Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 4


Oh woe is the soul of the creature who loves the patrons of his occupation so greatly that he must quit his position. What do I speak of? I spin the tale of a creature going through a dilemma such as this one. There are many workings in the spirit world that humans are unaware of, we shall focus on the society revolving around that which humans call "nightmares". Humans believe nightmares are the workings of their own mind, yet the truth is, there is an entire species devoted to the bringing of nightmares. One would think they were an "evil" species but they are actually quite loving. You see without nightmares, humans could not further develop themselves, nightmares are made so one must face his or her fears. If the facing of one's fears is never accomplished than that individual will go through life very destructively. So now this brings us to our protagonist, one such nightmare bringing creature, a "man" named Bob. Bob was hailed as the best at what he did, he was the most important of the so called "nightmare bringers. He was the one that brought nightmares to the children of the world, a position that only the most skilled nightmare bringers could take on. He wove intricate nightmares that pushed the children to overcome their fears while still keeping them sane. The fact is though, no one is perfect. It seems Bob pushed one child to far, pushed just a little to much, and in the end, the child took his own life. This was to much for our humble protagonist, and in a most selfish manner he quit his position, saying he loved the children to much. Not knowing what to do, since something such as this was unheard of, the other nightmare bringers let Bob go his way. Materializing in the physical world in the only form he knew, a ghastly skeletal being. He wanted to live a normal life but this was impossible and he knew it, so he set off to find a place where he would be accepted. And this is how he found the nexus we like to call Khazan. Noticing the many superheroes, Bob tried his hand at it too. Donning a red cape and a yellow spandex suit he set off to strike fear into the hearts of evil....he accomplished this task, yet as well he struck fear into the hearts of good men and women. Now feeling like an outcast he wandered through Khazan at night until he could find somewhere he would be embraced. Then he found the Shallow Guild of Bleak Sunrise and suddenly he felt happy for the first time since he had held his position as a nightmare bringer.

Animal Totem

     Animal Transformation: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose


This is a magical Feather empowered by an ancient Native American Shaman. It allows the holder to transform into their Power Animal or Animal(s). A Power Animal can be anything from normal animals to mythical ones. The being takes on all the characteristics of said animal.


The Arrows Part 1

     Emotion Control: Supreme

  • Auto-Hit Attack


One would think mystical creatures using arrows as a means to creating emotions was limited to the love arrows used by cupids when really they are quite a common thing. All fundamental creatures who deal in the matters of emotion are given these mystical arrows, which never miss no matter how hard one may try. The arrows are not limited to one emotion but rather whatever the bearer of them chooses. Bob can summon up his trusty bow and arrow and fire it off at an opponent. He sends the arrows or emotional energy through the air where it dives into the targets mind and from there makes the target go through what ever horrifically strong emotion Bob has chosen, which is usually fear and despair, since it's what he knows best.


The Arrows Part 2

     Psychic Vampire: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only


When one of the said arrows dives in to a person or creature it goes right to the mind, and while there it starts to rob the mind of knowledge and life. It's first task is to gather any important information such as a targets deepest fears or what would put someone into a state of euphoria and then taps the mind in to that though, this way it feeds into whichever emotion Bob has seen fit to inflict on this opponent. Then it is just a matter of slowly robbing the life out of the mind, while the emotion aspect of the arrow keeps the person busy.


The Arrows Part 3

     Web Creation: Superior

  • Area Affect
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


The final effect of these mystical arrows we have heard so much about is a paralyzing effect. By making an opponent go through such strong emotions it has an affect on their body, the affect being a state of non-movement. Oh they may be able to move a bit but in general they will be powerless to fight back in any meaningful way. Even if the opponent was to look at his, her or it's body it would believe that there were dark tentacles holding them in place while any unaffected person would see as clear as day that there was nothing physical holding the target. Yet every once in a while Bob comes across a being with a will so strong that he can not keep them mentally bound.


Creature of Another Plain

     Teleportation: Superior


As mentioned before, this state is not really the natural inhabitance for Bob. In truth the spirit world is where he is most fit and he can return to that plain at any given moment. This is quite advantageous for him since time there is not relevant to the time here, so Bob can leave the physical plain and reappear at almost any place he feels the need, but next to no time has past in this plain while he was gone. He uses this in battle to move around get as close or as far away from his opponent or one of their attacks that he feels fit, and in the mean time he can get some rest. For him a battle that we see as 10 minutes may take him an entire week to finish, depending on how much time he feels like spending in the spirit world.


Rest Within the Spirit World

     Healing: Standard


When Bob does decide to leave this plain and head back to the spirit world, even if it is only for fighting purposes, he likes to get a little rest while there. This way he can take the time to rejuvenate himself and possibly cure any minor infliction(s) that an opponent might have made on him. One would be surprised at how much just a little rest can affect the outcome of a fight. Especially when Bob has been zipping around everywhere and wearing out his opponent.


Honed Skills

     Force of Will: Supreme


What many do not understand that the art of emotion altering is one which is black and white. Either you do or you don't, but like most presumptions this is untrue. In the period of time between Bob quitting his job and finding residence with The Shallow Guild of Bleak Sunrise Bob's skills came to lack the certain finesse they once had when he was at the peak of his job. Now after getting back in tune with his old powers he has reached his full potential again, gracefully penetrating the minds of his adversaries and wielding his mythical bow and arrow like never before. If it wasn't for his quite humble personality Bob would seem quite horrific...or more horrific at least. Many are surprised he still hasn't learned to make himself a little more presentable.