randall Brandwein. Randy B to me and the boys. He was Boss's right hand man until he was captured by the police in Milan. He broke one of our cardinal rules and snitched on us. Half of our guys were thrown into jail because of him! He's been free ever since..." "And you want me to take him out since he's eluded all your other guys." She closed the folder. "I AM capable of reading it for myself! I don't need Leon's pet to spoonfeed me info like I'm some dumb orphan..." "Listen, ONE, I AM NOT Boss's pet, and TWO, nobody calls Boss by his real name unless you're family, Miss Adkinson!" Jimmy soon found himself facing the barrel of his .45 caliber. "ONE, Mr. Omar, you ARE Leonardo Ozuna's pet. I've seen you kiss his Italian loafers too many times! Too busy following orders to notice your gun was missing. TWO, your boss and I have met before on many an occasion, enough to be on first name terms! And THREE, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, calls me by MY real name unless they have MY permission!" She cocked the gun. "Now if you value your life as well as your relationship to your superior, I suggest you heed my words." Jimmy gulped. "Yyyesss Miss...I mean Lady Veil!" "Good." She kept pointing the gun at him. "Be glad I'm letting you off for now...I usually get rid of people nosy enough to search my past." Sweat rolled off of Jimmy's chin. "With each name comes a web of events detailing a life associated with that name. With each new name comes a new life, another chance to spin a new web and discard the remains of the past for good. Keep that in mind Jimmy." She finally puts her gun away. "Now what is Leon offering for my service?" Jimmy grabbed and opened up a suitcase, revealing crisp bills. "Here's $5000, up front." She checked a stack for authenticity. " a good little pet and tell Leon I expect $5000 more when I come back with Randy's body in tow." "But Lady Veil...all new hitmen start out at that amount..." "Well your other guys are too inexperienced to earn more. I've been in this business ever since some of them guys were in diapers! Besides, for MY expertise, 10 grand is a bargain! Just go tell him that Jimmy. He'll understand."

Knowledge is Power

     Detective: Superior


When you have had my kind of upbringing, you cannot help but be weary of everything that suddenly appears in your field of vision. I automatically discern a stranger's strengths and weaknesses, even if he or she is just walking past me on the sidewalk. It is good to know those things, especially if you don't already know if the person is your friend or foe. I remember many a time in which I had only a split -second decision to make before being pummeled by a hoodlum twice my size. Having that extra bit of information works wonders to your advantage. Acquiring some knowledge of your surroundings wouldn't hurt you a bit either. I may not already know where all the nooks and crannies are in Lowtown, but I sure as h3ll know how to find them! Which may not be so good for this Randy B fellow. Leon's crew have been searching for him for years, and the whole time he's been living in their own backyard! In a small one-bedroom apartment from the Thornwood complex, to be precise. Right smack dab in the middle of Leon's territory. Heh...very elusive indeed! All he had to do was shave his moustache and wear some glasses to avoid getting axed. Oh least the hard part of this operation is over. Too bad it didn't pose me much of a challenge.


Only a Matter of Time

     Blending: Superior


Good God, this man is BORING! I've had mentally challenged clientele who live more interesting lives! Every day he goes to the same sites, at exactly the same's as if he was following some strict schedule that has no room for variation whatsoever. Not to mention the amount of time he spends in the adult section at the video rental store just plain scares me. I'm not sure if I should be relieved or annoyed at the lack of difficulty it took to carry on the mission this far. This is SO below my area of expertise. I could easily just say "F&#K it!" and tell Leon to shove it up there, but I do have all those bills to worry about. Not to mention I would have his hitmen after ME, which would involve them prying their ugly snot dripping noses into MY private life, which I absolutely cannot tolerate. You see, I'm a true assassin. I have to lie in wait amidst the foilage, ready for that perfect moment to come. The moment when he slips up, gets distracted, anything that makes him steer off course, giving me those precious seconds I need to deliver the fatal blow with little or no effort. And with little or no potential witnesses. It's very likely that I'm a little teed off that "the moment" won't appear for a long while, considering this man's dull lifestyle. But talking about it sure helps pass the time away. Especially with an audience that gives you its undivided attention and doesn't talk back to you. It also helps you focus on the job, which reminds me, Randy B's coming back from his recent trip to the grocery store. But not to worry Mr. Teddy Bear, we'll be able to talk later over some hot chocolate and marshmallows.


The Moment Arrives

     Closed Mind: Superior


Well whataya know? Randy B's moment has arrived! And to think I assumed he'd just drop dead due to the boredom of his routine. Who would expect the video rental store to be closed for the day due to unforseen circumstances? I certainly didn't, yet this is just what I needed! And as expected, he heads off to another store. My entire career depends on keeping pace. Wherever he goes, I have to be close behind. If I have to step on some toes and "accidentally" bump into people in order to keep him in my line of sight so be it. And I must keep myself focused on the task. Ignore all the petty distractions of the outside world. Think only of Randy B. Him and NOTHING ELSE. Watch his every move. Prepare for any sudden changes in activity. DAMMIT! He's found another video store! So much for THAT moment...and the tedious hours of surveillance continues...or does it? What's this? He didn't go in! That wasn't expected EITHER! He must've changed his mind the last minute. But this isn't the time or place...I can always contemplate Randy's unusual decision-making after the deed is done in the comfort of my own apartment.


Every Second Counts

     Marksman: Superior


The perfect day. The perfect hiding place. The perfect weapon. The perfect target. Nothing could be more perfect. It is the first day of the biggest fair of the year, a fair that EVERYBODY goes to...which means no potential witnesses of the crime. I am laying on my stomach on top of one of the tallest buildings in the area...out of sight from any onlookers, and especially my victim. My precious sniper rifle is loaded and ready to go, with a new silencer to boot. And finally, Randy B, the object of my endless hours of pursuit, espionage, and frustration, is sitting on a park bench, an open copy of the Khazan Times in his hands. It seems as if my first mission will end the same way as it began...without a challenge. But it doesn't always stay that way. Everything can change in a second. The wind might pick up and throw off my aim, missing my target by mere centimeters. Or a bird can use my head as target practice, startling me and in turn, revealing my location to others. But even in these less than perfect situations, I can always count on my years of experience and expertise with my weapons. As long as I stay focused on my task, and ONLY my task, I will deliver a clean shot every single time.


The Sweet Smell of Success

     Projectile Attack: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


"Umm...Boss? Do you have a moment? Lady Veil is here to see you." "Aah, yes! I do have some time to spare. Let her in Jimmy!" "I must warn you boss, she's not coming in empty-handed..." "Oh? That must mean she completed her job! Excellent! Bring her in!" "Yes boss! Miss Veil, you may co-- OOF!" "Here Jimmy, be a nice little boy and help a lady carry some precious cargo." "Umm...yeah...sure..." "Aaaah, Miss Veil! Welcome back! It's been awhile since we last saw each other, and for a very good reason! From the looks of that body bag, it looks like you have been successful in your assignment, am I not right?" "Of course I was successful Leon. I couldn't possibly return to you without honoring my part of the contract. Randy B's body is now officially in your possession!" "Excellent! Now, if you don't mind, I would like to sneak a peek inside that bag. Just set it on my desk Jimmy! It has always been a pleasure of mine to stare into the glazed eyes of my former adversaries..." "How interesting...too bad Randy B's not in that bag." "WHAT?!? If he's not in this bag, then WHO IS?" "Oh, just a hoodlum I had a scuffle with. If you notice the size of the hole in his throat, I had to shoot him point-blank. It seems you weren't the only one who wanted Randy B in a lifeless state." "Oh. Well...I appreciate the thought Miss Veil, but you DID promise Randy B for me. Now where is he?" "In this suitcase right here Leon." "That's insane boss! No human man can fit into that small space, even a dead one!" "Well, if you recall, Leon asked me to return with the dead body of Randy B. He never said anything about the body being IN ONE PIECE...see?" "Ugh...excuse me..." "Leon, you asked to see Randy's head? The smell's a little unpleasant, but you can still get a good view of the bullet hole between his glazed eyes, especially since it is no longer attached to his neck..." "No, no, that's fine Miss Veil, just put the suitcase on my desk, closed. Jimmy will give you the money as soon as he is done in the bathroom. Then you may leave." "Thank you Leon. It's a great pleasure doing business with you."


A Rare Opportunity...

     Lucky: Superior


[2.22.xx]...As I stand upon the balcony of my new Uptown apartment, the pathetic excuse of my former abode now in the far distance, my mind is still milling over Leon's most recent decision that he feels requires my talent and expertise. Unfortunately, my experience in my art only guarantees me success in one part of my newest mission. Though I can easily take out the SLJ member, to get her within shooting range requires me to sneak into the Headquarters and locate her whereabouts. With nothing to fall back on in that department, I have no other choice but to rely on that dreaded concept known as luck. I could've told Leon no. That it was impossible for me to do the job the way he wanted it to be done. But I forced myself to bite my tongue and accept it without any protest. I absolutely COULD NOT let this rare opportunity slip through my fingers. Lord only knows why Leon tries to avoid messing with the SLJ. An opportunity such as this can only result in a huge salary bonus, not to mention all the insider info I could gather that would be worth much much more...dammit Veil! You're starting to lose your focus again! It almost cost you your life one too many times! A good Bloody Mary and a movie should numb those fickle fantasies and help me sleep tonight. Let's hope my stupid luck is willing to work for me tomorrow. --LV


A Ticket Through the Door

     Illusion Creation: Standard


Now who would've thought that a great idea would spring from my rental of "The Professional." Such a wonderful movie. I should probably thank my newfound luck for this unexpected turn of events. And maybe Natalie Portman as well... "...Ahem..." "May I help you?" "Yes. I have a very special delivery for a Miss Leigh McKin." "... ...Are you sure?" "Why yes...her name IS on the package after all..." "...and the address?" "Well, it says 'SLJ Headquarters'... I had to flag down a couple of heroes to give me directions, since your address is not listed in the Khazan Yellow Pages..." "...for GOOD reason..." "...well...may I deliver this to her?" "You can just leave it here with me." "Because of the contents of this package, I'm required to deliver it to her in person, and acquire her signature as clarification that she received it." "...FINE!...4th floor, Rm. 603. Take the stairs since the elevator's busted." "Thank you..." ...Damn, that secretary's a bitch! After I get through with this assignment I'm going to take care of that stupid redhead! And the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can go home and take off this stupid outfit! How can those UPS guys WEAR this? At least I look like a decent guy with my haircut... we go! Rm. 603... *knock knock* "Miss McKin?" "...the door's open..." "Miss Leigh McKin, I have a special delivery for..." *click* "I just told me five minutes ago..." "...Somehow I knew that it was only a wig..." "Shut up and give me your damn gun and package!" "..." "...Only two people would know my real father and Leonardo Ozuna. Obviously you don't know my father..." "Leon just wanted to give you that as a token of his appreciation." "...For what?" "Don't know. I'm only the delivery guy..." "...girl...your gym sock's hanging out...and lay off the Old Spice will you?" "...damn..." *rip* " more thing before I put some lead in your brain...what's in the package?" "I can only give you two hints..." *clink clink clink* "There's the pin. You got three seconds..."