Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 4


Atisha began life as humble and devoted nun at St. Michael's Convent. She was fiercely dedicated to her calling and was never even tempted by the devil - he knew there was no point in trying. When she died, she was chosen by God to be his champion. She was given a new body and handed the Sword of Saint Micheal to use against the advancing armies of Hell. She defeated the leagions of hell and followed a lone demon to Khazan where she met an unfortunate end at the hands of The Green Army Men because she refused to fight them. God granted her another chance to finish her quest and defeat the last demon from the wars. He granted her Sainthood and returned her to Khazan to fight not just the lone demon, but all the evils of Khazan. She soon found and killed the last demon of the wars but was defeated by a vile and devious enemy. When she returned to Heaven, she begged God for another chance at defeating the evils of Khazan. He stripped her of her Saitnhood but allowed her to retain her sword and the powers she'd need to survive. He said unto her, "Until you prove your self worthy of the Sainthood I offered and redeem your past failures, I take away your title and teh honours that go with it. Go to Khazan Atisha, and prove yourself. Your sword will be enough for you to succeed should you have the will and the faith to see you through." In Khazan, she rejoined her old team, The Sentinels of Liberty and Justice, and now fights to redeem herself before her god, and stop the evils that plague gods greatest creation - Khazan.

Toad Staff

     Polymorph: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose


The ToadStaff is a fairly powerful staff capable to transforming all but the hardiest of beings into Toads. It is about 6 ft long and made of a greenish oak wood with a crystal Toad Head at the top. From the mouth of the Crystal Toad Head a thin pinkish beam shoots out in a straight line, stopping only when it hits something then retracts back into the staff. This looks very much like a Toad snapping its tongue at an insect; a rather amusing sight really.


Sword of Atisha

     Eldrich Blast: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Target Seeker
  • Ranged and Melee Attack
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


Atisha was originally given the Sword of St. Micheal, but her success in the Wars against Hell proved her worthy of her own sword, The Sword of Atisha. It is now the source of all her divine powers, the divine symbol of both her faith and her failure; a constant reminder of what she once was, and hopes to be again. While it is a very formidable melee weapon, it also has the power to send forth a blast of holy power that seeks out evil and destroys it. Only those of the purest of heart can escape the punishment of Atisha.


Divine Skill

     Sword Master: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


Atisha is a master with her sword, able to perform feats of skill that most mortals would find impossible. While her skill is genuine and always there, it is useless without her sword.


Lay on Hands

     Healing: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


While holding the Sword of Atisha, Atisha is able to cure almost any wound or disease. She lives to cure others, but will heal herself to keep death at bay. In fact, the sword is attuned to Atisha's life essence, and anytime she is wounded, it will automatically heal her. Without the sword, the source of her powers, she is helpless to the ravages of others.


Divine Protection I

     Danger Sense: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


The Sword of Atisha is designed to keep Atisha alive and well at all costs. It is able to detect when she is about to be harmed in any manner and then...


Divine Protection II

     Teleportation: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


...Teleport her out of harms way. It does this automaticly and Atisha has no control over it. The incoming danger only finds empty air where Atisha once stood. She can use the teleportation power on her own, but she can't stop it if she is in danger - not that she would want to anyway. She is able to teleport up to 25 yards without resting, but if she tries longer jumps, she needs to let the sword power-up for one round. She can jump up to 100 yards with perfect accuracy and can jump farther, but with limited accuracy, which gets worse the farther she goes. The automated function of the sword tries to keep jumps to less than 25 yards if possible so that it can teleport her immediately again if she is still in danger. She will not hestitate to teleport behind her opponent and attack with surprise. Her experience has proven that there is no honour in war - there is only war.