The Unknown Soldier

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Superior

Agility: Superior

Mind: Weak

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3


Khazan City lowtown... nowhere in all existence will you find a greater hive of villiany. It is a den where evil festers, and the creeping tendrils of crime and corruption spread their influence like a cancer, a place of broken dreams and deepest fears... however, it is also a place where hope lives eternal; where the normal men simply wish for better days to come, a place where dreams come true... an place that breeds incredible tales of human resilience in the face of overwhelming adversities. Abandoned and left to rot in an alley, an old battered combat drone slept; he was a soldier, created by an older generation, not as a bringer of death and destruction, but as a messenger of peace and justice. What incredible tales of ingenuity, courage and resilience this combat-hardened veteran could've told. Still, this soldier slept, blissfully unaware of the encroaching evil that surrounds him. A firefight between some KPD officers and a band of metahuman bandits briefly caught the attention of its aural receptors... nah, it couldn't be; isn't the world supposed to be at peace? A snatch thief ran past the sleeping soldier, but he paid the guy no attention; isn't the world at peace? He'd fought so hard to make his dreams come true - a dream that the world would be free of evil and corruption. If he's indeed living in the world where his dreams had come true, how could he possibly explain what he'd sensed earlier? Or perhaps... he'd been dreaming all along. A woman screams. The sound of blades tearing flesh... a life wasted in a violent, meaningless death. The murder victim's blood splashed onto the soldier's battered bodyshell. Something in the soldier's mind told himself that he wished to be alive again, to see world once more. Could this be really the ideal world he'd dreamed of helping his creators build? The Unknown Soldier's systems coughed, spluttered and came back to life, and the world around him came into view through his optic receptors; though what he saw came as a disappointment. Evil. Death. Corruption. It was all around him. This wasn't his world, not the one he's familiar with, at least. Still, where there is life, there is hope. It is still not too late for him to work to realize his dreams. Though as one person, he might not make much of a difference... but still, it only takes a spark to get the fire going - and the fight for justice shall begin from here. This soldier is once again on a mission...

A few SLJers on duty caught the Unknown Soldier's attention. What noble and upright souls the Sentinels are, the vaues the uphold are the very embodiment of what the Unknown Soldier was originally created for. The sounds of fighting filled his aural receptors, as he witnesses a battle between some Sentinels of Liberty and Justice and a roving band of supervillians. If one is going to fight, he ought to choose his allies wisely, and the Sentinels appear to be a worthy cause.

Armoured Bodyshell

     Armor Skin: Ultimate


Energy blasts and big guns were being fired left and right as the Unknown Soldier stepped into the thick of battle. His primary directive is always to defend and protect, and his armoured bodyshell - though battered and worn with age - was a testimony to that. A cheap shot was aimed at the back of a young SLJer, but the Unknown Soldier stepped right in the path of the shot, as it glances harmlessly of his heavy armour. The Sentinels looked at one another, then at the Unknown Soldier. It appears that he's on their side...


C-2 "Avenger" Minigun

     Projectile Attack: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attacks


The Unknown Soldier looked at the Sentinels, and nodded. Yes, he is on their side. Now the soldier begins his secondary directive - combat. To deliver justice to the unjust, and avenge their innocent victims. A forearm unit in the soldier's armour flips open to reveal a C-2 model "Avenger" minigun. With a whirring sound, its six chrome-plated barrels go into a rapid spin, delivering a hail of hyper-velocity U-238 shells, punching through some of the supervillians' heavy armour like steel going through tin. This show of firepower was enough to make some of the villians hesitate.


A soldier's will

     Mental Defense: Supreme


The villians hesitated, but still, they are not giving themselves up without putting up a good fight. It wasn't long before they regained their composure and launched a counterattack. One of them, a psychic, decided to launch a mind blast, with the intent of scrambling the soldier's AI. However, he was shocked to discover that The Unknown Soldier was programmed by his creators to be like a soldier in every way. The soldier's mind was unnaturally resilient, and the mind blast simply broke like waves crashing onto a cliff. This was the last straw, as the villians turned tail and fled.


Medic Abilities

     Healing: Standard


A few of the Sentinels were injured in this short but rough battle. The Unknown Soldier switched into its tertiary directive - preservation of life. Stepping over to an injured SLJer, the soldier shone a small medic beam used in first-aid on the Sentinel that allows his recuperative processes to be slightly accelerated - a small, but much appreciated gesture of help. The SLJers nodded and thanked this un-named warrior, who simply bowed and spoke for the first time, "Please, can I join the Sentinels of Liberty and Justice?"


Targeting Systems

     Marksman: Superior


The Unknown Soldier stood at one end of the SLJ training room. To the far end of the room were a number of moving targets. So far, so good... but decades of inactivity has taken its toll on the robot's auto-targeting systems which have been damaged - it's time to learn from scratch again. The SLJer next to him fired a volley of energy blasts at his targets, every of them hitting a bull's eye. The Unknown Soldier watched, his systems recoarding his fellow Sentinel's moves and timing. The SLJer beckoned the Unknown Soldier to try. The robot nodded, and did likewise with his minigun, scoring bull's eye with almost every hit, every shot executed with excellent timing and great precision. The SLJer beamed, and gave the Unknown Soldier a thumbs up.