The Anima Devoro Lapillus

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


An old man walked slowly through the worn down museum. Dust motes hung in the air like diseased insects, drawn to the pale light filtering in through the small windows. Behind him a second man walked. He was younger, filled with energy. They made their way together into the museum's backroom. The room was lit by a single flickering light, swinging slightly from a chill draft. The room was filled with crates of various sizes, all gathering liberal amounts of dust. The dust on the floor was freshly scraped away from a crate being dragged over it. The old man walked over to the crate in the back, the only one with out any dust on it. The lid was slightly ascew and a dim red light shone from inside. "A man brought it just yesterday," the old man said, turning to look at his guest. "He said, it was something very valuable, and he wanted to donate it to my museum. Why I can't really say; No one comes to my museum anymore, not with those big fancy ones scattered around uptown," the old man sighed. The younger man walked up to crate, "May I?" "Of course, that's why I called you." The younger man lifted aside the lid, and there rested a black and red stone, with a harsh red light spreading from inside of it. "He didn't say where he got it? Or why he brought it to you?" he asked, reaching for the stone. "No, nothing. He didn't even wait for me to open the crate. He just left with out a trace. Makes me wonder if I didn't imagine the whole thing." The younger man lifted up the stone, his eyes glowing faintly with the reflection of its light. "Is it valuable?" the old man asked, his voice hardly a whisper. "It is, very much so. The Anima Devoro Lapillus." The light flickered, and went out. The young man looked up, slightly startled by the sudden absense of light. Then, as quickly as the light had gone out it came back on. The old man grinned, "Sorry about that. They don't much care of the people in lowtown have a steady supply of power. It does it rather often, I'm afraid." The younger man nodded with out saying anything, and sat down on one of the crates. Nestling the stone in his hands as if it were a birds egg he was trying to hatch. The old man peered intently at the stone, "Umm, so... what exactly is it?" The young man looked up, startled as if he had been hastily awakend from a deep slumber. "It is The Anima Devoro Lapillus," he muttered slightly under his breath, then continued, "It, is an ancient artifact. Indeed, it is, or rather was, nought but legend. The legend goes something like this:"

The young man paused a moment in reflection before speaking again, "Long ago, before Khazan was the Nexus, before there even was a Nexus, this was a wasteland, in a sense. It was not part of Creation. Neither was it Void. Neither force held sway," he paused, and looked down at the stone. Its light had started to pulsate, as if it had some foul heart lurking beneath its depths. He sighed. "It was a natural place to gather. It was also a perfect battle field. Great wars that you or couldn't even imagine raged across the emtpy space. Debris from battle littered the space. Great magics rent the fabric of space and time. It was a time of chaos. A time of carnage. This then was the forging of the Nexus. By being a place of perfect balance, it became a central location for all manner of things. But the wars that raged across it made it all but unusuable," he paused. "Ah, hm I seem to have lost myself. Ah yes, the stone. A group of Guardians showed up one day. Out of nowhere. There are many legends that predate this one, but this group had never apeared, not even a vieled reference to them, in all the many tomes that have been studied." His eyes danced across the stone, seeming to take on the stones devilish glow. "They desired an Artifact that they could use to force peace onto this newly forged Nexus. Three Sisters crafted this," he hefted the stone, "for them." He stood up and tucked the stone into his pocket. "It was tainted though. Its power is corruptive. This group of Guardians fractured. Half of them vowed to seal away the stone forever and protect the universe from ever seeing such destructioin again. The other half though, stole the stone, and tried to force peace. They destroyed great legions with its power. But ultimately, the stone destroyed them as well."


     Mind Blast: Superior

  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


He walked towards the door, then paused and turned back to face the old man. The old man wore a puzzled expresion on his face, wondering why the other man was taking the stone with him. The younger man walked back and sat down on a crate again. "Ah, I suppose you want to know what the stone does?" The old man nodded woodenly as the younger man dug the stone out of his pocket and began flipping it back and forth between his hands somewhat carelessly. "The stone," he began, "was designed to be a terrible weapon. Terrible enough that it could be used to force peace, of a sorts. With that in mind, the stone has several functions, all used in conjunction of course, to achieve its goals. The first was to sort of, 'disjoint' the peoples souls from their copereal bodies. A rather painful experience I would imagine."



     Radiation: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


The younger man stopped fiddling with the stone and shoved it back in his pocket. "You follow so far?" The old man nodded, and opend his mouth as if to say something, but the young man rushed on. "The disjunction, however, isn't complete at this point. The soul, while mostly seperated from the body, is very difficult to detach completely while the body is still alive. To facilitate this, the stone discharged a sort of, withering effect. Any living creature in the area, the same area that was just hit with the disjunction, sort of withers and dies. A nasty and very painful death. I've heard it looks rather like they're melting."



     Tractor Beam: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only


The young man's brows furrowed slightly and he stared intently at the ground. His hand made as if to reach into his pocket and hold the stone, but he stopped it short. "It is very corruptive, you understand. By its very nature, a device of this sort is." He sighed and looked up again, holding his hands in his lap. "The souls no longer being attached to the material world would normaly float away on astral currents. To heaven or hell, or wherever souls go when the bodies can no longer contain them. But the stone, it draws them towards it. It craves the agonized cries of the newly dead. It...," he faltered.



     Energy Absorption: Standard


The young man stood up, and looked at the old man again. "It feeds then," he rasped. "It eats them. Their souls are consumed. Do you understand now? Can you see why its power should have been locked up? It should never have been created in the first place." He reached his hand deep into his pocket and pulled the stone forth again. "That light.... countless souls devoured by this stone light it. It feeds and grows more destructive." His eyes glowed with the slow, pulsing power of the stone. He pursed his lips and looked at the growing expression of horror on the old man's face. "Ah, you understand then. I can't let anyone know that the stone actually exists."