Adam and Eve

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 4

A. Nonymus

Nature is our world. Our very thoughts flow through the very fabric of Nature. We knew nothing else during our first childhood. But then holes appeared in Nature, built by the strange apes who call themselves Human. They called these holes cities. For thousands of years, we observed the spread and decline and farther spread of the cities all over Khazan, not understanding their purpose or their logic. We decided that the only way that we could know why the humans build their cities is to live as them, at least for a little while. We became human children of human parents living in the city called Khazan, I a woman and he a man. Twenty years passed before we met one another again in the Khazanian streets, our human minds now developed far enough that we understood, not only why the humans built their cities, but also what the cities really were. We were terrified by that knowledge. I withdrew within myself, performing the actions that he ordered me to do. But he became aggressive. He began to despise what the humans had created at the expense of that which we had grown with for eons. He wanted to destroy it. He wanted nothing less than the complete death of all the human cities of Khazan.

With our young human memories came the emotions of the humans. They will always stay with us for as long as we exist. That human nature that we took with us turned him into a hateful creature and turned me into the docile servant doing his every whim. I'm afraid of what will happen after he destroys the last human city. I hope I will never know.


     Avatar: Supreme


We still exist inside the human bodies that held us for twenty years. But our essence still exists in Nature. Our human selves have enslaved it, though, and now we use it for our own ends. He uses it to crush what the humans built. I use it to save what might still be left alive after he's done.



     Disintegration: Ultimate

  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing


Why does he have to do this? What purpose can it serve to destroy? The humans themselves have done it for thousands of years with us as witnesses. They didn't feel for what they did to our world because they didn't even know that it existed. But what he does to them is different. He knows what it's like to have his home felled and turned into rubble but he does the same thing to the humans. They have the bliss of ignorance to absolve them of their crimes while he has nothing like that to fall back on when he'll finally have to answer for what he's done.



     Healing: Supreme


The few ruins that are left from his destruction are left to me. While he continues to search for more targets for his rage, I try to find the survivors and bring back to them some last vestige of life that they might enjoy. It's a pitiful compensation for what he did to them and their own world, but there's no other way that I can possibly repay them short of killing him myself. I can't do that, though. I will always heal him if he's injured, no matter what the cost to myself or to others. I won't let him die, ever.



     Polymorph: Standard


To a few of those who I've healed, I give additional enhancements, things that can help them in their new home. He also has this power, though. A few of his victims he transforms into malformed creatures that might live for years before their wretchedness finally kills them. Before Adam began destroying the cities, our skill with this ability was little. We would only have enough energy between us to change a single person once, but no more. As Nature's strength increased because of his destruction and my regrowth, our strength increased also. Amongst those increases in strength is a new reservoir of energy that can produce unlimited changes to others. We also don't need to concentrate to make it possible anymore. Before, our minds were too confused, still trying to meld together our Nature selves and our human selves. We're singular beings again and are able to set our mental resources in any way we wish. But now that concentration isn't required for us to change a person, we aren't in danger of being caught off guard by the environment that we're in. Before, there might have been a place where a person might hide from at least some of his vengeance. Now, he can change a person any place he wants. And my control over him slips still further...


Rewards and Consequences

     Illusion Creation: Superior

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Nemesis


We both try to convince the humans to stop the expansion of their cities in our own ways. I show them the rewards they might receive from stopping their expansion. He shows them the punishments he might give if they don't stop their expansion. With the increasing power of Nature, our rewards and punishments have grown more effective yet less so at the same time. This usually just confuses the humans, you see, us both making opposite images, and people who are more perceptive than the norm usually won't be affected at all.


Speaker (I)

     Communicate with Plants: Standard


We have several connections with the world of Nature that haven't been severed by our life as humans. We can hear the thoughts of almost any living thing near us and can speak to them in the same way. Plants have insights into the world that animals are incapable of knowing. A plant can recognize the touch of a person who wants to do us harm and will tell us where they are instantly. And that person won't even know what the plant has told us. I say, again, that we can speak to almost all living things. There are plants that have never been able to learn to speak at all, grown in isolation by the humans. We pity those plants.


Speaker (II)

     Communicate with Animals: Standard


But animals have methods of perception that plants can never attain. They have senses. They can see things while plants can't. They can hear and taste. The only difficulty is that a human can also see an animal and might consider it a threat, something that few plants will ever be thought of as. But when plants and animals both speak to us, there aren't many things that we won't know about where we are.



     Beast Master: Superior


The plants and animals all recognize us. They know what we are from before we were human at all. Our souls are known by every living thing, our imprint having been passed on for hundreds of thousands of generations so that they realize what we did for them and their ancestors since the beginnings of their species. But even that loyalty wanes over time. Our actions as humans have begun to jade them as to our value to their futures. But in the meantime, they remain loyal to us... For now...


The Animals

     Beast Master: Superior

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Great Sewer


Though the plants can't do much for us because they have no muscles to speak of, the animals will almost always do our bidding in order to help us. When we call to them, they'll come and try to prevent what we can't stop from hurting us. But there are places where our calls will go unheeded. There are animals who have grown to the point where they rely on what the humans have created. They can't live outside of the human cities and will never be willing to help in their destruction. They might sometimes even try to prevent it. We try not to go near those animals.


Strengthened Nature

     Flight: Standard


With the increase of Nature's strength due to the destruction and regrowth that we caused, our innate abilities improved greatly. The ability we most treasure from Nature is the gift of flight. Before we became human, he and I used to soar over the forests and plains and oceans inhaling the life that lived there. Even when the cities existed, we were able to fly. But we were nothing more than spirits then. We had no bodies to take with us on our journeys. Since we had become human, and Nature had been weakened so, we could fly no longer. But now that Nature is growing healthier, it has enough energy to take even our bulky human bodies into the skies.