Nathen DiCapelli

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Superior

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 3

Mr. Kite

I know things. No one else knows these things. This world we live in is not real. It is an illusion. It is but the dream of someone else. Yet, we are in no way diminished in our role. There is someone who wishes to destroy this world. It is my duty to stop him. The voice in my head told me so. Everyone should be able to hear him. I ask the voice why no one else can hear it. It says I am its avatar. I don't think it likes me much. I don't think he can really do all that much anyway, what with not having a body and all. It's never spoken to anyone but me. I suppose that's why it lacks so much social grace. I call it "it" because...I have no idea if it's a he or a she. It just calls itself it. It tends to get all uppity when I try to ask about it's gender. I should probably tell you about myself though. I get so easily sidetracked. I'm such a scatter brain. My name is Nathen. I fight evil. It's kind of what I do. With all the evil in the world, someone should fight against it. Why not me? I've been told there's this guy, Sforza. He's the head of Sforza Corp. He's got money coming out of places I don't think you and I should be talking about. His biggest market is in the protection agency. Armed guards, specialists, stuff of such nature. You might remember, ages ago, when the "wizard" with the nanomachines came through town. Well, you remember Sforza took out the so-called wizard when even the army couldn't. It was all over the news. If you missed it you might have been in a coma, you might want to check in on that. Now, everyone thinks he's a hero. It was a ploy. His money doesn't come from protection. He strong arms it from those who don't have anything in the first palce. He's an evil, greedy loan shark. He's a dastardly man who would make the Mafia wince in horror. Worst of all, he plans on undoing this reality. Reality in this world, is like a bubble. Instability can lead to this bubble bursting. But, he wants this bubble to burst. He'll sell a way out of this dieing universe to another more stable universe. A ticket out to the highest bidder. If he's not stopped now, he'll only gain power. Once he knows he can do it, he'll do it again and again. Those who can't meet his demands will be swept aside and forgotten about. The problem is no one believes me. When I tell them about the voice, they're only more suspicion. I tell them it's the person who controls the activities of this world talking to me. The one talking to me is the one who controls all of us, who gives us our actions. If you believed too, you'd hear him! But they don't listen. The only person who's ever even helped me was Jeremiah. He took a loan from Sforza long ago, a loan he never planned on repaying. But Jeremiah's still alive. I don't think he wants to be, though. Now he fights with me. He's my only real friend and ally. He was the one who helped me realize that Sforza is in need of taking down, and he is the only one who will stand by me We don't need anyone else! Me and him, we'll take on Sforza ourselves. Reality will be saved. This is a promise.

Aw shucks, you want to know about me? I'm just a guy. I like standing up for the people who can't protect themselves. Makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. People can't help but have their problems. Everyone needs someone to watch out for them. I have the voice in my head to watch over me. Jeremiah has ah...he's the exception that proves the rule here. He doesn't need anyone to watch over him because he doesn't even watch over himself. I decided a long time ago that I'd be that person that watches over the people that no one watches over.

In the mind of Nathen

     Danger Sense: Superior


"Nathen stands alone in a dark forest. The trees seem to close over him like an exquisitely painted ceiling. A sudden hush falls over the forest as he walks by. The animals aren't quite sure what to make of his presence. Just a few yards behind him, a man is tracking him. The man is totally hidden, for now, but Nathen has been made aware of the plot against him. Knowing he's being followed, Nathen takes the chance to get the drop on his enemy, when the enemy thought he was going to get the drop on Nathen."


Omniscient Writing

     Detective: Superior


The narrator is omniscient. He hears the thoughts and dreams of all men. The majority of the thoughts and dreams of men are really boring. Especially the ones of male men. The narrator only says the things that are most interesting at the time. Stuff like ambitions, desires, and battle tactics. It's like filtered omniscience without all the work.


More useful than a katana.

     Thrusting Attack: Superior

  • Ranged and Melee Attack


There is another reason no one ever expects the attack that comes from me. I do not carry a sword. I do not carry a gun. I carry no rod, or staff. I do, however, carry an umbrella. It's a real nice umbrella. It keeps me dry when it rains. It gives me shade when the sun is high over my shoulder. It also lets me stab people I don't like. That might be my favorite part about my umbrella. You would not know it from looking at it, but my umbrella is made of only the finest of titanium alloys. The point at the end is sharper than the sharpest of knives. It was specially crafted just for me. People do not fear the man with the umbrella, and this is their biggest mistake of all. I don't remember where I got it. I think the author just decided that he liked this weapon. It's not for me to judge the will of the author.


Stabbing in the rain

     Body Armor: Standard


Think of the web of a spider. One does not think of the strength of it. This is a huge mistake. Remember, you weigh at least a couple thousand times more than the intended target of a single strand of spider web. The fabric of my umbrella is made by taking the strands of the spider's web and lacing it together as tightly as modern machines will allow. It is the strongest known fabric in existence. It's also pretty shiny. It can deflect bullets, knives, and the occasional rainstorm.


Lightning bolts for fun

     Electricity: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only


The first thing people think when they see my umbrella glow with the light of the sun itself is "What the hell is he doing?" The last thing they think is "What the hell is he doing?" The narrator tells me so. I know not if the narrator lies. I just take his word on it. There is a button by the handle one presses that starts a generator. Electricity is formed at the end of the prongs that holds the fabric. The electricity reaches a focal point at the tip. The release is a string so thin it is hard for a mortal to actually see it. One does not have to see his own death for it to happen.


It doesn't take a genius

     Sword Master: Standard


Mastering the use of an umbrella/sword/shield/power generator takes time and practice. As far as I know, I am the only one capable of wielding this weapon with any precision. This is the only weapon of its kind to ever exist. I don't think there's a point to have a school of martial arts for a weapon only one man has. Unless you plan on taking the weapon for your own. You're not planning on taking my umbrella, are you? Good, I wouldn't want to have to give you a demonstration. You seem like an alright kind of guy. If you need protecting, give me a call. I'm always around. I have wicked evil monsters to go fight now. You take care of yourself, and whoever it is you take care of. May the will of the author be with you.