20/20 Swordsman

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 6 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 2


Like, so everyone likes blind swordsmen right? Why else would there be so many blind swordsmen if they weren't the 'in' thing. Take Gabby, Gabby really likes blind swordsmen. So he decided to be one. The first big snag in being a blind swordsman wasn't that Gabby wasn't blind, but that Gabby wasn't a he. Gabby's a she. So that swordsMAN part is going to be hard to pull off. But hey, no prob, she can be one of those really girly looking but macho at the same time swordsman that girls like her really like. And since she didn't swing that way, even better. She can be one of those with a will of steel against women and like sensitive guys who don't care you're blind. Of course, Gabby isn't blind, but that's no problem, all she needs it to put on some see through cloth around her eyes and voila! Blind swordsman. Now she needed to have her family killed so she can go around getting revenge for them, only, she's not evil. A little nutty, but not evil. She could kill them herself and then go around looking for the killer, that would make a nice twist. She'd be looking for someone she'll never find cause it's really her. Cool. But again, she's not evil. Oh wait, yeah, this will work. She has *DA DA DUM!* AMNESIA! Yeah, she's going around swinging her sword around cause the Main Event winner knows something about her past. Yeah, and if someone else became champ, then the old champ's just a puppet for the new champ, yeah, woohoo! Yeah, this is working. Alrighty then, now she needs some l33t sword skills. Hey no prob, she's a blind swordsman remember? Blind swordsman move faster than the eye can see. So no prob, all she needs is to carry around a sword and back it up with some other stuff. Okay, everything's settle cept for the name. Something mysterious but catchy like Shadow Slasher. Gotta have an eastern name too. Maybe Da Sord Mang Toriyama. Nah, too corny even for her. Lets go with something weird, the 20/20 Swordsman, yeah. Cause HE *coughcough* fights like HE has 20/20 vision. Now lets see where the rents are keeping the credit cards...

Okay, Gabby is like, a real cold hearted blind swordsman who has a lot of hate inside but is really very nice when he's not fighting cause that's how blind swordsmen are. You know he's very cold because he never undresses in front of people even in the public baths. He spends all his time in the public baths where all the guys are nekid but he never baths with them. He just sits there facing them, not looking because he's already blind and can't look. And you also know he's cold hearted because he doesn't go for girls even when they come on to him. So he musta have been real hurt long long ago when his girlfriend got killed or maybe he made a promise and that means he's not only cold but honorable. Cool!

Master Training

     Master Training: Standard


Yeah, well, Gabby's got a lot of training. She got like, watched a lot of Karate Kidd and and her fav char in Street Warrior XXX 2 is Hayate. She could whoop Wega III with Hayate anytime she feels like it. If you can treat Wega III like your girl doggie, you gotta be real good and got lots of training.


Suzuki Toyota Honda

     Electricity: Standard


The Suzuki Toyota Honda or Heavenly Vengence Stunning Sword Strike is an ancient technique passed down from generation to generation in 20/20's family. HE *coughshecough* is the latest and greatest user of this art. The technique hits vital 'nerves' (yeah that's it) and causes whoever the sword hits to feel like he's been struck by lightning (or a cattle prod). 20/20 is so good that he doesn't even need to unsheath the sword for the effect to work. And he's so fast and skillful, it looks like he's just swinging around a cattle prod to the untrained eye, and even a master swordsman wouldn't be able to tell the diff.


Nintendo Sega Sony

     Missiles: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only


The full name of this dreaded technique is Yosh Oosha Doshta Doshta Raishu Rauraurauraurau Yayouze or Exploding Wrath of Heavenly Dragon Breath Vengence of Fire and Ice Mr Burns Slash. It is the most powerful technique of 20/20's 'school' and was taught to 20/20 when HE was only 8 years old. Nobody else in the history of the school has been able to learn this technique, not even 20/20's master who taught it to him even knows how the basic concept worked but 20/20 was so good he learned the technique anyway. The move causes the enemy to explode as if a missile was fired at him by the a rent-a-mech always overlooking whatever fight 20/20's in. The rent-a-I mean mysterious stranger, is really 20/20's long lost brother who was the one who blinded 20/20, caused his blindness, killed their parents, caused his blindness and was 20/20's chief rival in swordsman school because he was jealous of 20/20's skill and relationship with some chick who's now dead and whose name I can't remember now cause I have amnesi *BONK!* Ok ok, her name was Chun Lee and she died saving 20/20 from his evil brother 60 Mee Nits who caused his blindness. Oh yeah, he also caused 20/20's blindness.


Mitsubishi Mr Miyagi Ryu

     Paralysis: Ultimate

  • Auto-Hit Attack


The legendary Crouching Peanut Striking Monkey Wooden Stone Cur Lee Stance. Only the greatest martial artists know this move. Whoever fights a blind swordsman will not be able to move, since Gabby is a blind swordsman, whoever she fights will not be able to move. You don't even have to fight her to not move. Here, let me show you. You see that blind swordsman over there? He's just standing there holding his sword. You see the assassins around him? They're not moving. That's because blind swordsman are really quick and deadly, so you have to not move and have an inner talk with yourself before you attack him. He's not just standing there holding his sword. Oh no. He's in the Tripple Sun Dae Fud Ge Stance and if you attack him, you will lose. The only way to beat him is to talk to that voice in your head about a strategy to beat the stance while the blind swordsman skewers you. Gabby can do the same. She's not sleeping, she's in the Shadowy Sun of Boo Gie Woo Gie Posture. And she's not really running at you with a cattle pro... sword. She's doing the harmless but deadly Do Da Mash Po Ta To Step, and the only way to beat it is by not moving. And that's not a missile from a rent-a-mech flying at you while you're not moving. That's just a *BOOM!*


Pretty Boy

     Pheremones: Standard


Oh yeah, the chicks dig 20/20. There's just this cool about 20/20. Like, he knows how to treat a girl right. It's like he's a girl himself. And he's like, so sweet and uptight. It's like he got those things girls got on their chest but he's got them all bundled up so it won't be noticeable. He's a guy right? So guys don't have those things. He's just uptight, he doesn't have them tied around real tight and making him uptight.


Ranma Tenchi Gundam

     Invisibility: Supreme


Known as the Blind but Blinky Blinky Eye of Not Here Doom among other blind swordsmen, or Bar Hop Ping among the common folk, watch as you not watch Gabby fight hee...rr opponent(s). Blind Swordmen as everyone with a fanboy of japanese stuff degree knows, are very fast. So fast, they can't be seen. So with that in mind, you know that the underaged person who's sitting in the bar having a drink over there is not the 20/20 Swordsman. You know that you are only fighting 20/20, but that you just can't see him. He is not that person now going into that movie theatre, because 20/20 is blind and wouldn't watch a movie that way. You are fighting 20/20 right now, you know because there are explaosions around you, like you're being fired at with missiles from a rent-a-mech. Since that's 20/20's technique, he MUST be here fighting you, he's just invisible because he's using the Blind but Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom technique.


Gabby Secret Tech

     Tactician: Superior


'In the immortal words of the great ones, the ancient wiseman once said "If you do not wish to lose a fight, do not show up" Refer to when the great warrior prince Badaka was asked by his minister Kredon whilst nursing a drink and witnessing the great fights on the duel set at sunrise on the first day of spring against Yurako "What are you up to majesty?" To which Badaka replied "Just watching the game, having some mead" And many would offer greetings to his majesty the warrior prince Badaka whilst Yurako would contend with the imperial troops Badaka had sent out to bring down Yurako.' Gabby is a student of the arts of war and has taken the story of Badaka to heart. Okay, not really, actually, she's just getting tired of the whole blindswordsman thing, oh, she still loves it, but there's really no point showing up. The Rent-a-Mech does all the actual fighting after all. All she has to do is program the AI to stand watch and voila! Now that she's KINDA legal, or as legal as the fake ID is, she might as well use the ancient Bar Hop Ping technique and enjoy herself while the Rent-A-Mech AI does all the work. She still keeps the cattle prod though, it's an image thing, and the thing's great for keeping the pervs away.