Gender: Female

Kit: Alien

Location: Last seen in Washington D.C.


Alignment: Villain

Team: Brotherhood of the Beast


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 31

Personal Losses: 44

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Ignotii was the name of Sask ia s people, living on the planet Caliga that had the surface space of Earth s moon, surrounded by much smaller moons that had dwindled over the years in numbers. One by one they were dying stars from an outer view, to the Ignotii it was a dying life force that left them in search of a place to move to, migrate or die.

Moons seldom mean much to many, but on a planet that was covered nearly ninety percent in water the moons had quite a bit of control over the habitat when the Ignotii were mainly a water borne people. They could breathe air, but on even their own moon the air outside of the bodies of water was somewhat toxic, though their systems could adapt and cycle through it, it would weaken them and without the waters free flow and creation of oxygen they would die.

The climate was cooler in the open air than that of the water that was often at 63 degrees Fahrenheit, making a mist form over the ground that left navigation hard. This is what formed the means of detection, much like sea life small echo sounds could be formed sub-vocally to create a bounce back off of objects and help direct them for feet ahead and for the older, yards up to a mile ahead obstacles can be detected.

Where they could live and thrive would have to be on a planet mainly consisting of water, the other aspects of such a thing that made Sask ia s people were not necessary, but the water is. So in a small party a few of the Ignotii were sent forth to find a new plane to live on in their silent yet peaceable ways. Some places were empty, desolate, hot and bore no life sustainable, others were hostile in fact more hostile then welcoming and eventually through years of travel Sask ia was the last left, coming to touch down upon Earth and found enthralled by its people from a distant study. The people of Earth however, are curious creatures and wanted to study back, but not without consequences.

Sask ia is now one of the creatures of myth, wanted with a bit more of fervor due to the damages she had lain upon those who sought to capture her. Bits of what has been picked up from studies, and documentaries next to that of the Sasquatch and the Chupacabra have only told small iota s of truth the closest being relative species to the possible culture of Atlanteans. The reality of it lies with the people now held in quarantine and under study on life support, multiple wounds like scorch marks riddled across their bodies, swollen, festering, and unhealing.

Perhaps a story will explain a bit more:

Deep oceanic studies are a thing of science, vastly taken on to the depths of the water to search for the unknown. From sunken ships to ocean life humans always based everything off of knowledge, the ability to see and touch it making it fool proof and documentable the flip side of religion. But the findings one day showed that even the documented have their untouchable beliefs and ways.

Deep sea divers could call it their lucky day on this discovery when beneath the Abyss of the ocean there seemed to be a light that only drew them deeper into the discover of one lone being knelt within the alcove of rocks with the light of the resident fish causing the glow that had drawn them to this place. She was surrounded by them angler fish, flashlightfish, viperfish, and bristlemouths alike, swimming in stillness as if watching this new creature knelt amongst them. So enthralled, not even they moved when the divers approached and nearly did the same. But the awe was momentary in seeing the blue skinned being cast in bioluminescent glow, the hair that flowed placidly around smooth features, mingled with the slow coil of tentacle appendages that grew from her head. The attire she bore seemed structured of other sea life beyond them, a metal with a pearlescent glow of what the inside of shells bore, tinted to colors of the sea in their silver, greens and blues; handmade to form design.

She did not move, but somehow they knew she was aware of their presence, the cupped hands before her bearing the twisting body of an adoring flashlightfish never moving. Awe wore off in those moments and the seek for profit took over. When they moved in and extended a net, she did not react, but the sea life did in kind and everything went black.

One man, one woman did not return from that dive, which last thing heard on recording from them was the screams and cries, the vocalization of the horrorifying images not possibly being real Then it was cut off. The last three survivors suffered large gauges in flesh, chunks removed, and one took several days regaining consciousness though even the sleep seemed fitful and the tears that welled up were tears of blood, coughing fits producing the same as if any fluid in the body was no longer clear until whatever effect it was had worn off.

They had their prize though, and in a large tube shaped for stasis, in a lab meant for sea life study Sask ia knelt in the water provided with filtration and seemed to not move, only sit in a knelt position without the uplifted hands as they had found her though the tentacle appendages did still shift in acknowledgement of those that paced in observation around her tube, taking notes.

In documentation of her stay there she seemed calm, almost asleep, but knowing of her surroundings despite being relatively unresponsive. Captivity brought out nothing in her for them to study and due to the documentation and proof by the divers that had found her, pulling her out was a last resort. Some students wrote:

When I go near the tank I feel an odd sense of calm, like an aphrodisiac, my mind seems to take on a different haze to it, white noise, but from that the sounds of the sea creep in, with clicking and echoes what you hear listening to recordings of the whales and dolphins. Like she is trying to tell me something.

This was from a student who seemed to know to keep his distance, and study even the caged with a gracious distance. But another who dared to close a gap and touch the glass had another bit to add:

When I stayed my distance it seemed peaceful, serene, like I could be at the same calm she was in that water or anywhere, but when I stepped up and tapped my pen against the glass my body locked up, the pen kept its contact and the last thing I saw was one of those tentacles flick and release a black ink into the water, but my mind, it screamed and the horrors of that hunched back monster with gnarled canines and rotting flesh was there in her stead.

This student also developed a nose bleed within the first 20 seconds of contact and the tears were stained pink. We are beginning to think she contacts through the mind and can do damage there as well, perhaps causing hemorrhaging.

I survived her escape, me and a few others. They just cannot document anything personally like I can right now. Something set her off, I will have to find out everything that was going on in the labs that day, but her still kneel within the stasis chamber ended with the abrupt opening of blue lids to reveal the bioluminescent glow of her pale blue eyes pupilless. The change in her vitals drew me towards the chamber to see that much before the waters around her began to erupt as if in a tumultus storm. Her legs unfolded from beneath her and with the rising pressure of the water a hairline fracture cracked the tube. I stepped back in time to miss the main barrage of shrapnel made by the outward shatter of glass but they were picking out small pieces from my face and arms for days after.

Stepping from the water spilt tube she revealed that she could breathe the air in the lab and did not need water to survive. Her feet touched the ground outside of the stasis platform and her walk was nearly like a perfected swim, a hypnotic dance, but that could have been the fact that her eyes were locked on mine, she may have been in my head.

Security tried to stop her with other lab technicians; some never even made it to her before they collapsed, the ones that managed to touch her screamed, it was so loud it was nearly incoherent to my ears, but I recall seeing what happened to one when those tentacles wrapped around the gripping hand. The flesh seemed to decay, the veins going black like that ink had been injected and the poison was seeping through their blood stream. We managed to save them, but the remaining marks of where the tentacles made contact will leave rigid and horrid scars, the marks right now resembling third degree burns.

I know now that there are some things we should not meddle with, especially when she leaned over me and spoke in our tongue.

Sask ia does not forgive your sins.


Sask'ia is typically calm, collected, and very attuned to her surroundings. She does not even seem to really react to much in the way of threat and handles it with the same method. Brutality is only used in self preservation and overall she can come off as naturally passive - but people are not always what they seem and she lives up to that.


Mental Shield

     Mental Defense: superior (rank 2)


Considering most of Sask'ia's powers are mind derived with the honing of those abilities it is natural that her mind also set up and relies on a defense. Walls are put up, and they are nearly always firmly in place twenty four seven to keep others that can invade minds out be it to read, speak telepathically, or attack.



     Telepathy: standard (rank 1)


Sask'ia is ,again, a very mental based creature, she can speak using her lips and tongue like any other humanoid but the preferred way of speaking to someone is through the mind. This was mainly used to communicate with other species that did not speak like her people through the sub-vocal clicks and sounds, so even if she tried to speak another language using her lips it would come off heavily accented and hard to determine unless she puts a lot of effort into annunciation. Mindspeak is far easier for both parties. Though, in it being standard, if they cannot receive, or have their own mental barrier up she will not be able to get through to them.


Mental Rupture

     Mind Blast: superior (rank 2)


Sask'ia can tap into the mind of her opponents or friends alike pulling out memories and thoughts using it as something completely offensive and as a conversational piece or to learn about the person, or it can be defensive and be used against them. Memories and the brain are the forefront structure of what people see, so she uses that for or against them. She can be a graceful creature with a disarming smile of compassion, or she can be a horrifying being of their nightmares made flesh playing over and over again, beating against their sensory until it causes a mental overload and rupture because the mind also effects the body.



     Poison: superior (rank 2)


The tentacles are muck like that of a squid that come from her cranium, they bare the barbs and the ink is at a far more potent level. It can be used around her in water like a defense mechanism, if cycled through a filtration system or taken in in any way it begins to poison the person in the area from the inside out, corroding at their organs like a venom. The same goes for the injection of it via the barbs, entering the blood stream and laying over the flesh like a corrosive toxin eating away.

((OOC note: The lab she was at *may* have derived an anti-venom type serum to this, feel free to ask if needed for RP purposes. It does act much like a snake or spider venom when in the blood stream but to its own specialty, so can be treated like such))