Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 17 Wins!

Brutal - 4 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 17

Personal Losses: 2


You have heard of me, I think, or you will. Time is an impatient mistress, I've found, and often enough I find myself lost in Her embrace. Who is to say when war breaks, when dawn breaks? Today for you is tomorrow for another. And my tomorrow... well, I'm getting ahead of myself. I can recount the story of my fall from grace, if you wish, but it shall be as if expressed by lips not my own, written by a hand foreign, invasive. This is all I can do, and even with this I cannot begin to capture the pain I have seen, extinguished, caused. I am... a traveler. Not by choice, to be sure - but then I can assure you that you may all count yourselves blessed that my forced Journey began and has not yet ended. In my last life my name was "Socrates." Though I was no warrior, evil shrank from my Corona as I withered those who would stand in the way of Peace. Despite the power Fate had bestowed upon me, I found my passion in the Sciences, in the Study of Power, and Time. My mind was sharp, and bright - I used it as well as can be expected, to help my fellow man. Then He came. He was strong, yes, stronger than I, or any other who could be summoned to stop His rampage. He destroyed worlds, stars, billions in His lust for destruction. I stood against Him, we all did; it was only a matter of course. We combined our Power, and brought the battle to our malefactor with all the righteous anger we could muster. It was a massacre. I cannot say I lost everyone I have ever loved that day - it would be more accurate to say, perhaps, that they lost me. The might of my Corona spared me that day, and I fled to the Galactic Core, to buy myself time, and gather the materials I'd need for my last, greatest invention. There was no time, I tell you, to heal the wounds He had wrought in my soul, no time at all to ponder the ramifications of my actions. I schemed and toiled as he slew my people. Finally I had finished - the fruits of my labor lay glistening in my hand. I paused, uncertain. In the end, though, every second I wasted a hundred lives were snuffed out - what would you have done? I thrust the Zeit Crystal I had distilled from the heart of the Galaxy into my chest, and the pain was terrible, sweet. I gasped as I felt my soul leave my crumpled form and anchor itself in the NOW. I felt Power fill the vacuum, beyond anything I had ever imagined. My Corona grew in size a million fold; my entire body began to integrate itself with the Present. I was... invincible, a Celestial Body. I flew to my foe in a second - I could feel his heartbeat in the vibration of the stars. He was about to lay siege to the Nexus of all Realities, Khazan. If he had emerged victorious, the entirety of the Multiverse may have crumbled. It was then, or never. We struggled, two titans clashing. Ultimately, I was victorious. In truth, it was easy... too easy. In the end, it was that very simplicity that caused my mind to curl around the possibilities and grow roots. Fear took hold; I knew that every second passing meant losing another fraction of a fraction of my power. That was the Zeit Crystal's weakness - it locked its creator's power into the Timestream. Although I had gained unimaginable power, as Time went on my power would fade, until nothing remained of me but a wraith, slave to Time itself. Imagine a Bell Curve, its pinnacle being the moment I thrust that Crystal into my being, and the height of my power. At every point in time after, or before this instant, my power wanes accordingly. This fate, I decided, was not for me. I would summon all the Galaxies into one giant body, and forge another Crystal, to free me from my destiny. I did not concern myself with the lives I had tried so desperately to save days before - my goal was different now. Besides, with near unlimited power secured through all time, I could easily ensure the best possible existence for all other creatures in the Multiverse. They tried to best me, as I knew they would. Their efforts were as futile as mine had been, before I had constructed the Crystal. Finally, as I lay dormant, dreaming of Futures Cold, and Bright, they used the Machine on me. I know not what it was, or how it worked. All I know is that it flung me back, back in time. I am not sure how far - history has never been my strong suit. I have seen the wisdom in His ways, now - how I could have missed it before, I shall never know. I am a shadow of myself. I am a wisp, a distant certainty of what may come, and what will destroy you, or your descendants. I am a promise in Time that must be kept, cannot be broken no matter the cost, no matter your petty machinations and efforts against me. I will return, and I will rule.

So now, having rendered judgment on my history, I am to provide an analysis of my psyche? I am... what is left of a man, once his boundaries are removed. I am the id and the ego refined, combined, purified to form something greater. It would be far easier to define my previous self. I was kind, patient, slow; the kind you wouldn't mind taking tea with, the kind you could always count on when the proverbial "chips" were down. My mind hopped from one mystery to another, never delving to the heart of any one conundrum. Would that I had not wasted so much time. It matters little now - I have transcended the one known as Socrates. While I may at times feel the echoes of the humanity that was wrenched from me when I made my decision, they are fleeting, and hollow. I am driven by my desire to regain that which was once mine, and shall be once more. I only truly "exist" in that one moment. In combat, you ask? Relentless, cold, efficient. As they say, Time is on my side... for now, at least.

Energy Conduit

     Energy Conduit: Standard


My already formidable abilities have been fractured and reformed with the Power of the Zeit Crystal. I can feel my strength being siphoned off by my link to that one fateful moment in the Timestream, yet I know my power would suffer even more were I cut off from my link to the future. It is a cold irony for one who once held the Universe in the palm of his hand. No matter, I shall right the irony, given enough time.



     Energy Sheath: Ultimate


This extension of my aura formed the basis for most of my powers in my original form. Now, it is but a spark compared to the inferno that was once under my power. It should serve me well enough, though, in this antiquated Era. Energy I have stored from the rays of a thousand suns can be amplified and exuded from my person, forming a nigh indestructible sphere of kinetic plasma around my person. I can manipulate this plasma as I see fit, and use its Flares as an offensive weapon that tears through most any foe. Despite the loss of my omnipresent existence - what you might call my "soul" - my aura remains undiminished, and its potency still serves as some small consolation in the wake of my frustration.



     Energy Body: Ultimate


The true gift of the Zeit Crystal was its Integration of my physical body with the Corona that had always surrounded it. Now, my form is one with the potent forces that rim the fiercest supergiant Stars. At this point in the Timestream, my touch is dangerous - in the distant future, it will be capable of destroying planets. Another advantage accrued is its facile nature - I can take nearly any shape required, should stealth or silent passage be required. I breathe Plasma; it flows through my fevered veins and engulfs my being. This fourth state of matter that I control - Plasma - it is somewhat akin to my former existence, in spirit. I treasure its possibilities and long to unlock the power it once held, for me. The integration continues, and I find my body succumbing more and more to the call of the plasma that burns around me, in me. I welcome the change, as it gives me more power over those who would defy the inevitable.


Extensions of Will

     Elongation: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


My body moves in chords, semicircles, arcs - round, powerful motions not often stopped by such paltry things as stone, steel, or the laws of Physics. I can extend my form to great lengths, thus extending the reach of my Corona as well, to catch those opponents that would run from me. This is as effective against those who would stand and fight me face to face as well. While my reach once spanned half a light year, in this Time I am confined to the spaces I am given. These extensions of my will strike more quickly than most would suspect, leaving little room for error or avoidance as they pummel my foes many times over. Also, as they all extend from my powerful Sphere of influence, they affect a large area, most often engulfing my foes. I will not allow myself to lose to the nimble, ridiculous jesters and acrobats of Khazan.



     Energy Wave Surfing: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Steel Cage


An aftereffect of the plasma my aura generates is the production of several easily controlled, high temperature, pressurized gases. These gases are less dense and more active than any atmosphere Khazan could generate - it is a small feat to use them to buoy and elevate myself and my Corona, allowing travel through the air at moderate speeds and minimal heights. This is generally necessary only necessary when they try to run. Of course, in truly confining, caged environments, there is certainly no need to call upon this ability.


Gift of the Crystal

     Mental Defense: Supreme

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Hall of Mirrors


The crystal imbedded deep within my flesh has some side "benefits." Not only my body has integrated with the Plasma my aura exudes, my consciousness as well has become (to a lesser extent) part of my Corona. Just as Plasma conducts most powerful energies across its surface with ease, so too do the attempts of most mentalists slide across my mind like rain across a gutter. My fractured consciousness is at times haunted by memories of the past, and when I am confronted with multiple images of myself my concentration sometimes falters. In any case I have not yet fully linked mind and energy, so my attempts to elude the powers of psionics will ultimately be short lived. The integration continues as my power waxes with Time. Only the mightiest of the psionics will have a chance to best me.


Whispers of the Past

     Detective: Standard


Though I am more than either, or both together, I have been, and shall remain more a scientist than a warrior. In the distant future, I had no need of scientific prowess - my power was enough to utterly destroy any foolish enough to oppose me. In byegone Era, I am limited in my capabilities, and through the course of my battles I have found that taking a scientific approach to combat has its advantages. Indeed, delaying the fight long enough for me to observe and discern my opponent's weaknesses or the nature of his traps and tricks can only help me - strength flowing through my veins as the fight wears on is as much a boon as exposing my foe's secrets. While I find my mind is not as sharp and observant as it once was, I have no reason to think that this won't change as I experience more, and wear away the rust stifling my scientific side.



     Regeneration: Standard


Ah, yes. Time smirks and ladles Her favor over Her errant servant. I can recall days distant and bright when not even the strongest of assaults designed to pierce through to the heart of any dilemma could scratch the surface of my Corona. I envision the waves of Force and Fury arrayed against me, washing over me time and again in vain efforts to wear down my defenses. As sure as each morning sees the Sun's Fires wash away whatever blemishes Man leaves upon the parched Earth, so too does the Prominence of my Aura replenish itself depsite your attempts to buckle my Power. I can see the Future in the corner of my eye - it winks impishly, and for once I am not tempted to lay waste to all before me in frustration. I can only hope the Universe can remain as patient. I shall return!